at home with ann


Posted on: 16 September 2007

they see me coming

miss vulnerability

their eyes light up rub hands in glee

another sap another innocent

to take advantage of mercilessly

they use me, abuse my trust

they are yet another in a list of others

each time I say it will be the last

I’ve learnt a lesson at whatever cost

promising myself it won’t happen again

but it does, every time, inane

I can’t change the way I am because

stupid is as stupid does

copyright 2007 annraven


4 Responses to "Stupidity"

Your a poet too! My goodness. You are talented. I am not adding to my blog for awhile; I need time to discover me. I will start my blog again around Oct. 20! Thanks for your support and I will talk to you then.


I hope it all works out soon.

Love you

Stupid? You? No way.

Hahaha. Very clever of you, trying to misdirect us from your keen mind.

Just because you can be a sucker for love, doesn’t mean you’re stupid. Smart is not always what smart does.

Your work is wonderful, Ann. I should post more often.

Take care

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at the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet ~~~ plato

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