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Forbidden Love

Posted on: 17 September 2007

Beneath his breath sighs her name
He doesn’t want to; he mustn’t
It can never be this way
She catches it in the breeze
Bouncing from leaf to gossamer leaf
Each one drips with his frustrated tears
Through her open window
She knows
She hearsHe lays awake eyes shut tight
Willing unwanted thoughts please go away
Loath to fight wrong over right
She the substance of his dreams
Too aware it can never be
Wishing she would go die disappear
Forbidden to him he groans
She knows
She hears


Plucks through his memory
Traces her every line her curves
His passion stirs unconsciously
Unearthly shivers of the wind
Ghostly carry her his touch his kiss
A gale force hurricane domineers
Her moans as bodies dance as one but each alone
He knows
He hears

Copyright 2007 ann raven


2 Responses to "Forbidden Love"

Oh my, this one is so very good.

I love the refrain, and how you use it at the end of each stanza.
‘She knows
She hears’

Not to mention all the sensual visions this conjures up up hands racing along body curves.

Always great catching up with you, Ann.

This is lovely Ann. I can feel this in my marrow.

Love you

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