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Posted on: 24 September 2007

Prompted by One Deep Breath

pink soft luscious lips

lancome’s juicy tubes never

fail to deliver

succulent berries

each slick a juicy journey

chocolate flavour too

girls wanna have fun

yummy juicy fruit lip gloss

good enough to eat







copyright 2007 ann raven


12 Responses to "Juicy"


your lips are sweet
kisses tender

gotta get me some of that!




emergency emergency, do you need water, a fan, the kiss of life???


you can share some of mine

the poem was based on true
life experience ;>)


the… kiss… of… life…

oh my goodness… I hope I’m not too late… must wipe fruity juicy tube off lips first…

swallow, breathe in, pinch his nose and breathe Brian, breathe… come on

I know, a quick slap round the cheek should do it

ah, you’re awake

Oh thank you, thank you sweet vision of hope. I am forever in your debt. How can I ever repay you?

just don’t do that again, please… you caught me such a fright

lip gloss, a vital juiciness for any woman! Good interpretation of the prompt!

do girls really feel comfortable when they put that on? i mean seriously …:)

oh, these are great fun, ann! now i’m craving some juicy kisses! lol.

Very charming. You do haiku much justice, Ann. You combine pictures and words so well. When I started, every piece I wrote, I felt had to have some kind of visual just to make it work.

You don’t need that, but you combine it to stunning effect.

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