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Posted on: 25 September 2007

Prompted by Writers Island

can you imagine
no constraints
no constrictions
no restraints
no restrictions
no inhibitions
no checks
no controls
no curbs

free as a bird


can you imagine

builds a wall
a blockade
a barricade
an obstruction
afraid of seduction
a path to destruction
that cages her in
keeps them out

a protective shell
from the outside world

can you imagine
the only key

to set her free
is the key she holds


that unlocks

the chains

she’s wrapped around her heart

the chains

that bind her mind

scared of the dark

stumbling blind

the one key

in the world

is the one in her head

the only key

that can set her free

copyright 2007 ann raven

11 Responses to "Imagine"

I love the way your piece just romps along! Great bit of writing!

I like the rhythm – and the last word free – seem so appropriate for the ending.

Yes, I can imagine the key and the means to unlock that inhibition.

Yes, I can.

great rhythm and flow, ann!

here is the link you asked for:

Paul Potts/Everybody Hurts

it’s not an actual video, just audio, and the sound quality isn’t great, but it’ll give you a taste of the awesomeness. close your eyes, turn it up, and enjoy! 🙂

keith: thank you and thank you for visiting

lissa: thank you for calling too… yes, free, sounds a good place to be

himself: I’m sure you can ;>)

greggo: thanks for the link

I like this, it does have a wonderful rhythm.


This is a great poem.

Three more weeks!!!!!!!!



What to say, just love it.
Luv you my dear friend,

Hi Ann! This absolutely soars and sounds amazing read out loud!! I LOVE it!

This was excellent. Your rhyme and meter were spot-on, and very interesting. The words flowed so freely–free as a bird, just as you said in the last line of the first stanza.

So good.

The rhythm drew my attention to the words because it felt foreign to the content, worked so well.

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