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Posted on: 1 October 2007

It’s a miserable day in London town today… positively raining cats and dogs and I have a list of errands to run as long as my arm. In the meantime waiting for the sky to dry I should have a sense of satisfaction that I have worked my way through a pile of ironing. I don’t. Maybe that’s because I’ve just had some new carpet laid (the only thing that ever gets laid in this house is new flooring) but I’m sure it’s not the colour I ordered… or maybe it was. Things look so different in the shop.

I know I haven’t been around much, although I’ve penned a few attempts at verse… nothing special. I won’t apologise for being MIA as I usually do, as I really want to do. Life has to be got on with. Blogging is a lovely distraction, but it is not a duty and duties come first. I wish I could say it was because I’d been whisked off my feet by my knight in shining armour, scaled the highest mountain, swam the Channel, written/painted/composed a masterpiece, appeared in loci, performed with Bon Jovi, won the lottery, ran the marathon, dined and danced with Vincent D’Onofrio or just had fun… none of that is true. The truth is not glamorous or romantic; it is a dash of wishful thinking with a bucketload of responsibility.

I admire anyone who follows their dream. Is it their destiny… is it written in their stars from the moment of their birth or conception? What dreams do we really hold? I don’t have a clue for myself, although I say I am a dreamer, a proper daydreamer. I can close my eyes and imagine… oh yes I can imagine, but it’s all pie in the sky. Reaching a decision on the basics is hard enough and then when I do, invariably I make the wrong one.

Want want want. We hear it all the time. I want, you want, he wants, she wants, we want, you want, they want. Is anyone truly happier when their material wants are met? Is that what dreams are really made of… owning the latest must have appliances, i-thingys, cars, holidays, fashions? Are our dreams a sense of ‘want’ too, or are they safe because they are just dreams, reverie, whimsical vagaries when we allow our minds to wonder and wander? Or are our dreams lifetime ambitions that we strive to achieve and will they satisfy us when they’re reached?

I am not saying dreams and wants are the same thing, or a bad thing. I don’t see it written anywhere ‘thou must be happy all the time’ but to find true happiness I guess we have to dig deep into ourselves and be satisfied with what we see and who we are. If not, only we can change ourselves and change our wants and dreams accordingly. A fundamental element of happiness relates to our hearts and souls, the people we are, the spiritual, the nonmaterial part of us. Whether one follows a faith or not, we all have a heart and soul and conscience that guides us.

On the most part we are ordinary people with ordinary lives… the fantasy dreams of our imagination that briefly take us away from it all are welcome diversions, pure entertainment. The dreams of hope and aspiration keep us moving forward, kick us from complacency and give us the drive to reach goals… they don’t have to be world newsbreaking goals, but personal small goals.


Life changing dreams is something else. That takes guts and belief… the guts and belief you can succeed, the guts and belief that if you don’t, it doesn’t matter. No regrets because you tried your best; the regret would have been not following your dream and giving it your best shot.

Yes, I admire people who know their dreams and pursue them; see them through. Would I have the guts to follow mine if I knew what they were? I don’t know… I truthfully don’t know.


Do you?


You see things; and you say, “Why?” But I dream things that never were; and I say, “Why not?” ~ George Bernard Shaw

If a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is not to dream less but to dream more, to dream all the time ~ Marcel Proust

There is nothing like a dream to create the future ~ Victor Hugo

Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning ~ Gloria Steinham

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe ~ Anatole France

Dreams are necessary to life ~ Anais Nin


25 Responses to "Dreams"

I’ve learned the hard way, twice, that money doesn’t buy happiness. Both times in my life I’ve taken a gigantic pay cut in order to fulfill a dream (move to SF, move to WA). And I found that I was 100% happier poor and following my dreams than making great money and having a shitty quality of life.

The things that are important in life are health, happiness, friends and family.


Let’s make our dreams come true. Lovely post my friend.

Love you. 🙂

Dreams. Want. I dream of Vincent D’Onofrio and I want him. I’m not trivialising – he lightens my life and drives me to the edge of despair without even knowing.

I’m a dreamer for sure and have never been materialistic. I have simple needs. Hopefully that doesn’t make me a simpleton…

jojo: I agree with what you consider important; we must
count our blessings for what
we have

((((Brian)))) I’m behind you
all the way

val: vdo certainly has a lot
to answer for; dream fodder
for sure

claire: you’re hardly a simpleton;
valuing life’s simple pleasures
is a blessing

I’m trying to follow my dream, but ‘life’ has a habit of getting in the way!

What a marvelous post! I agree with your commentary 100%. One must recognize the differences between dreams and wants. Some do and they move on. Others don’t and lose themselves in the muddle.

I have never been good at dreams. Wants are solid and I can deal with that. Dreams are lucid to me, wispy fairy tid bits. Like smoke & mirrors.

Ah, but with a new boost of attitude, what will I accomplish? That’s yet to come. I look forward to this change in self and hope to be able to share it with you!

Thought provoking and deep, I love it! Thanks for the jolt!

D 🙂


If your behind, then where am I? I’m not walking five steps behind, no way, no how… unless there’s a shoe sale. 😉



tess: that means that when
your dream comes true it will
be all the sweeter

diane: you are just about to
embark on a wonderful adventure;
enjoy every step of the journey

rose: my love you will be way
ahead of the game… I am happy
to walk behind; I know my place,
but you know that’s not what I
mean ;>)

i’m the “blacksheep loser” in my family. why? because i don’t have a high paying job, i’m not married to a man with a high paying job, i don’t live in a big house in the “right” part of town or drive an expensive car. what i do have are some wonderful friends, a job that i absolutely love and a sense of contentment that comes from accepting things and not struggling for something that can and should not be. in that respect, my dream has come true. i am a content human being.

Gee Ann, cheer me op why don’t you!
I just finished delousing my kids.
My current dream is to wipe the floor with a certain irresponsible mother at our school who doesn’t do the same for her kids.


Nice post Ann. x

Thanks for that reminder of whats important! I wish I could say things as beautifully as you, and be as wise. I think we all need to stop every day and “count our Blessings”. I try not to forget just how lucky I am and not focus on those “wants”. Thanks again for your words.

i’m a wistful dreamer and a romantic, but i was never a chaser of dreams. i foolishly expected them to come true of their own accord. actually, that’s not true either – i just never expected them to come true at all, especially after 15 years of agoraphobia. but i’ve found that some dreams can come true…. though they’re not always what you expected.

thanks for the comment, sweetie. you should know you don’t have to edit yourself! if you have something to say, you should say it!

Part of me dreams a LOT but another part of me is almost too….brittle and efficient (coldly so) to worry about them.

But I will say this…simple things make me happy.Things like rubbing my dogs’ soft,sweet smelling fur,eating a meal with my family or friends,laughing (REALLY laughing) at a sly comment,music and curving around Michael as we sleep.

But then again,some things that make me happy are sacrifices…concert tickets,traveling (because I am not the driver),even watching Smallville and CI are a sacrifice,woven around the needs and wants of myself and those I am caretaker for.

I think that for me,wants come and go,like waves.But my dreams are ALWAYS there,even while I pretend they are not.

The rain sounds lovely Ann,please send some my way;)!

Your post was warm and lovely.Have a great weekend (yes I know it is only Wednesday).

I had a dream that you had a dream and got mrsbg out of jail.

I can’t help but see alot of this post relating to me. Not intentional on your part, I’m sure, but strange how each of us, see a bit of our lives in your words, Ann…as usual!

I can write a book on dreams, daydreams, wishes….
All I’m gonna say, is if you dare to dream…ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Ann, I get a dark vibe from this and let me assure you that you are grossly underestimating yourself…and what could be. Shit, if I’m not proof of it, I dunno!

Night dreams are revelations of our desires we deny ourselves and manifestations of what we silently fear, but won’t admit. Daydreams are wishes we use as solace or escape from mundane lives, but these things can absolutely be attained.

Let your dreams be your Universe…endless in possiblity. I DARE YOU!

Well, my Dream-Boat is 6’4″ ;0)

i’m with tess-trying to fulfill, follow my heart. but life happens 1st. makes everythign take longer. but you’re probably right, it will be sweet when we reach the end!

and my little family is proof that $ and happiness don’t necessarily have anything to do with each other:)

Hi Ann – I loved reading this. At the tender age of 24, I was introduced to a concept of life that I still drawn on all the time. To avoid the m-b-d cycle … i.e. the belief that when I get More, things will be Better and I will be/feel Different. Your words brought this to my mind today.
I wish you and yours a very belated Shana Tovah. How is everyone in Eretz doing?
Hope it has stopped raining and that the sun has come out.
Lots of love to you. Dawn xox

Thanks Ann, a great post.
Axe is right ~each of us, see a bit of our lives in your words~

Dreams are illustrations… from the book your soul is writing about you.
~Marsha Norman

just popped in to say hello. HELLO.

Hi Sweet one,
Insightful post, great quotes and two “great” artworks I adore.
I almost went in costume as Picasso’s “Blue Nude” to make a political statement about the backwards legislation here that prohibits public exhibition of nudes. (state by state laws). There’s only a very few places that allow showings of that type of art, art I love to draw and paint.

The quotes are terrific. Some of my dreams are crystal clear. Others are more vague yearnings and a passion for life that takes me on journeys I know not where in advance. (That’s part of the excitement.)

Thinking of you fondly, especially as I devour more books!
Have you read White Oleander by Janet Fitch?

Hi Ann…
Miss you Sweetie..xoxox

[…] kinda neatly brings me to this thought, which kinda follows my post on Dreams a little while back when I said how much I admired, and I truly truly do, those who have the guts […]

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