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Between The Lines

Posted on: 4 October 2007

troubles written over face
feels out of place
done nothing wrong
no disgraceexpressions… words
in black and white
don’t seem to come out right
lack meaning
come back to bite

innuendo… nuance
say its fine
but, not really
if someone cares to read
between the lines

can’t blurt it out
gives subtle hints
that all’s not well
unspotted or plain ignored
cannot tell

illusion… allusion
written in a body language
and words unsaid
a subliminal message
of life and death

copyright 2007 ann raven

3 Responses to "Between The Lines"

No words

No thoughts

No glances




love hope and respect… they are
words, thoughts and glances, lovely words, lovely thoughts and lovely glances

This was very powerful and interesting.

I like the way you set it up into distinct stanzas and each one is it’s own, further defined by the underlying emotion.

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