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Hey Mr DJ

Posted on: 11 October 2007

Another day over
Down the pan
For some the night has just began
Ya hit the sack
Knowing it’s over again
Euphemistically told to go away
Got a headache, not tonight,
Yeah, yeah, yeah, not any time
DJ plays the late night love songs on the late night show
He croons into the mike, “Relax, chill out, unwind, let it go”
Those lyrics, every single line
To make ya cry
“Don’t walk away, don’t leave me alone”
“Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone”
On and on and on and on
“I’ll be the one who’ll love you till the end of time”
“Sometimes I think you’ll never understand me”
“Que sera, sera… what will be will be”
All those words
Those sad sad words, those melodic rhymes
It shouldn’t be allowed, no, not listening to this stuff
When the going gets tough
And ya feeling rough
And you’ve had enough
Not wise, not wise
Although, maybe they’ll sound happier with a glass of wine
“It’s all over”
“If you leave me now”
“Baby, you’re the one that I want”

Nah, it’s getting worse
Poetry; musical prose in every note and every verse
You cannot sleep and ya toss and ya turn
“She looks at me and says do I look alright?”
“And I say, you look wonderful tonight”
You can’t believe it’s over as the song man says
“Can’t believe it’s over… I watched the whole thing fall
Summer turned to winter, winter turned to snow
Turned to rain, to tears upon your face”
No, you can’t do this; you can’t take it no more
Stop putting yourself through this torture
Reliving the past, then
Worryin’ about the future
Turn it off
Snuff him out
Hey Mr DJ take your records off
No more love songs or for evers
No more heartbreak never never
And no, no Mr DJ, you ain’t helping things
No sir, indeed
No thank you
“Breaking up’s so hard to do, don’t you know you know that it’s true”

copyright 2007 ann raven


4 Responses to "Hey Mr DJ"

What a pleasant scribbling.

So lively and full of the passions and melancholy feelings that songs evoke.

It had a rhythym of it’s own that was easy to follow. You keep writing like this, and everyone will take notice.

Take care/peace out

I love you, ya, ya, ya
I love you, ya, ya, ya
I love you, ya, ya, ya, ya


what a clever way to describe the power of music in our lives! great job!

I could totally relate to this one! JP/deb

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