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Moral Dilemma

Posted on: 30 October 2007

Triggered memories
Clock turned back
A time gone by
Young girl
What to do
Her little baby steps
Through spring buds
Her single thought
Her path
To womanhood

Speed forward
Years passed
Like the blink of an eye
Where did they go?
No turning back
The hands of time
Caught now
In the hands of today

A new time
A new age of reason
Older woman
Yet still
What to do
Her little baby steps
Through tangled weeds
Her jumbled thoughts
Her path
Not understood

copyright 2007 ann raven


4 Responses to "Moral Dilemma"

The clock ticks for all of us. But I can feel the sense of urgency written into this one like a chill wind of the darker season approaching.

Your writing gives me chills, and they aren’t bad!

Thanks for sharing the thoughts.

Peace to you, Ann.


Time waits for no woman.

Seize the day and triumph.

Love you

Is it naive then to seek out the bright spots of colour,
Among the tangled bracken of past mistakes.
If I spot a wild and beautiful flower,
Should I pluck it from the ground?
Inhale it’s sweet arome?
Hold it close to my heart?

Will it too wither like other blossoms of my memory?
To become another corpse in my compost of regrets.
If I pass on and leave it unexplored,
Will it not still become an error to abhor?
My heart reaches out, my mind stays the hand,
Frozen by inaction,
I become joy’s executioner.


As you inspired this poem I post it as my comment.
I will also post it on my blog with a link to your new home.
Thankyou Ann, and yes being in your friends list is a comforting hug.

and the corrected version can now be seen on my blog.

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