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Thought I’d kick off with some maths 
if 1 litre = £1.039
and 4.56 litres = 1 gallon
then 1 gallon = £4.74 (almost $9.50)  
how much does it cost to fill my tank?






H A P P Y    H O L I D A Y …

Chanukah the Festival of Lights, the Festival of Dedication commences next week.  We light the first candle on Tuesday evening, which is why I am going to Israel on Sunday; I simply have to be there to watch the delight and excitement on the faces of my little angels.   I’m not sure who’s more excited, me or them, but those who know me well know it doesn’t take too much to get me excited 😉  

If you’re interested in knowing more about the festival click here or on the red ‘Chanukah’ above.    I found this great website… very easy to follow.

I contacted wordpress recently because I can’t upload videos from my son’s website  directly to this blog.  Apparently it’s not possible for now, so they said.     Bridgitte sent me some pics and a video of the babies yesterday so for those who don’t have an aversion to other people’s grandchildren,  if you’d like to see Boaz and Moriah in action click here.   They are so cute…

I’ve just wrapped all their Chanukah presents (bar the Sesame Street dvd’s that haven’t arrived yet from Amazon… hmmmm) and packed them into a separate holdall which weighs an absolute ton.  I haven’t even started on my stuff yet and I do not travel light; if anyone from El Al is reading this blog… it is Chanukah, please, pretty please.

Still I may not be able to embed from Jon’s website, but I can from youtube… here’s some Adam Sandler with his classic Chanukah song.





and here are my precious babies





… and for the V-Vixens …

particularly since most of you are not into little people, but into one rather big man ::sigh:: here’s another one purloined from youtube… a very very moving Bobby Bobby and, be warned,  some very very gruesome scenes from Season 6 incredibly and brilliantly well matched to the lyrics and music of James Blunt for your viewing and listening pleasure… it totally blew me away!




I know, I know it doesn’t follow the general rules of a 55 Fiction or is it Flash Fiction 55 but as you may have gathered I don’t follow rules (yes Rose, I am undisciplined) and for those who do care about such things (erm, Queenie, Cathy, Pauline, Galen, Akelamalu) there just happens to be 55 words in this poem… does that count?  excuse the pun 🙄

Up Up and Away 

silver streaks
speckles sky
monotony broken
romantic hypotheses
pumping mind
where to
dreamily stare
secret meeting
holiday treat
quick getaway
forever goodbye

gaze longingly

another day
another airport
your purpose
… whatever
romanticism crushed
overweight baggage
check in
passport control
shoes off
push and shove
fantasy over
travelling sucks



See ya all in a couple of weeks; computer access will be very limited the first week and non-existent the second.   I am taking a massive pile of books so, when I’m not hands on with the children and/or entertaining mother, I plan to catch up on a stack of reading and even hope to find some inspiration somewhere, somehow, for some words to flow.

With all my best wishes to you and yours for a great weekend (or two) Shabbat Shalom, Happy Chanukah, Chag Sameach, Happy Doughnuts and Latkes…  it is a Jewish festival, of course there’s food 😆

The prompt at One Deep Breath is “Boulders, Rocks, Stones & Pebbles”

I confess I’m not too good about using prompts… I once thought they were a brilliant idea, but I realise they don’t work for me.   I do lurk and read true poets’ offerings, but I am an undisciplined woman so regularly going to a site and being told what words to use and when to write simply doesn’t suit me;  just as my poetry is undiscplined and follows no true poetic form.  

Even the following haiku may follow the 5-7-5 pattern, but there is a beautiful intent to haiku that I have never mastered.  I look back and I recognise that my favourite pieces were  those written with a passion from deep within my soul and I cannot write to order.   Occasionally I experience a spate of writing a dozen poems in one week, then a month of nothing.   I am not in competition and, as with my blogging, it cannot be forced; I have to wait for the words to come to me.

This prompt brought only one thought to my mind; a subject I feel strongly about, so my passion was aroused.   In Judaism it is called Lashon Ha-Ra which literally translates as ‘bad tongue’ i.e. disparaging speech.  The link explains it in detail, but the poem expresses it simply.


sticks and stones they say
wrong; one bad word good name hurt
lethal weapon lips

netting leaks rumours
pebbles ripple ocean’s waves
huge distance shocks rock

bones mend bruises fade
character in smithereens
once spake damage done




I simply had to share this song with you.  It’s called Annie (but honest I would love it even if it was called another name, and no, the lyrics bear no relevance to me, only the name).   Still, I love it love it love it to bits and I can’t get it out of my head, not that I want to.   I know he’s not to everyone’s taste, but imho there was not one bad song on his Back to Bedlam album, and his latest All the Lost Souls is even better. 


Well, I’ve been meaning to write a post all week.   I’ve scribbled notes of little funnies and bits and bobs I wanted to share, a couple of poems too and most importantly I wanted to say a big big thank you to Eric for bestowing me with an awesome award. roar.jpg Eric is a great poet and has a fascination with the cosmos.  I try to understand his wonderful words, but confess that when it comes to science it’s all Chinese to me, but not his poetry.   I feel kinda guilty for getting an award for my poetry because it’s undisciplined and follows no format, it’s just what pours from my heart and soul, which is exactly how Eric writes.   Thank you Eric.  I believe I’m supposed to pass this on to five others; one I would definitely honour already has it, but I don’t believe I can think of only five others.  I shall have to think about this, but deep down I feel everyone who voices meaningful thoughts and articulates their feelings in prose deserves this too. 


I seem to have done something to myself.   I’ve carried on regardless hoping if I ignore it, it will go away.   I’ve hardly been at home all week and work has been chaotic and manic, but I am very very uncomfortable sitting at my computer for more than a few minutes at a time… which is why I haven’t been around posting or commenting (or lurking) either.  

Everyday I expect and hope to jump out of bed feeling great, but so far no such luck.  I’m sure it’s nothing serious, but whatever it is, it… hurts 😥

I don’t want to be a moaner, just thought I’d let you know why I’ve not been here.  I’m gonna dose myself up with whatever I can lay my hands on.  I don’t have an extensive medicine cabinet; I’m not made that way (although I do have quite an extensive liquor cabinet, which may be a better idea, or some analgesic and alcohol together may do the trick… I’ll hold that thought!) 


How could I not post a little bit of what I fancy since they say a bit of what you fancy does you good,  so here’s a bit of Bobby Bobby to my ab fab fav Bon Jovi… oh my goodness what an awesome combination and the song is perfect.  It comes from Bon Jovi’s album Have a Nice Day.   Since I’m plugging music, their latest Lost Highway is also fantastic… every track a winner.


AND ANOTHER WELL DESERVED BIG BIG PLUG whilst I’m in the plugging mood, but I would do it anyway because, woooooooooo hoooooooooo today I got delivery of my ab fab fav Brian’s debut novel Real Magic.  cover.jpgBrian, thank you, thank you, thank you so so much.   I know with all my heart that this will not, and cannot, be Brian’s ‘one and only’ because his writing is simply getting better and better.  We are working on a collaboration at the moment; whether it ever sees the light of day, I have no idea, but it’s great fun trying.  It’s still at the early stages, so no arguments… yet! 

For those who enjoy poetry, you must read Brian’s verse which,  like his book, is real magic.

Right, now I really am gonna take my medicine and I really do hope I get by to visit you all before I go away. I shall also try and post something before I go to Israel next week.

In the meantime I hope ya all had a lovely thanksgiving and all my good wishes to you and yours spill over to the weekend too and Shabbat Shalom

Yes, that’s how many times I have lost this post.   Don’t even ask.   The original post was written on Monday and misplaced a few hours later.   The second attempt was speedily rewritten later that night and saved successfully; hooray I thought, sorted!  

Wednesday evening I thought I’d enhance it a little and edit a bit here and a bit there.    What a shame that I’d  bothered, because that too disappeared, vanished, evaporated in a puff of imaginary smoke.   HUH!

Still I shall not be beaten, but I shall not repeat myself  because maybe there was a subliminal message to all this madness.   Maybe I was not meant to say what I was gonna say so, instead of deep profound thoughts on responsibility, compromise, conscience, choice, freedom and freewill, which had been spurred on by your far more interesting and insightful comments on my post A Bridge in Time than the actual post itself, I shall say nothing more on those subjects… my lips is zipped and I shall move on with a hotch potch of a post instead.

Thank you for those comments anyway and thank you for the lovely comments on my stab at writing verse… I value your criticism too.   I know many of you never saw my foray into poetry before because it was kinda hidden away in it’s own little place.   I accept I’m just a wannabe, but I do enjoy trying.  Here’s another little silly taster.

It may kill me, but…

go on
surprise me!
I know, I know
it won’t be a surprise if I know
I won’t
I won’t know
or when you do surprise me
of course
I could have a heart attack
I could slip and break my back or
I could get giddy and sick and
 need an analgesic or
I could catch a fever or the grippe or
I could hurt and bite my lip or
I could even have a fit and
 need an ataractic

how tragic if
in the rush
I flush and blush
and turn to mush

if after all
I fall
or when
you surprise me




Almost last, but not least, as once was my custom I shall end this week with new piccies of Boaz and Moriah.   Only a couple of weeks to go and I’ll be in Israel again celebrating Chanukah with them.  

blogpic2.jpg blogpic1.jpg

… and finally some puddle making, toe curling eye candy for the v-vixens… mmmm one of my ab fab fav pics of all time; those curls, that face, those shoulders, arms, wrists, hands, fingers, his thighs and knees… have I left anything out?  I’m sure you’ll tell me if I have 😆


Hope you and yours all have an ab fab brill weekend and Shabbat Shalom… my offspring and their s/o’s are coming for Shabbat and staying so you can guess what’s keeping me out of trouble today

Before going to work yesterday morning, I decided to quickly log on and scribbled the prompts from One Deep Breath, Writers Island and Sunday Scribbling, which were belonging, friendship,  and left and right, respectively.

I really should remember to use these prompts more often, they are such a good idea for inspiration especially for a wannabe poet like me as well as for the genuine articles.  It amazes me how one word can prompt such diverse and interesting responses.  I lurk a little around these sites and am in awe at what I read.

In between number scrunching, form filling, inputing data, rounds and rounds of coffee, telephone calls and mini meetings all day, and then a lovely evening out with my girlfriends, this is what the prompts instinctively brought to my mind. 


One Deep BreathBelonging

fits in feels so right
comfortable side by side
two peas in a pod


Writers Island Friendship

floats metaphoric balloon
laugh two minds one thought


Sunday ScribblingsLeft and Right

barked one word left right
either path quick death or slow
fate held in their hands

left to the showers
like lambs led to the slaughter
right the right to work

must never happen again
we cannot forget


damn curse
bubble burst
bloody hurts
lesson learnt
filthy pervert
chases skirt
serial flirt

cannot trust
never was
an ‘us’
unadultered lust
esteem crushed
hopes dashed
bites dust

another fool
mean cruel
play cool
mustn’t crawl
stand tall
ignore call
be thankful

I must say I am feeling rather comfy and cosy here and as JoJo rightly pointed out, it does seem a little more spacious and I also think it’s a little easier on the eyes.   Thank you also Axe for quoting the awesome Bon Jovi, Welcome to wherever you are.  I hope you’re all happy and contented wherever you are, but somehow, reading between the lines, I don’t think everyone is.

Which kinda neatly brings me to this thought, which kinda follows my post on Dreams a little while back when I said how much I admired, and I truly truly do, those who have the guts and backbone to follow their dream, irrespective of failure or success, their true goal to live without the regret of never trying.

In that post I mentioned responsibility, not from the perspective of being in authority or being accountable for one’s actions, but because of ‘the social force that binds you to the courses of action demanded by that force‘ i.e. the context of duty, care and obligation.   This plays on my mind considerably and constantly and it was further brought home to me today during a long telephone conversation with my closest friend since childhood.

The point is are we meant to be where we are?  Is there a reason or purpose to be where we are?  How is it possible to be where we think we should be when we cannot solely think about ourselves alone, when we have others in our lives to consider, others who need us?   Can we travel a dream alone with good conscience and leave our responsibilities behind?




In middle-age I found myself unexpectedly on my own, but hey, c’est la vie in today’s disposable society.  I am perplexed that so many people I know are jealous of my so-called freedom, my enforced freedom.   It’s strange that others think the grass is greener when my world was turned upside down and all they can see is how great it must be not to have to iron his shirts, to wash his smelly socks, to clean his dirty loo, that I can come and go as I please and answer to no one, and the ab fab fav is that I don’t have to put up with the snoring…  oh pleeeeeeeeeease!!!

Being alone has not absolved me of responsibility, particularly filial, parental and financial. If anything it has increased since they say a problem shared is a problem halved; sometimes it feels a problem alone is a problem doubled… and being on one’s own does not afford me the luxury of freedom, whatever that really means.  No man is an island and even with freewill and all the best will in the world, most of us are not free of those restrictions that confine us no matter how tempting it would be to walk away.  

Believe me this post is not intended to moan and bewail my fate or to rave and rant… I think that by putting it in black and white I’m justifying  to myself why I am where I am today but… none of us knows what tomorrow will bring and that is really where our hopes and dreams belong, in the future and  wherever you are right now, may your hopes and dreams come true.  

With all my love and best wishes for a lovely weekend wherever you are.




We had been walking along the Thames on a typical grey cloudy day and I kept wandering off to peer wistfully into the water, maybe looking for a revelation; a few days on and we saw the awesome Les Miserables and Javert’s suicide, when he threw himself over the bridge into the swirling waters below.   Together these two events inspired me to write the following.


A Bridge in Time

Dark inviting ripples river

Gently sways hypnotic swell

Beckons sundown’s shady waves

Suspends mist chilling air

Spawns a ghostly atmosphere

Long buried feelings there


Across bridge stone cold

Fingers stretch waters touch

Inching ever closer edge

Not tonight ebbing tide

Tumbles over sodden sand

Inpulse foiled end denied



please be patient with me
this is a work in progress
little by little I should get there
I hope… hmmmm 🙂

Being the computer incompetent that I am, I am struggling with this, but I shall prevail with the help of Brian… won’t I Brian… hmmmm!!!!!

Not bad, only one week since my last post (not counting the poetry). I’m still struggling with the blogging or maybe it’s a general reluctance to be tied to my computer. I’m not too sure where my head is at the moment. I do have ideas and thoughts I would like to share and to hear your points of view, but when I sit here, I kinda drag my heels and find something else to do. I don’t really know what I want.I am going to play around with the blog for a couple of hours this afternoon (despite the pile of ironing and the pile of paperwork that are calling my name), but knowing me and my computer incompetence, don’t be surprised if it disappears. I shall try to customise it the blogger way, but since this is powered by blogrolling there is no saying what will happen. I shall start messing around with my mrsbg blog, but the two are connected, so I may lose them both. I shall try to save my blogroll… that would be just too too much if I lost all of you in the move

What I am aiming for is one blog only; a mix of everything, so here goes.

Oh, does anyone know a way to transfer posts from one blog to another?

I’ll see you somewhere out there

p.s. as I’m saving my blogroll, a number of blogs are very bogged down with extras that my computer is dying under the strain… I may not be able to relink you again… sorry!

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