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Being the computer incompetent that I am, I am struggling with this, but I shall prevail with the help of Brian… won’t I Brian… hmmmm!!!!!

Not bad, only one week since my last post (not counting the poetry). I’m still struggling with the blogging or maybe it’s a general reluctance to be tied to my computer. I’m not too sure where my head is at the moment. I do have ideas and thoughts I would like to share and to hear your points of view, but when I sit here, I kinda drag my heels and find something else to do. I don’t really know what I want.I am going to play around with the blog for a couple of hours this afternoon (despite the pile of ironing and the pile of paperwork that are calling my name), but knowing me and my computer incompetence, don’t be surprised if it disappears. I shall try to customise it the blogger way, but since this is powered by blogrolling there is no saying what will happen. I shall start messing around with my mrsbg blog, but the two are connected, so I may lose them both. I shall try to save my blogroll… that would be just too too much if I lost all of you in the move

What I am aiming for is one blog only; a mix of everything, so here goes.

Oh, does anyone know a way to transfer posts from one blog to another?

I’ll see you somewhere out there

p.s. as I’m saving my blogroll, a number of blogs are very bogged down with extras that my computer is dying under the strain… I may not be able to relink you again… sorry!

Who Knows?

Posted on: 5 November 2007

She will never know if it was the truth
She will never know if it was the blues
She will never know if it was just an excuse
To slip the cursed noose

She couldn’t choke, gasp or grasp for air
She couldn’t, there was nothing there
She couldn’t fill what was hollow, empty, bare
Beyond repair

She doesn’t know if still to believe
She doesn’t know if still to grieve
She doesn’t know if to breathe
A blessed sigh of relief

copyright 2007 ann raven

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