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A WordPress Virgin

Posted on: 5 November 2007

Being the computer incompetent that I am, I am struggling with this, but I shall prevail with the help of Brian… won’t I Brian… hmmmm!!!!!

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Yes you will Ann. 🙂


YOU DID IT ANN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I always knew you could. 🙂

oh my goodness… it’s happening. now I need
you to help me categorise, please, pretty please.

the comments aren’t there yet, but no doubt
they’ll make an appearance soon… hmmm!!!!

It should have pulled the comments as well. Hmmmmmmm.

Never mind, all the comments are there.

Good news, bad news.

In order to categorize all the old posts you have to re publish each and every one of the 180 posts. If you think it’s worth doing, then you can start in the ‘Manage’ screen and pick a month a post to start with.

You clink ‘Edit’ on a post, then at the top right you have ‘Add Category’.

You also have at the bottom of each post, ‘Tags’.

Now, they way this works is you can use one Category, such as Travel and then sub tags such as London, Israel etc.

yes… so far so good; the comments are there,
but I think I’ll delete a lot of those posts.

I’m importing the poetry now. I won’t bother
importing the vincent blogs… if I feel like doing
a vincent post, I just will.

once these are done, should I delete my old

guess that will be quite laborious, but worth it.
Brian, do you know why my profile and avatar
aren’t on display?

Did you upload an avatar picture into your profile page?

Since I can’t click back on your name, you may have it blocked in your ‘Option” section under privacy or reading.

Funny… spooky even… I was just surfing the
dashboard to see why my name was blocked;
be back at ya… thank you so much for your help

Your profile shows up when you click on ‘Ann’ in the posted by of your post.

As for a real profile in the sidebar, you need a text widget. I can help you with that, but it’s easier over the phone.

Btw, this template is the same as Rose’s and you see what she has done to hers. She did a post today which you might find interesting.

thanks Brian… let me know when’s a good time
to call and you can talk me through it, but please
be patient with me

Dang girl, all the links came through as well. Cool.

A couple of quirks with links. They are also alphabetical, but you can tweak them by putting an ‘A’ in front of ones you want near the top. Or any kind of character first as well, ie @ % & will work too.

Also, you can categorize each and every link as well into separate listings. More widget stuff.

I noticed that on the old posts, none of the comments came through with blog URL’s. Not sure why, but it’s not that major.

It’s possible on your avatar that you have to log off and then back on, not sure why it didn’t show up when you left a comment on my blog.

okay, I’ll log off and try the avatar thing again.
I also noticed the url’s weren’t there, but when
someone posts for the first time on wordpress
and they leave their url then, maybe it will appear.

I see you’re messing with the widgets now.

GO ANN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes, but I think I’m messing up…
I can’t my blogroll… hmmmm!!!!

sorry, meant to say, can’t find my blogroll…
I shall prevail

Put the widget that says links into the setup. Also, you can arrange them anyway you want in whatever order you want.

okay… I thought links was something else;
I have moved them around; I learnt that
from blogger… thanks sweetie

I checked on the FAQ forum and the first time you load an avatar it can take hours before it shows up.

This link says you can leave a test comment to see if your avatar shows up.

oh it used to be slow on blogger too;
sometimes the next day, although
with blogger that has improved.

now I want to know how to add pics
and change the wording on the sidebar

next step is categorizing… this should
keep me out of mischief

Brian, it worked there, so I’ll try again here
thanks for the link

The wording on the sidebar is easy. If you open up each widget, click on the three horizontal lines, you open a pop up box. At the top of each box is a space to type in a title.

With links however, you have to go into ‘Blogroll’ in the Dashboard and then click categories. These categories are for the blogroll only. You can make as many names as you want, but more than one, you have to organize each link separately.

Cute avatar. Just wait, it will be there in the morning.

Categories are fun.

Things like Family and then use tags within that category, such as daughter, son #1, son #2, grandchildren. 😉

can you put pics in that way too

Yes you can. It’s called a text widget and if you scroll all the way down on the widget page, you can choose up to 10 text widgets. Just like in blogger though, you have to upload to WP a picture in order to have a thumbnail URL to insert in said text widget. Works for badges as well.

Speaking of pictures Ann. Click ‘Manage’ and then ‘Uploads’ to see how many pictures, if any were transfered. If they were, then click on the picture, then click ‘Links’ and that shows you the URL to a thumbnail. Copy and paste into a text widget and you’re in business!!!!

okay, gonna play with that next… wooo hooo

no, only two of my pics were uploaded,, but I’ll experiment with them

I’m going to be logging off soon and going home. This has been a wonderful time today with you. Thanks for sharing this with me.

Love you

oh my goodness, I couldn’t have done this
without you

::smothering you with kisses::

thank you thank you thank you

I have an

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