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Who Knows?

Posted on: 5 November 2007

She will never know if it was the truth
She will never know if it was the blues
She will never know if it was just an excuse
To slip the cursed noose

She couldn’t choke, gasp or grasp for air
She couldn’t, there was nothing there
She couldn’t fill what was hollow, empty, bare
Beyond repair

She doesn’t know if still to believe
She doesn’t know if still to grieve
She doesn’t know if to breathe
A blessed sigh of relief

copyright 2007 ann raven


3 Responses to "Who Knows?"

This is very good Ann. I really like the sense of ambiguity as to what connects the breath with the relief.

Brian, I awoke the other day shaken up by a very powerful dream, of something I thought I wanted, but accept now that is not so…
it is something you don’t like
me to talk about, but know this,
my period of mourning is over


Good for you. I want only the best for you.



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