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Welcome To My New Home

Posted on: 6 November 2007


please be patient with me
this is a work in progress
little by little I should get there
I hope… hmmmm 🙂


17 Responses to "Welcome To My New Home"

Knock, knock…

You should let me in first. 😉



Hi Ann! 😀

It looks great Ann!!!!!!! I love, err… lurv what you are doing here. Virgin no more I would say. 😉

Did you get my latest offering about Adam? Isn’t he coming along nicely?

Yes thanks sweetie… it arrived safe and sound;
I’m on my way out, so will get back to you much

❤ u xxx

Well done – and you say you aren’t computer savvy!

Hey, Ann!!! I really like the new digs 🙂 Hmmm…I’m going to rethink my wordpress blog. This really is a nice place 🙂

This is great, Ann – you’ve done a fantastic job, and it’s so easy to find your way around…

Congratulations! and Good Luck with your new enterprise!

Ann, I had just found you and now you’ve moved. You were easy to follow. I just saw that you have me listed under “Vincent Vixens.” I’m honored. Good luck with getting the site fixed to your liking. Looks great to me!

Hi Ann,
Your place looks fabulous! I feel at home already. Terrific title for your new blog. Warm wishes for easier blogging.

weee! 😀 i like the new page, looks so “professional”. 😉 and the graphic looks great. don’t you always tell us that you have no idea about technical stuff and such? well, one couldn’t tell from what this page looks like! 🙂

hope you’re alright. tamara

thank you all so much, but trust me I could not have done this without Brian’s help

Well, hello!

Have had glitches- of I.T and real life but I got here eventually!
Being blonde I thought u meant house move!
I thought” My goodness, woman! That’s fast! I need your estate agent! ( and solicitor!)- note: the only time a man should be fast!!

hi jan… we must talk…

oh and moving house… yeah, I’m kinda dragging my heels
and dithering, but I know I should do it

good luck with everything… I know you need it too

lotsa luv ann xxxx

How clever are you, at least I got here..

That was me Queenie.

hey ann! place looks great! while i was waiting for everything to load, i wasn’t sure if your ab fab fav rock star was going to be bon jovi or prince;)

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