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Fool Again

Posted on: 12 November 2007


damn curse
bubble burst
bloody hurts
lesson learnt
filthy pervert
chases skirt
serial flirt

cannot trust
never was
an ‘us’
unadultered lust
esteem crushed
hopes dashed
bites dust

another fool
mean cruel
play cool
mustn’t crawl
stand tall
ignore call
be thankful


17 Responses to "Fool Again"

That’s a great poem, Ann! It says so much with so few words.


I like the sense of building fury and the self-esteem at the end to keep the past where it belongs.



Bloody fool is the one doing the injury, not the injured party.


Raw and powerful.

been there…and it’s hard to come out the other side with one’s psyche intact…i think you have

Damn. Sounds like someone needs to be hooked up to the ass-kicking machine…

Great poem!

Thanks for dropping by my blog Ann and taking the time to comment.

That’s a powerful poem, not written from personal experience I hope. x

I understand where that came from, as I’m sure you do….
Very powerful…

Takes me back to my college days and Interpretation of Poetry 101. I’ve never been able to express myself in so few, eloquently chosen words. This one, I get. Been there. Good job.

Nice.I was never good at rhyming poetry.I have done a few but not many.I like this one though,very much.

well said! wish i had half your talent w/ words:)

This is good…….very punchy and powerful!

This is scary stuff Ann. Stand tall indeed,his loss not yours

I love the playfulness in which you approach painful subject matter. Reminds me of a band that I admire, The Pixies. They could sing about the darkest subjects and make it sound so very upbeat.

By the way, I have an award for you over at the blog.

In your face (not yours literally) type of very strong poem. The pace is palpable from your effective buildup. Whoah- I feel raw anger, frustration, perhaps self-flagellation, but it’s the pain and cursing without such words I feel plus more emotions I don’t feel comfortable naming here, in your poem when I read it
(I’ve been out of blogland.) It feels good to be back and reading your work!

(oops sweetie, I landed on your November page when I did a google search to find your blog, because my link list blew up.) Going to your main page now.

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