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3 x 1 = 3

Posted on: 14 November 2007

Before going to work yesterday morning, I decided to quickly log on and scribbled the prompts from One Deep Breath, Writers Island and Sunday Scribbling, which were belonging, friendship,  and left and right, respectively.

I really should remember to use these prompts more often, they are such a good idea for inspiration especially for a wannabe poet like me as well as for the genuine articles.  It amazes me how one word can prompt such diverse and interesting responses.  I lurk a little around these sites and am in awe at what I read.

In between number scrunching, form filling, inputing data, rounds and rounds of coffee, telephone calls and mini meetings all day, and then a lovely evening out with my girlfriends, this is what the prompts instinctively brought to my mind. 


One Deep BreathBelonging

fits in feels so right
comfortable side by side
two peas in a pod


Writers Island Friendship

floats metaphoric balloon
laugh two minds one thought


Sunday ScribblingsLeft and Right

barked one word left right
either path quick death or slow
fate held in their hands

left to the showers
like lambs led to the slaughter
right the right to work

must never happen again
we cannot forget


11 Responses to "3 x 1 = 3"


They are all wonderful, but the last made my breath catch.

Love you.

Lovely. It’s amazing what just stopping to THINk poetry can do for us.


I wish this was a real hug. Can’t wait for the weekend.



I enjoy learning the power of words, one can say so much.
Queenie x

I loved the one about friendship best.

The things you know about stun me. I assume these are places on the net to go for inspiration words and people send in what they’ve been inspired to write? I had no idea such things existed. You’ve done wonders with the words you’ve used.

the prompts have helped me tremendously, if for no other reason that i find i work better under pressure.

these are wonderful, ann! the last one made my heart hurt, but you’re right: we must never forget.

Superb…..pithy but oh so bitingly to the point.

Oops, I only read the bottom one first — I was scrolling up –the other two are good too. And yes, let’s keep in touch 🙂

good for you – 3 prompts at once, I’m impressed! love your collection of poetry – each powerful in their own way. xx, JP/deb

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