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Just a Quickie

Posted on: 23 November 2007



I simply had to share this song with you.  It’s called Annie (but honest I would love it even if it was called another name, and no, the lyrics bear no relevance to me, only the name).   Still, I love it love it love it to bits and I can’t get it out of my head, not that I want to.   I know he’s not to everyone’s taste, but imho there was not one bad song on his Back to Bedlam album, and his latest All the Lost Souls is even better. 


Well, I’ve been meaning to write a post all week.   I’ve scribbled notes of little funnies and bits and bobs I wanted to share, a couple of poems too and most importantly I wanted to say a big big thank you to Eric for bestowing me with an awesome award. roar.jpg Eric is a great poet and has a fascination with the cosmos.  I try to understand his wonderful words, but confess that when it comes to science it’s all Chinese to me, but not his poetry.   I feel kinda guilty for getting an award for my poetry because it’s undisciplined and follows no format, it’s just what pours from my heart and soul, which is exactly how Eric writes.   Thank you Eric.  I believe I’m supposed to pass this on to five others; one I would definitely honour already has it, but I don’t believe I can think of only five others.  I shall have to think about this, but deep down I feel everyone who voices meaningful thoughts and articulates their feelings in prose deserves this too. 


I seem to have done something to myself.   I’ve carried on regardless hoping if I ignore it, it will go away.   I’ve hardly been at home all week and work has been chaotic and manic, but I am very very uncomfortable sitting at my computer for more than a few minutes at a time… which is why I haven’t been around posting or commenting (or lurking) either.  

Everyday I expect and hope to jump out of bed feeling great, but so far no such luck.  I’m sure it’s nothing serious, but whatever it is, it… hurts 😥

I don’t want to be a moaner, just thought I’d let you know why I’ve not been here.  I’m gonna dose myself up with whatever I can lay my hands on.  I don’t have an extensive medicine cabinet; I’m not made that way (although I do have quite an extensive liquor cabinet, which may be a better idea, or some analgesic and alcohol together may do the trick… I’ll hold that thought!) 


How could I not post a little bit of what I fancy since they say a bit of what you fancy does you good,  so here’s a bit of Bobby Bobby to my ab fab fav Bon Jovi… oh my goodness what an awesome combination and the song is perfect.  It comes from Bon Jovi’s album Have a Nice Day.   Since I’m plugging music, their latest Lost Highway is also fantastic… every track a winner.


AND ANOTHER WELL DESERVED BIG BIG PLUG whilst I’m in the plugging mood, but I would do it anyway because, woooooooooo hoooooooooo today I got delivery of my ab fab fav Brian’s debut novel Real Magic.  cover.jpgBrian, thank you, thank you, thank you so so much.   I know with all my heart that this will not, and cannot, be Brian’s ‘one and only’ because his writing is simply getting better and better.  We are working on a collaboration at the moment; whether it ever sees the light of day, I have no idea, but it’s great fun trying.  It’s still at the early stages, so no arguments… yet! 

For those who enjoy poetry, you must read Brian’s verse which,  like his book, is real magic.

Right, now I really am gonna take my medicine and I really do hope I get by to visit you all before I go away. I shall also try and post something before I go to Israel next week.

In the meantime I hope ya all had a lovely thanksgiving and all my good wishes to you and yours spill over to the weekend too and Shabbat Shalom


24 Responses to "Just a Quickie"

Shabbat Shalom my dearest friend. I am so sorry that you still are in pain. I know how much you dislike quacks, but maybe before you leave get it seen to.

Thank you so much for the plug of ‘Real Magic’. I am having a good time writing our book as well, it will get done bit by bit.

Feel better please.

Love you


Love the update and thanks for the comment. I hope we get to talk this weekend, I have some more writing to do on my book.

Feel better please, maybe I’ll stop by and give you a rub.




thank you; I love you to pieces 🙂

we’ll talk tomorrow and I do wish you could
hear the James Blunt song… hmmm, no
computer… that’s no good!!!!!!! 😦

Been wondering about you since you hadn’t posted anything in a bit. You didn’t specify your malady…which I understand…but hope you feel better or are on the mend very, very soon. You sound like me. I’m one of those “if I ignore it, it will go away” people myself…except when it comes to my back. I’ve had a chronic lower back problem since I was 25, so when it flares up, I know what I have to do. Take care of yourself.

Listened to the video, we have broadband after all. 🙂

All right Annie, it is a good song. 🙄

Hi Ann -sorry you’re under the weather. I hope you’ll be well soon. I am also reading Real Magic this weekend 🙂

Dear Ann,
I wish you were feeling in better sorts. I’d never heard that song but it now goes on my top faves! It reached in and grabbed my heart, squeezed it, even wrung it out in places- longings, memories (so the lyrics ring a bell with me but don’t pertain to me either, but I hear the echos and whispers…) and such good music! A new group for me. Thx!

P.S. I finally got a post up and yes it happened after Thanksgiving, but it has plenty of eye candy for you.

Sorry your under the weather:( Thanks for the plug on Brians book , got read it, loved it:)

Thanks, Ann. Annie is a wonderful song.

BTW, it appears to me that you put a lot of time and effort into this “quickie!”

loved the vid…and you claim to not be computer savvy? HAH!
hey, ann…been in the doldrums like you…you need to get to israel and see your 2 precious grandchildren.

mental hugs

Get well soon, Ann – and that’s an order!

Couldn’t play the Bobby video – got the message it was no longer available. Boohoo. So now you’re making a videos – good on yer!

I hope you feel better soon Ann! Could it be the cold, damp of early winter making your bones hurt?

I’m still trying to ignore it, but I won’t let it get the better of me

told ya so 😉

hope you enjoy it

welcome back… your stuff is stunning; think I’ll give you a plug too

glad you loved the book

😆 it started as a quickie, then kinda grew

thanks for the hugs and all I did was download from youtube… the video’s not mine, I wouldn’t have a clue how to make one

as I said to Susan, I’m not making vids… it really should play ok… it does for me

JoJo… could it be that I’m just getting old… boo hoo 😥

sorry you’re not feeling well, ann. i hope you get better soon, sweetie! thank you so much for your thoughtful and thought-provoking comments. 🙂


You deserve it, Ann, no problem at all. I always love to read your work, you know that. And Brian’s writing is very interesting. I’ll have to read more of it!

My poems are very undisciplined, too, but I have slowly added elements of true poetic style, slowly, and only when it serves my purposes. Mostly, it’s just a stream of consciousness, you know? Thank you for reading it, though.

Hope you have a great time in Israel, and I hope something can be done for your pain.

Take care

Sorry to hear you’re feeling below par Ann, hope you pick up soon. Here have a ((hug)). x

Well Annie are you ready for the big time? I love James music, have done for a long time (would love to see live).
Hope you feel better soon, I tend to find a couple of Gin & tonics do the trick!
Hope to hear from you before you go away, I’m having a few problems at the moment so I may just be doing my 55s till I get things sorted.

That was me queenie, why do I come up anon?

Just a quickie Ann. 😉



Ann Dear…
Please get well soon..
Thank you for being such a loyal friend and patron of the G-Man..xoxox

Ann, hope you’re feeling wonderful soon. Especially in time for your travels to your beloved family! Your new place is smashing.

Thank you for your visit and sweet words. they mean so much. Be well. XOX

Babe, I was wishing you better and freaked over Brian’s book and thought it wonderful that you might collaborate and all that…about 4 times over, but this thing wouldn’t save the comment!!!!

Hope it posts this one…..


Sometimes comments get caught in the spam blocker. Ann will have to go the spam section and check for real comments.

i so luv it when you ramble:) and hope you have figured out what is causing your uncomfiness and are feeling better;)

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