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Words Will Never Hurt Me!

Posted on: 27 November 2007

The prompt at One Deep Breath is “Boulders, Rocks, Stones & Pebbles”

I confess I’m not too good about using prompts… I once thought they were a brilliant idea, but I realise they don’t work for me.   I do lurk and read true poets’ offerings, but I am an undisciplined woman so regularly going to a site and being told what words to use and when to write simply doesn’t suit me;  just as my poetry is undiscplined and follows no true poetic form.  

Even the following haiku may follow the 5-7-5 pattern, but there is a beautiful intent to haiku that I have never mastered.  I look back and I recognise that my favourite pieces were  those written with a passion from deep within my soul and I cannot write to order.   Occasionally I experience a spate of writing a dozen poems in one week, then a month of nothing.   I am not in competition and, as with my blogging, it cannot be forced; I have to wait for the words to come to me.

This prompt brought only one thought to my mind; a subject I feel strongly about, so my passion was aroused.   In Judaism it is called Lashon Ha-Ra which literally translates as ‘bad tongue’ i.e. disparaging speech.  The link explains it in detail, but the poem expresses it simply.


sticks and stones they say
wrong; one bad word good name hurt
lethal weapon lips

netting leaks rumours
pebbles ripple ocean’s waves
huge distance shocks rock

bones mend bruises fade
character in smithereens
once spake damage done



24 Responses to "Words Will Never Hurt Me!"

I did think, actually Rose thought of the same thing. You’ve done a marvelous job of using the form to create function.


Thank you… praise indeed from the maestro

guess I just need to have my passions aroused
more often 😉


A brilliant job doth thee spake. Pray giveth more of thou wisdom.



Ann- nice to meet you. I know many haiku and tanka writers that say that form is really the secondary issue, that the energy must go toward capturing what is called “the haiku moment”. Sometimes this means the rules are broken, but if the most important rule is followed- to capture something-it is ok.

I can relate to a lack of discipline, thats for sure.


I would if I could
but thou art more wise than I
with thou words so fine


welcome to my home and thank you so much for your helpful comment; all criticism and advice is much needed and appreciated

…and you’re not a “real” poet? BULL!!
there is great depth of emotion in your writings.

put that in your pipe and smoke it!!!

susan… got a light?

Lashon Ha-Ra is rampant in our culture.

wonderful haiku.

we had to do some haikus in my last writing class and somehow mine always turned out very sad. it must be something about this focus on the right amount of syllables that you end up with the very essence of what you really wanna say.

but one of my favs is still this one:

“haikus are easy
but sometimes they don’t make sense


it’s on a t-shirt from threadless. i just love that. 😀

The fountain of words
Pouring from my bleeding heart
Is emotional
Not numerical.

not a haiku
just my view
what about you?

In your lack of discipline is the key to your success, Ann.

You ran with this one, and it’s beautiful to see how you worked the concept to it’s fullest, whilst remaining inside the bounds of your vision.

people thrive on gossip; it’s hard not to join in

brilliant 🙂

couldn’t agree with you more

thank you; it seems to work when there’s
real emotion

Ann you know I love your poems, your passion and emotion, I feel. Anyway this discipline thing, never did anyone any good, rules my dear are for breaking!

Thank you for your words of support on my blog, they mean a lot to me.

queenie aka anon 😉
… great you found where to put your name

I’m really not too good about the discipline thingy…
I’m not a wildchild, more like a free spirit, maybe!

“I’m really not too good about the discipline thingy…”




yeah Rose your point… and what’s 🙄 that supposed to mean? 😆

Ann, your writing and poetry skills blow me away. I suck at both!! And I never, ever mastered the haiku. Good job!

And thanks again for the wonderful b-day greetings on my blog. It’s friends like you that make getting up in the morning worth it!

wonderful capture of the theme, ann!

i have trouble with prompts sometimes, but i often like the way they get me to think about a given subject that i might not have tackled otherwise.

as for your kind words on the alleged success of my one deep breath prompts, the way i do it is that i use the prompt to pick a fitting photo, and then i allow the photo and the prompt together to inspire the haiku. it seems to work pretty well for me. 🙂

Three for the price of one. You are priceless, Ann.

Very good these three, I especially like the last. I enjoyed your prologue too!

jojo… you’re making me 😳

greggo… it works brilliantly for you 😉

val: it’s really one in three parts 🙂

jo: from you that is a real compliment; thank you

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