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Mazal Tov

Posted on: 19 December 2007






There’s never a dull moment in this house!   I got back from Israel late Sunday night and found my house missed me; it’s strange  how things go wrong even when no one’s there.   I took a lovely hot power shower when all of a sudden it kinda phuttered and puttered and stuttered to a fine rain then a mere drizzle… hmmm.   Still the next morning I began the obligatory after holiday pile of laundry hoping there wasn’t gonna be a problem with the water.  There wasn’t.   That wasn’t the problem… it was quite the reverse.  It took me ages before the penny dropped that it wasn’t drying after an hour, then another fifteen minutes… then another half-an-hour.   Doh… the drum wasn’t turning so at work today I made a quick call to a local electrical shop wanting his opening hours.  We were not compatible.   I realised I couldn’t get there this week, so asked him what dryers he had.  He reeled off a list of makes, I said what do you recommend?  This was at 1.00 and by 6.00 he delivered it, unseen by me and took away the old one.   I assume a dryer is a dryer is a dryer…

Still Israel was absolutely wonderful.   Never believe long range weather forecasts; they were right about the temperature, it was cold, not like here because the sun shone; the first drops of rain were those on the windscreen of the taxi taking us back to the airport.  It was exactly the same last year.   

I am a biased booba I know, but my grandbabies are simply the best.   They were an absolute delight and we had such fun.   I will post pics, but I think pride of place today has to go to Rachel and Daniel. 

At last he proposed.  

We guessed it was imminent, since dearest daughter hasn’t stopped babbling about weddings in ages and keeps asking her father to be prepared!  She thought the proposal would be this weekend and I thought it may have been in the New Year.   It seems timing is everything and Daniel very thoughtfully chose it on the rare occasion that all four parents are in the country at the same time, since Rachel’s daddy always flies out to Florida on Christmas Day and I’m usually in Israel for Chanukah.

I was talking to her at 9.30 tonight whilst she was in a taxi service going home from work.   She was stressed; she hadn’t finished her work and was choking back the tears knowing she wouldn’t sleep tonight seeing numbers and spreadsheets and clients in her sleep and worrying.  She’s in banking… say no more!  An hour later she calls me sounding like a different person.  

He had cooked dinner, strewn rose petals, lit candles… aaaaah bless him!  I guess now she won’t be sleeping tonight for a much happier reason.

This weekend it will be meet the family.  I spoke to Daniel’s mother for the first time tonight… she sounds lovely.   I kinda broached the subject of where the wedding will be, i.e. London or Israel.   She said since their other two children got married here, Israel would be nice.   I laughed.  I said since my other two children got married in Israel, London would be nice.    

Wherever it is, may their future be blessed with love joy and happiness for always and for ever.


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That’s great Ann!Congrats to them both.You’ll be a professional destination wedding planner with these weddings under your belt!

I just remembered…I need to email you with a quick question…I’ll go do that!

Congrats again!

Congrats Rachel and Daniel on your engagement. I wish you all the best and may your lives be spent together in harmony.

Love from all of us

How wonderful Ann, give my congratulations to Rachel and Daniel, they make a lovely couple. So pleased you had such a great time with your family, but its good to have you back. My washer broke last week, strange isn’t it that it always happens when its towels and the spin cycle goes!!!!

Yea! for Rachel and Daniel. Oh boy, another wedding on the horizon and lots of fun to be had. Relax and enjoy the time and have some fun planning the rest of your life.



Mazel Tov! What great news!!! I wish them a lifetime of happiness. Glad to hear that your trip was good too; can’t wait to see the pictures!

Congrats to the happy couple. So goad he did it wo well and brightened a bad day for her.

Er – a dryer is a dryer is a carbon-producing nightmare, Ann. I’d like to say I stopped using one to reduce my carbon footprint, but I never actually had one (OK, an washer-dryer for a while, but it was so uselss I only used it about twice). Drying clothes is what my central heating radiators are for.

BTW, Ann, I got invited to write on SnarkAngel and Gunga Dean’s blog, and I just did a post about carbon emissions. It’s not all gloom – there are some cartoons, too! The address is if you want to share their wacky humour – lots of US current affairs, and a weekly Weill output.

Glad you’re back! I hope that Israel has recharged you, but I would bet that you are tired after the trip.

Congratulations to your Rachel and Daniel. And the circle grows ever wider, with their love adding to your own.

Good luck with the washer. I used to repair washer/dryers in a former life… in my early twenties, before I knew I was destined to craft words, not bust my knuckles trying to work a wrench in the tight confines of one of those mechanical nightmares that we often take for granted.

Makes me cringe just thinking about it.

Take care–Mazal Tov!

Many, many blessings to the happy couple!! Congratulations to your family … ahhh, the joy of wedding bells ringing in the distance. Looking forward to upcoming photos of the grandbabies too! Mazel tov. xx, JP/deb

I’m so sorry I didn’t write my previous post in English! I was sober but my fingers were drunk, apparently.

congrats to rachel and daniel, and to you, ann! lol. i know you’re probably looking forward to the wedding almost as much as they are!

mazel tov to the happy couple and to all of the parents. what a nice way to propose. rachel is a very lucky girl!

So glad to know that you’re home safe and had a wonderful trip. Can’t wait to see the photos of the grandbabies. And, of course, congratulations to the happy couple. Rose petals and candles, and he cooks, too. Ah! I wish them happy.


I love you Ann. You need lots and lots of TLC right about now. You know if we could we’d be there so you’ll have to accept long distance love.



Oh a love story! Congratulations to the Happy Couple.

I think appliances miss being used – that’s why they break down when you get back of holiday! 😦

Welcome back Ann.
Wish them luck for me.
Hope you all enjoy the holidays.

Oooooh! Mazal Tov to you all! How wonderful!! 🙂

I have a question that I know it will pain you to answer. 😉 Can you recommend some Vincent D’Onofrio films for me? I’m a total movie junkie, but I don’t think I’ve seen any of his. At least not when I knew who he was. What are your faves?

hello ann!
first congratulations! this is your daughter that is getting married? They are an adorable couple.. second.. I’m so confused how you found my blog! my brother’s girlfriend’s name is ann.. but she’s not jewish and doesn’t go to israel.. Then I come to your blog and I see the dreaded ‘raven’ word (a crazy girl who stalked me years ago.. and one of the characters in my book).. no, you seem much too nice and normal for that.. are you my friend leila’s friend? please clear up this mystery!
good shabbos, b’chol zote, 🙂

Welcome back to blogland Ann! Rachel and her honey are such a cute couple. Another wedding?! Wow, you will have married off all your kids, that’s got to be a good feeling knowing that they all made good matches. Mazal Tov!

Welcome back and what lovely news to come home to. They make a very lovely couple and the way he did it, swoon! Glad you had fun with your grandchildren, too.

Mazel Tov Indeed!!
And welcome home all safe and sound sweetie!
You are a wonderful friend, and a great talent.
Thanks for thaking the time out of your busy schedule(shed-yool)to visit me…xoxoxoxox

Hi Ann ~ I have to tell you that every time I visit you (which is nowhere near as often as I would like it to be), my mood is instantly lifted. This is such lovely news – what a great way to end a year. Mazal Tov to you all – I loved the whole Israel vs London wedding venue conversation – so typical – right? Either way, as you say, may your children (and you) all be blessed with good health, much happiness and lots of mazal. I really hope that one day we will have the opportunity to meet in person. While it is not exactly our Yom Tov, I do wish you a wonderful 2008. Thank you for the time you have spent building our friendship. xox

Ann, mazal tov! Such wonderful news and such a beautiful couple with many happy years ahead of them. Sorry I missed your departure for Israel, you were on my mind. I’m sure you had a wonderful Chanukah with the grandbabies. Oh and you’re not biased, those babies could put a smile on a statue’s face.

Welcome home. XOX

hey ann,

thanks a bunch for your comment. 🙂
i’m indeed at home right now, celebrating with my family, and it’s the best idea i ever had. i love it here, but i have to leave again tomorrow already.
i hope you also spend a great holiday season with your family and: mazel tov! 😀
take care, ann. *hugs*

argh, no. i meant: mazal tov.
correct spelling is hard for me. 😉

Hope you are well, Ann. Missin’ your wonderful poetic verse.

Take care and come back when the muse is whispering in your ear, my friend.

great to have you back ann! congrats to your daughter, can’t wait to start hearing about all the planning:)

Aww Hananala,

That’s fantastic. There is never a dull moment in your life is there?

I have missed you and have so much to tell you. Will catch up soon.

I will be in London in March so hopefully I will get to finally meet you.



Hey Ann, how you doing? Drop me a line would you when you’ve got a mo?

I’m so behind! I just now realized that you have a blog here– I’m so special– but then again, I’m not around as much as I used to be– regardless, I wanted to leave some love and best wishes for the new year! *Hugs*

Happy New Year Ann.

Happy New Year, Ann. May it be filled with songs directly from your heart and soul.



I have missed you greatly. Mazel Tov on your daughter’s engagement. Your life is always filled with love and wonderful things. Will be in the London area in March, hopefully I will finally get to meet you.

Have a great new year, may it be filled with love, light and prosperity.

Tova aka Tanisha

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