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hApPy nEw YeAr!

Posted on: 1 January 2008


I can’t believe it’s 2008… where did last year go?   We think we have all the time in the world, but before you know it, it’s flown from our grasp.   There were some wonderful moments when I wanted time to stand still, moments I constantly rewind in my memory to relive over and over.  Then there were those times when I was wishing my life away wanting to fast forward and escape… you know, those “beam me up Scottie” moments.

Thank you for the lovely wishes on Rachel and Daniel’s engagement and to everyone who’s missing me.  I’m sorry I’ve been somewhat out of the loop.  I apologise for neglecting you, my blogging friends.  When I am overwhelmed I tend to retreat to my shell and lay low.   I do what I have to do at work and at home but then I kinda switch off… no computer, maybe some mindless tv or lotsa music, no answering the telephone (or even the door).  My mind gets in such a jumble I want to be left alone in peace and quiet to recharge my batteries, unscramble my brain, think straight and, sorry, the computer is the last place I turn to or even turn on.  

Well, life has been hectic here, to say the least, and I am overwhelmed what with meeting Daniel’s family (lovely people) and trying to make plans; a few people with hundreds of ideas… oy!   This date, that date, here, there, how many, should we, shouldn’t we, howzabout?????

Well we do have a date for an engagement party; in six weeks time.  The only possible date apparently!   A few days after Rachel’s father is back in the country and a few days before the children go to Israel.  There are plenty of caterers, but finding a reasonably priced venue is the challenge; I mean this is just the engagement, not the wedding.  I don’t think I’ve ever made so many calls, but I am on the case!

Oh, and on to the wedding.   Yes, mine was the lone voice wanting the wedding to be in London, or rather the Essex/Herts countryside.   Surprise, surprise… NOT… it will be in Israel… again.   It looks like my 2008 will be spent much like my 2007… busy busy busy, of course for a beautiful reason.   With so much sorrow in the world (I had two funerals this week; one the natural order, a friend’s elderly father, the other a contemporary of mine) when there is something to celebrate, I believe you have to make the most of it.    I shall try not to moan too much, but I do remember last year posting the single word, in big, big, big print and in bright, bright, bright red “SCREAM

Next month (yes next month will be February already) and coincidentally at the same time that Rachel and Daniel will be in Israel for a friend’s wedding, Jon has some leave and wants me to visit them while he’s at home from work; they really wanna go away and leave me to babysit.   I’m hardly gonna say no to seeing my babies.  Boaz told Jon he wanted to call ‘gwanma’ to ask me when I was coming back… aw makes me go all soppy and cry.    This trip I shall combine pleasure with business and go with the bride and groom looking for the perfect wedding venue… and so it goes on.

Enough of my rambling.

Today is New Year’s Day,  1 January 2008.    A new day, a new year… new resolutions; I had chocolate for breakfast so what hope is there ever for me to lose weight?   Forget new year resolutions.   I don’t think a day goes by when I don’t reflect and think I could do better, be better and determine to change my ways.   I want to be a good person… my spirit is willing but sometimes the message isn’t always received and understood. It’s so easy to be tempted from the straight and narrow; it’s finding that right balance of doing right, enjoying life and having fun.     My dear friends, may you and yours be blessed with a year of good health, great joy, contentment and happiness, eternal love, much luck, dreams come true and…  fun fun fun 

… and talking of fun, some gratuitous vincent, albeit a mix of laughter and tears matched with a song we surely all sing in our heart for him; for the v-vixens; a bit of my ab fab Vincent D’Onofrio movie role… Robert E Howard

lotsa luv and best wishes to ya all for a wonderful 2008 …      ann …      xxxxx


30 Responses to "hApPy nEw YeAr!"

Happy New Year to you, too, Ann. It sounds as if 2008 is shaping up to be a hectic…albeit…fun and exciting year for you and your family.

I truly understand the whole retreating into one’s shell and laying low for a bit to recharge concept. I visit that place myself every now and then.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy, wealthy, and fun-filled 2008. Oh, and for the record…chocolate for breakfast is a GOOD thing. I gave up on making New Year’s resolutions a long time ago. I just try to make it through the year…alive.

Happy Western Calendar New Year Ann. 😉

For all the joys in 2007 we’ve experienced I am very grateful.

For all the wonders to come in 2008, I am hopeful that time can be found.

On a personal note Ann, I am also recharging and trying to stay focused. Each day is another challenge.

L & S

Happy New Year, Ann!

In the New Year,
may your right hand always be stretched out in friendship,
but never in want.

A happy new year to you too, my dear friend!! Chocolate for breakfast sounds yummy!!!! Your 2008 sounds busy but fun. Another wedding in Israel will be beautiful and magical and I, for one, look forward to the photos!

I wish you and your gorgeous family all the best for a happy and peaceful, albeit busy, new year!!

You know Ann, it’s a good thing some of us believe in dreams. 😉 I may, may post something soon, but I’m still working out my issues.

I think himself had a great idea about later in the fall, I could get used to a yearly visit.

Overall Ann, I’m doing all right and hope you are too.



Happy New Year … and congratulations on all of your wonderful news!! I see many more BEAUTIFUL grandbabies in your future!!

My New Year’s Resolution is to wish you a Happy New Year.
“Happy New Year to you and yours.”

I love your philosophy… making it through the year… alive; you said it

Thank you for those experiences, for opening my world and my eyes. We HAVE to find the time for L & S together in 2008

What a beautiful sentiment; thank you for sharing it

Thank you for your lovely wishes; may yours be ab brill too

I’m doing okay too. If himself’s idea comes true, then maybe there’ll be a “KA II”

Hi… hope you and yours are all well. Happy New Year sweetheart

Done indeed! 🙂

Dear Ann,

May the joy of the new year shine upon you and yours. The nuptials, whilst busy, certainly will be filled with many blessings.

Cut yourself some slack, my dear. May your only resolution be to enjoy all love that surrounds you and your dear family.

Peace & many happy new year wishes to you and yours. Love, JP/deb

Happy New Year Ann. Love and Happiness to you and your family!

Happy New Year Ann. Love and Happiness to you and your family 🙂

Dear Ann-
First time I am visiting your site, from the link on the reel, and just loved your video for The Whole Wide World-just such a great film and what brilliant work by Vincent-Thank you for such a great tribute-

Happy New Year Ann..
You are a true Jewell of Blogdom!!!

Ann, Happy New Year and best of everything for you this year. I so relate to you on the coping front as sometimes it’s too much for me with blogging and you just want to watch a movie to take your mind off of well everything running aroune there. When the phone rings some evenings, I stiffen. It’s such an intrusion at times.

Ah, you know what they say – put two Jews in a room, get three opinions! mazal tov again to you and your lovely family.

Dearest Ann,
Happy New Year! Thanks for the recent visit. I know that life just gets to be too much sometimes and blogging has to go. That’s the way it is my friend. Best wishes to you and your family in ’08!

Thanks, I shall certainly heed your wise advice

Thank you and to you and yours too; looking
forward to the Cat in 2008

Welcome; I cannot take credit for the video, I
merely found it on youtube, and I thought it
was brilliant. I do have a disclaimer on the side
thanking everyone whose work I pinch, offering
to remove it if they wish.

Flattery will get you everywhere, you shmoozer!

Thanks for the understanding and good wishes…
I know it’s far too soon to say PGBY

I was comparing stats with Brian and then I
realised I only posted once in December… I’m
not leaving blogdom merely prioritising! 😉

Happy New Year to you and yours Ann, just reading about all your plans makes me tired ;0)

Happy New Year to you and all your loved ones, Ann, may it be a wonderful one!!
Hugs 🙂


May 2008 hold everything that you’re wishing for. x

Hello Ann. It was great yesterday listening and planning. I hope your day went well and it’s nice weather. It’s very cold today and tomorrow, shivering at work.

I posted today, it’s a performance piece. 😀



Every year seems to hold something extra-special for you, and you deserve every bit.

Thanks for the video of TWWW. Any chance Mrs BG will get out of jail any time soon? It sems so unfair to leave her there suffering while you enjoy the world!

Are you sure it’s not all your Bobby Bobby fantasies that are making you tired? 😉

Thank you and may yours be wonderful too

… amen and may that be true for everyone we know and love


… and what a performance; you sure have a sense of the dramatic my sistah, getting all our knickers in a twist

I was only dreaming last night that Bobby Bobby had mrsbg back in his arms… I won’t never say never! 🙂

Oh Ann,

I see that your Diary for 2008 is filling up already.
Hope you had a wonderful Hannukah!

May your New Year be filled with lots of happiness and good health.

Bigs. You always bring a smile to my face. Thank you! :o)

Awww! i went all sloppy when I read gwanma. All the best darling, I’m still doing 55s.

Happy new Year Annala,

I hope this year brings many blessings and wonderful moments “that will stand still” long enough for you to enjoy them..

I have resolved not to make any resolutions. LOL
HAppy New Year Ann

Hope this year brings you only erotic sensation, fun and success. Hee-heee!!!

Thanks for being there…always.

Love you!

Congratulations! So, I imagine you’ll be going back to Israel very soon, then. You are quite the traveler. But it’s well worth it.

I hope you pick up plenty of inspiration, and maybe find the love you deserve. Me? My love interest fell apart as soon as I knew it was there! Argh! It’s terrible, but I’m used to it. I’m better equipped to deal with that kind of thing now.

And at least there’s nothing distracting me from writing great work nonstop. Well, OK work, but one day I’ll be great!

Take care!

happy happy and many of the best wishes for you and your family this year ann:)


Love you



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