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Posted on: 6 January 2008

Before I get carried away with this post and totally forget, for those few in the know and for those few still interested mrsbg has aroused herself (actually I think mrbg aroused her).   She has arisen from her unexplained hibernation since last June.   She sniffed the air, dusted herself down and posted a new chapter.  Her muse had deserted her, left her, dumped her, but surprisingly and slowly and pleasingly he returned; she hopes it wasn’t just a one nighter and he sticks around long enough for more… more… more…

My dear V-Vixens, the above video, borrowed from youtube as you know I’m technically challenged to make my own, is awesome.


Toilet paper!  Yeah, you heard me, loo paper.   Does anyone ever give it any thought?   I certainly hadn’t until the other day, when I opened a new pack and thought I’d spilled some perfume or body lotion, or some sweet scented concoction down the back of my bathroom cupboard.    Now, on delicate matters such as my body and body parts, I do not stint.   My skin is meant to be pampered and spoilt, hence my addiction to lotions and potions, oils and salt scrubs, spa treats etc. and double quilted, triple velvet,  quadruple layered, extra padded… shhh…  you know what!  You name it, I will use it, but nothing that hints or screams that it is economy.    I’m worth it you know!    😉

It turned out the unspilled perfume was a particular item I had unwittingly purchased called Charmin Fresh Linen, that claims it “Freshens up your bathroom! Scent on core” … and it does too!  Which reminds me of once being asked to take part in market research on this same subject.  What on earth could anyone talk about or ask about toilet paper?   A lot apparently!    I really had to think hard about how many sheets I used, did I tear it off at the perforations or did I rip it off, did I fold it or did I scrunch it, did I buy it in bulk on offer or in small sizes, did I only buy white, did I buy coloured to match a bathroom or did I buy pretty patterned for guests, how many toilets in the house, did they all have the same toilet paper, how many rolls were used per week/per month… doh!  

Have I left anything out?


I assume most of you think my only tv obsession/addiction is Detective Robert Goren… yes I still like a daily fix of the Divine D’Onofrio aka Bobby Bobby, but I love love love Sex and the City and my ab fab fav Chanukah present was the one from me to me… well it was actually my only Chanukah present.  I couldn’t resist and treated myself to the gorgeous pink and black shoe box set of every episode ever; the complete series.  Why do I get excited then and still have to watch the reruns on tv?  Don’t answer… it’s a silly rhetorical question since it is much the same I guess as having to watch the first three seasons reruns of lo:ci when they’re on the box, even though we own the dvd’s.   Hint hint… when are Seasons 4, 5 and 6 coming out on dvd?   

So back to Sex and the City.  

Lately, I seem to be for ever catching the last ever episodes of the show.   The girls’ journey from the pilot to the end has been extraordinary.   Sex and the City charts the dating scene in New York/Manhattan of four bright beautiful sassy girls.  Charlotte who had no trouble finding love and married twice, yet the one thing she wanted above all else, a baby, was not to be, until the final episode.  Miranda, the driven career girl who got more than she wanted when she became pregnant, yet by the final episode has softened and moved to a house in Brooklyn with her husband, son, housekeeper and confused mother-in-law.  Samantha, the sex driven PR who battles breast cancer and finds love with her drop dead gorgeous toyboy Jerry Smith (he of the Aero bubbles advert… boy did I do a doubletake when I saw him and had to call Rachel to be sure it really was HIM).  Finally Carrie Bradshaw, sex columnist, whose up and down, in and out relationship with Mr Big had me rivetted.  In that wonderful final episode he goes to Paris and tells her she is *the one* (Mr Big is played by Chris Noth aka Detective Mike Logan Law & Order Criminal Intent.  BTW,  I believe our Vincent turned down a role in SATC.  Was it that one)?  I think I would have died and gone to heaven thinking of him as Big. 

An American Girl in Paris (Part Deux) gets me… it gets me crying, crying buckets, crying buckets every single time I watch it, and I watch it a lot.   I can’t wait for the movie.   I saw a trailer on youtube, but I can’t find it now.  I found something else instead below, but it wasn’t the first one I saw.  Carrie is in her frothy wedding dress.  I got so excited… yes, yes, yes, they’re getting married.  Next scene… she’s running from the car and hitting him (who him?) over the head with her bouquet.  Please, please, please could someone put me out of my misery!


An Ode to Max Brenner, Tel Aviv

glacial structure appears
like magic from nowhere
bang in the heart of city hubbub
amidst tree lined boulevard
strategically placed at crossroads
majestic architecture rises up around
regally looks down at
eyes like saucers, noses pressed, mouths watering
triple glazed, shock proof glass

what can it be? you ask

another world

it beckons you; tantalizing
the atmosphere enchants
its heady aroma pulls you in
makes hormones dance
an easy guitar strumming
a babel of language, yet
one common tongue
exquisite, delicious, irresistable
ambrosiotic oasis of pleasure
a sweet indulgence, a treasure
in commercial wilderness

a casual air, subjected to security
appear unconcerned, patient
peeping inside, belies anticipation
you don’t care, you don’t mind
trust me
licking lips for what is to come
however long it takes






Sorry, the video I found above recommends New York, but Max Brenner chocolate is universal and was absolutely scrumptious bumptious in Tel Aviv, Israel, it’s place of birth… another mild addiction of mine!

Hmmmm; seems like (almost) all my ab fab fav things are based in New York… what is a London girl to do?




26 Responses to "Addicted to…"

Passions are the things that keep us alive! xx, JP/deb

Wow! This post grabbed me in various ways, beginning with toilet paper. Just before I began reading, I grabbed another roll of toilet paper to place on my desk. I use a lot of it outside the bathroom to relieve the allergy pressures on my nose. I know t.p. isn’t as refined as a linen handkerchief or even tissues, but it’s cheaper, more convenient, and I can tear off as much as I need.

Thanks for reminding me of this addiction, which I’d not previously recognized.

That last comment was by me, mistakenly being Alex.

Passion for chocolate… it’s the simple things in life.

“There are only two things worth anything in life — poetry and drinking.”
Richard Burton

I guess this guy had it right, too!

And the poem summed it up nicely. Now… I’m hungry for some chocolate!

The fetishes you learn about from blogs. My, my, my.

Who’s idea was this to get up this early? And then drive 3 1/2 hours? On a Sunday?

That’s a third of the way to England or all the way to New York. Now there’s an idea. New York with you.


Amen to a life full of passion

Funny, somehow I thought the loo paper would appeal to you

ah Richard Burton… mmmm… one very sexy man and I’m rather partial to a little drinkiepoo too

hmmm… my my my indeed 😆
you know how much I want us to meet in NY
have fun; give them all my love

Ah, toilet paper. Being a would-be environmentalist I only used the recycled stuff (even Asda’s own brand is pretty good quality).

I am frugal in my use of paper products. But my BF, who stays and looks after my creatures when I have to go away, tears off so much just when she has a wee, that half a new roll can disappear in one go. It won’t even all flush away.

Then there’s the co-ordination problem. She’s a dressmaker and designer. She co-ordinates every item she wears. I am OCD over colour co-ordination. When she looked after me post-srugery, she did some shopping and brought home a bargain pack of peach-coloured loo roll. ” I didn’t think you’d mind that it doesn’t match,” she said. MY BATHROOM IS PALE BLUE AND WHITE! OF COURSE IT MATTERS! As soon as I was able to go shopping again, I got some white and relegated the peach to the downstairs loo, which is yellow.

Please don’t judge me on my idiosyncrasies. 🙂

Wow, who knew toilet paper could spark so many questions from market researchers?! As for me, I like white TP, paper towels and napkins…can’t stand the patterns and colours. I buy TP in bulk at Costco too.

I grew up with well water, so I never, ever flushed after #1. Then in CA, we had a drought and the state slogan was “if it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down.” Hmmm Too much information there, eh?

As to your addiction to SATC, I understand completely, b/c Brian and I have seen every episode of “Friends” so many times, that we do the lines along with the shows, yet we watch it in reruns every single day. AND I’m going to splurge and buy the entire series on DVD too.

Of course it has to match… you need to teach your friend a thing or two

I’ve also seen the whole of Friends; yeah go and buy them, there’s a great sense of satisfaction knowing you can watch your ab fab fav show any time at all

Re toilet paper – MWM says I use far to much! I say if it’s there use it! I only like tissue though, I can’t be doing with actual paper – do they still sell that???

First, loved, loved, LOVED the Bobby video. I’ll have to go search YouTube to add that to my favorites.

As to TP, there are two items that are critical for my “survival.” One is Diet Pepsi and the other is toilet paper. I consider it “crisis mode” when I am out or nearly out of either item.

Oops. Sorry, that last post was me. Don’t know why it showed up as Anonymous. BobbyG

Velvet for me and no pongs please, I hate scented stuff unless it comes out of a flowerhead, laughing, oh and the one or two perfumes I wear. I love Sex and the City too, was addicted and have that wubberly pink box set, I will also be insisting that me and some friends go see the movie, even if it’s crap, who cares (and personally I think mr big is just swoon……he’s so damn mean and moody, yum….way cuter than Samantha’s lollipop man……).


loved, absolutely loved the bobby-vdo video..i’d have to say that it’s one of the best i’ve seen, only from the standpoint that he looks particularly yummy in this one!

as far as the SATS one…i’d absolutely bet that it’s just a bad dream that carrie had.

and, yes, we ALL deserve to pamper ourselves with only the best. sorta like that line from bull durham…”we all deserve to wear white!” we’re women!

Love the chocolate poem Ann. I must admit we’ve never had Max Brenner chocolate, but you make it sound so good.

Missing you, we’ll be back home this evening.



Vincent, chocolate and soft toilet paper – sometimes life is sweet ;0)

I love SATC!!! I always knew Big was the one for Carrie. I’ve seen all the seasons on TV more than once, apparently the show is very successful in Spain, so we have re-runs over re-runs.

paper; gosh did anyone really have to use that stuff?

I used to be addicted to Pepsi Max, but have weaned myself off it; I’m trying to be caffeine free, bar the chocolate of course

I can’t wait to see the movie; I so want Carrie and Big to have their Big Day… but I’m sorry I think Samantha’s Smith is goooooooooorgeous

I wish I could make those vids… actually that’s not true, but I do love scouring youtube

the trouble with MB choc is it’s so darn expensive. Miss you too… hope you got home safely, oh and I answered Dewy’s questions (at last)

ain’t it just 🙂

I don’t think I will ever tire of watching that show

right, bed time for me

nite nite

Ann…I drink caffiene-free Diet Pepsi. I, too, try to limit my caffiene intake, but a girl has to indulge in chocolate every now and again.

Why, come visit of course! Ummm, chocolates and a scrumptuous paean to them.

Snap! I also have to have the triple lush variety, and something that still baffles me is the amount we go through, still I will not swap for the cheaper options.
I was addicted to “Sex in The City” when it was showing, even my other half was caught glancing at the screen on certain episodes (I won’t mention which)!!! Great post Ann.

no pickyness here on TP. we buy it cheap (altho not TOO cheap) b/c in this house we go thru a whole roll a day(!) and a big eww to not flushing everytime!!

as for sex and the city, i have only seen maybe half of them when they came as late night reruns on regular tv here. and after renting a dvd one weekend when all the boys in myhouse were away, i realize they are also MUCH edited, and I actually prefer them that way:D but i LOVE that last ep of her in paris when mr. big comes for her. i love it when he finds the other girls and miranda tells him to “go get our girl” i just love that line, and then when she surprises them at breakfast. i can’t wait for the movie either!

That Bobby video was devine, I loved it!
Must have decent tp.
I love NYC to visit, wouldn’t want to live there.
Chocolate is a must have. I got some godiva for Christmas and it was yummy.
I watch ‘Sex and the City’ when high-maintainence hubby is not around. It’s my little treat.

Hey sweetness!

Well, I never thought I’d enjoy a discussion on toiletpaper that much!!!!
Very interesting, Booba!

As for the chocolate…you know my point on THAT…hhhmmm…..

It was no surprize that you’re into SEX AND THE CITY….kinda makes sense. You are such a romantic!

Hope the New Year’s been good to you so far, babe!
Love ya!

Ha! My sis was just telling me about her dream bathroom, and I think that TP would fit right in! I’ll have to tell her about it. ^_^

I don’t know who the guy getting hit with the bouquet is, but I’m pretty sure you’ll find him on this list. 🙂

I love your long updates – makes it worth the wait! I am so with you on ‘where did 2007 go’ – honestly, I sometimes gt confused between 2006 and 2007 in terms of remembering when I did things. I am so with you on BIG … IN PARIS – loved that show – every episode, from start to finish – and am intentionally abvoiding any sneak previews of the movie so it can all be surprise. I am sure you will get the new shows coming out this winter, based on similar ideas, i.e. 3-4 women friends, loves/life/careers – but I don’t expect any will come close to the original fab 4. With the Pound/Dollar rate of exchange, come look for an outfit for the wedding in NYC, Anne – or New Jersey … think about it – you could go to all the hot spots the the fab 4 visited, or some of them, at least … and visit with us. I am totally with you on only the best for this tochas!!! No compromise in that department, for sure. You really had me giggling. Hope the year continues on a happy, positive note for you all. Lots of love. Shabbat Shalom. xxx

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