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Posted on: 10 January 2008

that bond
it’s gone
felt it slip away
the silence
heard the snap
as it cracked

games people play
her life
her love
her secrets
she gave
too much away

23 Responses to "Broken"

So much truth in that poem, Ann. As one to too often has given too much away, I can truly identify with it.

Hope everything is all right Ann.


Hi Ann,

I know, I know, I’ve been playing hooky; but c’est la vie. Love the poem though, it speaks to the trust that is given and then taken away.



Hi Ann
It’s been so long since I’ve been here!
So glad to be back again.

You write so well!!!
The poem is very good!

Happy New Year!
I love the pic of your two fav little people!
They are so gorgeous!


Sometimes being too trusting is too too silly… burnt fingers and all that!

Everything’s… fine… hmmmm!

… or disinterest/indifference realising they don’t really care!

you’re back… woooo hoooo. Happy New Year to you too

and sometimes being trusting is a sign of a truly strong person…
don’t stop…

I hope that wasn’t an autobiographically inspired poem!

That sounds sad – hope you’re not. x

Can’t tell you close to home that hit. It’s like you plucked the confused feelings from my mind and put them in a way that made sense to me. Thank you.

This is very well done and I’m sorry you’ve been let down.

What Mary said…ditto. Hope all is well Ann. I cannot express myself as succinctly and proficiently as you. I require pages and pages.

I never learn, no matter how many times my trust is betrayed. I don’t just mean romantically, either. Very well expressed, Ann.

she gave away too much … too many of us do this … awesome poem, xx, JP/deb

I often give too much away. It’s sad to think of ourselves and our desires to share our feelings as the enemy, but sometimes it seems to be the case.

Ofcourse, that was me above. At a remote locale, catching up on your wonderful writings.

Too close for comfort. There’s nothing more devastating than losing trust.


Happy Monday. 😀

Love you

Hey my wonderful friend! Hope all is well for you!!!
It’s sad but love the poem, it feels so… true.


sad and beautiful:) hugs to you!

Great poem, we do have to trust … methinks. Its a case of do as you would be done by. Sometimes the trust is broken. Find the cause and the solution will follow.
hugs for you.

This is about the third time I’ve read this poem.
It cuts real close to the bone.

Hope you are ok my friend.


You have no idea how this one speaks to me. Bravo!

Back at work today. Feeling all right, but very stiff.


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