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Excuses, excuses

Posted on: 25 January 2008

One of my many blogging intentions was to extend my book club reading group to fellow bloggers.  Last month’s book offering was by Frank McCourt.  His amazing debut novel was Angela’s Ashes about his miserable and impoverished childhood in Ireland; his second not quite so amazing book was ‘Tis about his early years in America and his third book Teacher Man is more like  an arrogant anecdotal account of how he broadly educated his students rather than actually ‘teach’ them following the  school’s set curriculum. 

He feels he was a fraud standing before his students; he was terrified of them, so he got by for 30 years telling stories of his life, although advised never to let the kids know your personal life.   Although the book got a general thumbs down from my friends, it was not an out and out ‘hate it’ review, it just wasn’t a page turner.   One particular amusing highlight of the book though was when he’d kept his students’ excuse notes in his desk drawer; they were obviously not written by their  parents.  One day he read these amazing letters out to the class to illustrate their creative ability thus encouraging them to write freely; he then got them to write excuse notes from Adam and Eve to G-d.  He wanted to broaden their intellect and teach them to think.  He didn’t actually write his first book until he was 66.

Well, I think this kinda leads nicely to my excuse note for my absence here and at your places. 

An  engagement party does not get organised by itself!   I’m pleased to say it’s all sorted, the venue found (menu still to be discussed) the invitations chosen, printed, collected, written and posted and so the phone hasn’t stopped ringing with replies… it is now only two weeks away.

Rach and I also spent the last two Sundays  looking for THE dress.  Oh my word… we had a great time.   It was amazingly easy to eliminate what didn’t suit so we could work out “what not to wear” but when she put on THE ONE she looked like a princess.    I thought I was gonna cry, but surprisingly I didn’t.  This particular shop is local to her and they especially opened on a Sunday for her and will especially open late for her fittings.   (She works in the City in banking… long hours blah blah blah).  Rachel, bless her,  is no shrinking violet and she will look stunning.   I thought that since the name of the make of the gown is Hollywood Dreams it came from the States, but actually the owner of the bridal shop is the designer and she makes them.  It takes about eight months, so should be ready just in time, not that we’ve actually sorted the wedding yet, but we’re looking at the beginning of September.  We have met up with the wedding planner and sorted dates in February to go look at venues… I’m getting quite excited.

Last Sunday was very successful for madame; she also bought a lovely dress for her engagement party and a little something for another party next week and a rather nice pair of shoes.   All in all a good day.   Since there was no time for moi, I took a few hours out for myself during the week.   I have three functions over the next three weekends and of course it’s the same lame cry, “I’ve got nothing to wear.”    Three outfits later (the shoe shopping will be this week) I don’t know which one to wear for which party.   Such problems… if only they were my biggest.  Oy, you should only know!


Two weeks ago I got persuaded by a rather persuasive friend who rather forcibly yanked my credit card from my wallet and made me, yes she made me do it, she made me register with an online dating thingy.   My kids had posted a profile a few years ago, but I had never activated the darn subscription… now I’m on for six months.  It has been quite an experience and I can’t say I’ve particularly enjoyed it so far.  

Men are funny creatures!  

Wait, I’ll qualify that statement.  

British men are funny creatures!

Hold on… no

Jewish British men are funny creatures!  It is Jewish online dating!

Why oh why am I getting so many 31 year olds contacting me?   I really have no problem being with a younger man, but my No.1 son will be 31 in a couple of months!   I maintain that as long as I’m not old enough to be their mother, then that’s okay, but I do draw the line there.   However, when I get the email that says “we have a match for you” and there are about 200-300 of them, they can’t really believe they could all be possible matches.    Trust me please, you have to believe me, their mugshots  photographs would make anyone run a mile, or two, or three. 

One guy contacted me; when I read his profile he’d only copied mine.  Others who’ve emailed or im’ed live miles and miles and miles away, like as far north as you can possibly get or on a remote island somewhere.    Another guy kept calling and I couldn’t get off the phone… he said he’d never talked to anyone like me before and he’d fallen in like with me and couldn’t wait to meet me (oh please).  I guess that was until he found someone else to sweet talk because I haven’t heard another word… thank goodness.   

I have to admit I’m rather relieved; he unnerved me and I think I told him way too much… he was clever!   Yet another one is desperate to get married.  Now that really frightened me off  and it got me thinking hard and deeply about what I really want and I’m not sure that marriage is the answer to my needs.   I guess I’ve come to enjoy my freedom and not having to answer to anyone and not having to wash smelly socks and not ironing endless shirts and eating what I like when I like and not spending an evening with a man who simply does not know what to watch on the box so monopolises the remote control and zapps and zapps all night, then rolls over, falls asleep and snores on the couch until you change the prog… the funny thing is they wake up then and say they were watching that; how do they do that?   

I suppose all that’s wanted is to meet someone who will take you out to dinner/theatre/concerts etc with some great conversation thrown in and maybe a… a… good kisser and… and… hmmm… is that too much to ask?   Yeah, a simcha buddy!  Vacancy not yet filled.

Interestingly this site covers the whole wide world.   Having an inquisitive bent, I looked at the American men.   WOW!!!!   They really know how to present themselves.   They all scrubbed up well; they were gorgeous and their profiles articulate.  What is wrong with you Brits????   Yuck yuck and double yuck!!!!

However, I shouldn’t dismiss it out of hand totally because I have heard of some success stories; I wonder what the ratio is to the NOT success stories… hmmmm!

Oh oh oh… this is a good one.   Last Friday Jamie popped round to see me as a new “we have matches for you” blah blah popped up.  I opened it in front of him and we both freaked out… there was a pic of the cutest bearded guy who was a dead ringer of a bearded Vincent at the POTC premiere.   Of course I had to send this gorgeous guy an email…

… he hasn’t opened it… doh!!!!!


Thank goodness for music and Vincent D’Onofrio; they never let me down.

Did anyone get to see Take That in concert?   Boo hoo, I missed it, but I did see James Blunt a couple of weeks ago.   I know he’s not to everyone’s taste, but the Hammersmith Apollo was pretty chocka and I was astounded at the number of guys there.  I honestly didn’t believe men liked that sort of music.   Of course I knew every word and sang along… okay I can’t really sing a note, but no one seemed to notice.   He’s only released two albums and every track’s a winner.  

My current ab fab fav song is Take That’s Rule the World.  It comes from the film Stardust which was perfect viewing on a recent flight… not sure I would have felt the same if I’d coughed up some dosh to see it at the flicks.   I don’t know about you, but if  I wake up to the radio playing one of my fav songs, it sets me up beautifully for the day.  I think a video of Vincent D’Onofrio to this track would be magical… hint hint!   That man sure lights up the sky above me and the ground beneath me and the world around me…


Another ab fab fav of mine is an old one, Iris, and lo and behold surfing YouTube I found this brilliant video by Jenn of Vincent/Bobby to the Goo Goo Dolls… Jenn it’s fantastic, thank you.


I cannot leave without wishing my ab fab fav little man Boaz


He was three this week and I’ll be with him again in just three weeks time.  See the pile of clothes he’s carrying… that’s what I took out last month when I was there (and a holdall filled with toys).  He had to try the whole lot on and look at himself in the mirror… quite the little poser.  This trip I am travelling light!



I have a long lazy day ahead of me tomorrow, but a frenetic one on Sunday.  I should read next month’s book, We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver; does anyone know it?    I’m also gonna try and come by and say hello to you all.   I just don’t know how so many of you manage to post every single day.  I feel really virtuous when I manage to visit everyone and put up more than one post a month; a bit like how I felt earlier this week when I cleared up six months worth of paperwork.  Well I had to find the paying in slip for the taxman!   Curiously I checked my online bank account this morning; Mr Taxman did not waste a minute banking it!

The best laugh I had this week… NOT… was when I opened a letter on Wednesday 23 January dated Monday 21 January telling me how well a little investment I had was doing and that it would mature two years early and then on Tuesday 22 January the bottom went out of the Stock Market thanks to a greedy little Frenchman… huh!  C’est la vie; guess I’ll have to wait another two years!  

Think I’ve prattled and rambled long enough… I hope you and yours all have a terrific weekend and Shabbat Shalom.


26 Responses to "Excuses, excuses"

You’re much braver than I, Ann. No Internet dating for me, thank you very much. Sounds like you’ve got the wedding and engagement party planning under control. Also, sounds like you’ve been way too busy to think about blogging. Thanks for the update.

Looks like you are in danger of ‘meeting yourself coming back’, Ann, you’re so busy!

Sometimes I celebrate that I only fathered boys, especially when I hear what the families of brides do to prepare for weddings.

On-line dating? American men present themselves better than Brits? Amazing.

So I wonder why all of the connections I made when I was trying that were women who were as crazy as my ex-wife? Yeah, I know, my good buddy Doug says I am a magnet that draws them to me.

So why do you think you’re drawing all of those 31-year-old dudes to you, Ann?

You must be so excited about the engagement swiftly followed by the wedding!

You’re a brave lady joining an online dating agency – not sure I’d have the guts. I can’t wait to hear if you meet up with any of your matches.

Your grandson is adorable! 🙂

I agree with Nick,Ann.I always thought that would be the reverse!Boaz is beautiful…as always.So,I wanna see “The Dress”…must we wait until you post pictures of the wedding before we see it?

Try to rest,have some cheesecake and chocolate just because and bright blessings to you Ann.

I have been rather busy, but I’m rather proud of myself too since I have now managed to visit all my blogging friends today

it’s the joys of being the mother of adult children 😉

I also have two sons; I made No.1’s wedding and my ex and I made the bulk of No.2 son’s wedding with a little contribution from the bride’s family… no one can accuse my children of marrying for money. I guess the 31 year olds want a mother figure 😆

I’m not sure I want to meet up with any of these matches… eeeeeeek

Well the dress isn’t made yet, so yes, guess you’ll have to wait for the big day. I’m meant to be on diet, but chocolate is a staple for me 🙂


I hope none of those online guys turn out to be creeps. You wouldn’t want just anyone showing up on your doorstep. 😉

Hope your Saturday has been relaxing.

Love you


I wouldn’t want just ‘anyone’ … I would want ‘someone’ special

It’s been very relaxing… more than yours I should imagine!

Talk to you soon

L & S 😉

Oh, Ann, long ago I answered some ads in Time Out, and then advertised myself. I met some very odd men – though one who looked like an oversized Gene Wilder did have a Morgan! Two were very nice, though, and if I hadn’t been crazy for another, who knows?

I’m still trying to come to terms with the fact I now like a couple of Take That tracks. Dear lord, an ex-BOY-band! Good luck on the dating thing; allegedly we all have a double out there somewhere, so maybe some day Mr D’Onofrio (mark II) will appear. Sadly, I never was one for ‘second best’ ;0)

Happy Birthday to Boaz, he’s so big now and so sweet 🙂
As for online dating, well you’re brave, I don’t think I could do that, I’d probably be scared… ha ha…
Have a great time at the engagement party 🙂

Hi ann
What a lovely surprise it was having a visit from you today!
After reading how busy you are I apprecate your visit all the more!
Online dating…I wish you much luck…one never knows if there’s a perfect guy out there for you!
Maybe…..could be!!!!!

Oh, you get to see your little darlin’s soon!
Lucky you!
Enjoy your time with them.
Boaz is so adorable!

Take care Ann!


I’m wondering how an oversized Gene Wilder would fit into a Morgan!

I quite like boybands… I think I was the youngest at a Blue concert (I really fancied Duncan as a toyboy) and I’m so pleased Boyzone are gettng back together

This online dating is scaring the pants off me, but I don’t know how else to meet someone

It was lovely to read your sweet poetry again


What’s up?????



Glad to hear the wedding plans are shaping up! Love the pic of your adorable grandson 🙂

Regarding online dating, that is how my husband and I met. However, I went through a few frogs before I found my prince!

Peace & blessings,

Nice to se you sounding so chirpy.
I haven’t been shopping for ages.

Beauty knows NO age!!!!

Happy Birthday Motek..

Nice to see you out and about…


(Hi Cathy).

((Ann)), Wow you are so brave! I know it’s the modern way to meet a good man, but I’d be afraid. American men look better than Brits?? That’s a surprise!! But hey check out Rev.Kate’s blog. She met a guy online and is totally in love now. Isn’t that cool?
Boaz is completely adorable!

Holy Moley! With everything you’ve had going on, I’m surprised you’ve had time to breathe! But you know, it’s good to be busy, and you’re definitely blessed with friend and family *hugs*

PS: I can’t believe how big Boaz has gotten! He’s such a cutie!


Good Monday morning. 😀

Feeling much, much better.

we didn’t get to speak… you will send me the latest won’t you, please; hope all’s good with you sistah!

rar-bit rar-bit… frogs frogs everywhere… eeeeeek

well just think of all the money you’ve saved 😉

nice to be out and about… thanks for the visit

yeah I know about Kate… she did it with another friend of ours and it seems to be working for her too… I’m really happy for them

I sure am lucky. christy I can’t open your blog, it causes my computer to crash

hooray… I’m over at your place


I was writing a poem that I just posted. Himself will be back at the usual time.

Maybe you need to call and ask for me. 😉



Like you I have been slack with my blog, but when I visit my pals i realise how much i miss you all. Oh do take care with the dating , saying that two of my friends have now formed good relationships, but not without a few horror stories.
Hope Moteks birthday was a blast, I’m still waiting for grandchildren, they have brought a puppy so maybe thats a sign! Keep on with the books, I seem to enjoy the same ones, but always wait for your reviews before I buy/loan. Make sure you take lots of pics at the engagement party I’m dying to see the dress and what you end up wearing, will it be a lady in RED????

I’ve been checkin’ yer blog every day for an update, and the one time I don’t check, you update!!! lol

Happy birthday to Boaz! He’s gonna be a heartbreaker when he gets older.

My coworker joined a few dating sites years ago and working in law, we have the benefit of being able to do research on the guys that contacted her. For example, we would search court records and found that many of the guys had domestic violence charges, drunk driving, multiple divorces….it was quite the eye-opener! So, tread carefully, Ann.

Can’t wait to see the dress though; it sounds like it’s going to be just gorgeous!

So, it’s not just me who cannot post often to my blog. I don’t even have the time to write such an interesting account of my excuses nor do I have grandchildren to show off their adorable punim(s)!

That’s lovely and a relief, I’m sure, that Rachel found THE dress! She’s lucky to have your help. I’m kveling from way over here.

Oy, I need to email you about someone in his 20’s who asked this happily married woman on a date!! Double Oy! Well, it sounds like I should NOT email you about that. lol

Still, I’m glad your kids signed you up and your friend is helping. Out of the sea of limp fish, there may be someone who will be a friend or know someone who will be a friend or more. You won’t meet anyone by staying home or (usually not) while wedding dress or shoe shopping. I’m waiting w/ baited breath to hear about the Vince look-alike! I can understand why that man “fell in like” with you. oooh, you sound like so much fun!

I love to read and adore music. When I can fix my blog that now is lonely w/ only one post on it, I hope to reinstate “pages” about books and music. Thank you for the info re: books. I enjoyed your reviews.

I read Angela’s Ashes several years ago. I’ve not read anything by that author other since, only because of time constraints. Recently, I’ve read books you’ve probably already consumed. Someday, when I don’t need to work 60-70 hr weeks, maybe I will have read something before you. Actually, I heard the two most recent books while treadmilling,in an effort to be efficient.

Have you read “Love in the Present Tense” by Hyde? Fantastic!
I’m just finishing up “The Time Traveller’s Wife” by Audrey Niffenberger- another keeper I was supposed to have read this past Sept. for my book group but life interfered.

lovely to have you back again. i don’t know how you do it, you’re so busy! can’t belive you’re little man is 3 already…

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