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It never rains…

Posted on: 11 February 2008

Saturday, February 9, 2008



A phone call or e-mail from an acquaintance you barely know may make you think things are headed in a direction towards passion. But consider that this person may have designs on something you possess rather than on you

… following on from my last post… say no more ūüė¶


This is a real quickie…

First off the party was sensational; I couldn’t have asked for more.¬† It was classy and elegant, the service was excellent and the food was absolutely amazing; it was plentiful and scrumptious¬†and the champagne flowed all night.¬† I would love to go into more detail but I just don’t have the time.¬† Still, everyone had an ab brill time… hopefully there will be pics but not just yet because….

… chaos should be my middle name.¬† I¬†have just had to change my flight to go to Israel¬†tomorrow instead of Sunday and I’m running around like a… whatever.¬†¬† My daughter-in-law¬†is in the hospital; she has contracted meningitis.¬† She is very sick, very weak¬†and in a lot of pain from the lumbar puncture¬†and she said to Jonathan, “I want your mother here.”¬† Please G-d she will make a complete recovery, but it will take time and she needs a lot of help,¬†so I’ll be gone for at least two weeks, maybe longer.



24 Responses to "It never rains…"


We all pray for her full recovery and that you and your entire family find strength in your love for each other.


Oh, I hope your daughter in law will get better really soon!!

Good thoughts heading your family’s way. Have a safe journey.

Oh Ann, I’m so very sorry to hear the news about your daughter-in-law.
I’ll Pray for her complete recovery!
My hubby had meningitis many years ago and he was
very,,very sick, but he recovered!
Have a safe trip!


So sorry to hear about your DIL – I’ll keep her in my thoughts x

Ann, you and your daughter-in-law are in my thoughts and prayers. Safe journey and hope to hear good news in your next post.

Ann – have a safe trip and my thoughts are with your DIL.

Lots of positive thoughts coming your way.

oh, ann
prayers for your daughter-in-law; most definitely you should be there (says lots about you that she asked for you!)

party sounds wonderful and delicious and fun. and when you have the chance, please post the pictures.

safe trip.

mental hugs

Bless your heart! I hope that you have a safe trip, and that makes a speedy and full recovery *hugs*

Hope she makes a good recovery, have a safe journey. (((HUGS)))

On my prayer list! Safe journey.

That’s a total bummer. How wonderful that she loves you so. I’m praying for her health and speedy recovery.


Hoping all is well.

Love you

Ann, I hope everything is fine. I hope to see you soon in London ūüôā

Hope she has a full recovery and soon.
God bless you all.


Praying for you and family. Hope all is well.

Love you and miss you

very sweet that she asked for you. many thoughts and prayers sent your/her way.

Thinking of you, Ann!
Hope so much your daughter-in-law is recovering!
I have her in my prayers!


Ann, sorry to hear that. May your daughter-in-law have a refuah shelemah.

Dearest Ann,

Just catching up love – oh my goodness … sending heaps of love to you and healing prayers to your dear daughter-in-law.

Deborah (aka JanePoe)


Sorry I missed your call, I was in the shower. ūüėČ

Oh hon, I’ve been trying to post a comment for two days, but my computer wouldn’t let me.

I hope you are well, sweets. Send my love to your daughter-in-law and I hope she recovers soon!!!

I miss chatting to you. Maybe next month I can have my Net on at home again, okay?

Love you!

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