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Sof Sof which means… At Last

Posted on: 4 March 2008

For the V-Vixens who blog every single day, unlike some of us who not only don’t get to other blogs, they don’t even get to their own.  




I was getting daily calls saying, “We’ve decided.”   Great, I think, now we can move ahead.  Then she says, “… but we just wanna sleep on it.”  The next day another call.  “We’ve definitely decided.”  Great, I think again, but this time it’s the other venue.   In a space of two days we travelled the length and breadth (well there’s not much breadth) of Israel and narrowed the possible venues down to two; a sea location near Caesarea and beautiful magical gardens with strutting peacocks in Herzliya.  My daughter is not known for indecision, but I think she’s very concerned that her beloved is happy with their decision.   We have a date set; the beginning of September; the one date that both venues were available.  It is barely six months away and still to be organised is the music; they want simcha music (Israeli dancing) and then a DJ playing into the wee small hours.  Also caterers do not include booze, so we have to employ a bar company in addition to the caterer.  Then most venues are plain and devoid of decor, so a designer has to be brought in to give it the WOW factor… and then of course we have to organise flights and accommodation, etc etc etc.  One thing that’s booked so far is the photographer!

I came back from Israel last week totally pooped.  Thank G-d Bridgitte, my daughter-in-law is now well, but I promise you, women in their 50’s who want to be first (or even second or third or fourth) time mothers need their heads examining or have a bulging bank balance to employ staff, lotsa staff.    The children were absolutely wonderful, I cannot complain about them, but being nursemaid, chief cook and bottlewasher and babyminder was hard work.   I love them all, but there must have been kryptonite around because superbooba’s powers were fading fast and drained on a daily basis.  

However, I was able to leave my duties and meet with Rachel and Daniel and the wedding planner because where Jon lives they were snowed in again which meant he couldn’t do his daily commute to Tel Aviv so  by default he would be at home… I bid a hasty exit the day before the snows arrived and promptly booked into a hotel in Tel Aviv… ah peace and quiet!    Wow the weather was  horrendous; I have never experienced such a wild storm there before; yes in Bournemouth in February, but not in Tel Aviv… and England wasn’t the only place to be hit by an earthquake; there was a similar size one in Israel whilst I was there.

The next day

Halleluyah… they have decided on the beautiful gardens called Derech Eretz in Herzliya; the venue is stunning and my personal ab fab fav… I do hope we’ve made the right choice! 

In the meantime I had a mega surprise on Sunday which was Mother’s Day in this country.   Mothering Sunday is really a Christian tradition, so it’s not one we’ve ever particularly celebrated, but Jamie was insistent my old ma and I went to him and Lucy for lunch.   I was about to facilitate myself of their facilities but he made me wait to open the door to Rachel.   Standing there in a ‘tra-la’ pose was Jonathan.   He’d only left me at Ben Gurion Airport a few days earlier.   Everyone here and everyone there knew he was making a fleeting trip on business, but were sworn to secrecy.     I haven’t had all my children together in the same room since Jamie and Lucy’s wedding last July; it was fantastic.

Tonight is book club yet again.   Someone chose The Song of Names by Norman Lebrecht.  I won’t go into much detail about the book because it was the debut (well so far the sole) novel of a well known Jewish journalist and music critic; it was merely okay.   It reminded me somewhat of Interpretation of Murder where the writer knows a subject and makes sure it’s injected all over the story.   Next month is Barbara Kingsolver’s The Poisonwood Bible… another one in the genre I call doom and gloom or o me misera.   Next year I think we should find quality writing yet light fluffy and happy confections to entertain us and bring smiles to our faces; does anyone have any suggestions?  

Lately I’ve gone back to the quick fix read of Faye and Jonathan Kellerman and Jeffrey Deaver; perfect airport and flight material.   Erm, and on that subject I’m gonna try and visit each and every one of you and even leave a comment before I go away.   Yes I’m going away.   Booba’s on her travels… again, and this time she’ll be stepping out at a different airport.  

After coming back from Israel overwrung and overwhelmed and feeling definitely overstressed, on a whim I did something terribly naughty.  I found this lonely single flight, that had my name on it, that will take me to Florida in a couple of weeks time.

Annie is going on a real holiday.  

I shall be a lady of leisure.   Brian and Diane found me a lovely hotel near where they live somewhere in the middle of Florida (I really don’t have a clue exactly where they live) and I am going to put myself in their capable caring hands.  I have no agenda other than relaxation and fun… aren’t I awful? 

I can’t log off from here without a mention of that other thing, you know the one, that’s either caused me heartache and grief, or has me rolling round in stitches.   The internet dating game.  I am still talking to the guy who cannot marry me for religious reasons.  He said he’s afraid to meet me in case he falls in love with me and that bothers him.  I suggested that could work two ways and he said he hadn’t thought of that.  I’m prepared to take that risk but I now see on his profile he is looking just for a ‘friend’ when earlier he was looking for ‘marriage’ but he also writes that he wants to meet single or widowed women; obviously not divorced.   So it seems there is still a stigma to divorce in some parts.    I met someone else who was just leaving for a holiday and he seems keen (perhaps too keen) to meet me.   Refreshingly he didn’t ask any rude questions, but he is looking for a wife and that terrifies me.  In a way the first guy sounds perfect to me because 1) he can’t marry me and 2) I’m not looking for hubby No.2.   It is all so complicated.    Maybe I should take bromide!


5 March

P.S. If any of you live in Florida or will be going to Disney around that time  and want to meet up, please email me; the addy’s above where it says ’email’  …  that would be sooooooooo coooooooool 



28 Responses to "Sof Sof which means… At Last"

That’s funny Ann, we don’t know where we live either. 😉

ACK!!!!! It’s only two weeks away!!!!

Love you

WOW! You wear me out with all your travels and rushing about. It’s all I can do to roll out of bed and go to work everyday. Glad you’re home…at least temporarily…and safe and sound. Glad your daughter-in-law is better. Glad the wedding plans are coming together. Enjoy your trip to the States…hope the Florida weather is agreeable.

You’re into so much that I feel exhausted just reading about it. I think I’ll gather up the cat and go to bed.

You can always tell the dude who doesn’t want to meet because he’s afraid to fall in love which ain’t OK because of religious differences that, if by chance you do fall in love, you can both convert to some other religion. I’d like to see how he handles that!


Having fun waiting to see you. 🙂

Lurv ya sassy sistah



Ann!!!! So glad to see a new post! Glad that your trip to Israel went well, if busy, but you got to see your wonderful family. Glad your DIL is better too. I’m glad that you all chose Herzliya. The thought of her getting married in a city named after Caesar seems wrong to me.

Have a fantastic time in Florida! Just kick back and relax, enjoy the sun and umbrella drinks. No fear of hurricanes this time of year. You deserve some quality “me” time! Will you be visiting any of the theme parks?

You leave me breathless!

Book club reads – what about one of the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency books Alexander McCall Smith) or a Falco mystery (Lindsay Davis). Both light reads with gentle humour, but still whodunnits.

I’m knackered reading your busy lifestyle, but I know your superwoman and will back on the ball in the wink of an *eye*.

I’m stressed just reading about what you’ve been doing! The internet guy sounds wierd – I’d give him a miss if I were you!

Wonderful video. I’ve got to shut down the computer and climb in bed with the furball of a cat and watch the all night re-runs on the dish.

I’ve read all the Kellerman’s books! Have either written anything that’s come out in the 2008?


did you do the i-can’t-believe-it-burst-into-tears when you saw your son??? wow, how cool to have all of your children together on “mother’s day”. we have that holiday here, as well, but, it’s not christian…it’s Hallmark! 🙂

is yourr daughter’s wedding location on the water? and if that internet guy has a problem with your divorce, well, then it’s time to move on. it’s not like iit’s an errant hair that you can just pluck out, is it?

is this your first time to florida? if you get a chance, you should go up to St. Augustine…it’s beautiful and lush and scenic. will you still be in florida in mid april???

the above drivel was from me!!

Ann,it all sounds so nice!I am excited to see all the lovely photos from this wedding.Have fun in FLA.,Jojo is right,the time to go is now,before storm season begins.I sure wish I was further down South than I am so we could meet,but alas,I am not.

Your break is well deserved.Have a few drinks for me when you visit.



so close and still so far. too bad you can’t meet susan and in the west when we go to meet tess:)

I’m just so glad your DIL recovered. You’ll have fun in Florida.

I can’t believe that I missed you by 2 weeks. My Time-Share is in Kissimmee, only 14 miles from Orlando..Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
What a Wonderfully exciting thing it would be to meet up with you…Oh well, maybe next year?
Have a fantastic holiday…Galen

I can only gasp along with everyone else at the speed with which you live your life. Just reading about it is exhausting ;0) Keep your eyes peeled in Disney, just in case a certain 6’4″ darling has decided to take the kids for a visit!

Hello, Ann, I’m Mary, from Meander With Me. Linked on to your blogsite from Rose Dewys’ site and, any friend of Rose’s, is bound to be somebody worth meeting. Enjoyed your trip into Israel, smiled a bit as I read the travails a wedding can entail and will leave you with this—at least for now. I’m 88, live in Port St. Lucie, Florida and, along with Akelamalu: watch out!

You have been busy!
I hope you have a great holiday.
I loved the epcot centre when I was in Florida.

oh my, your life meanwhile sounds like so much… stress! arrgh. i hope you have a minute to yourself every now and then. your description of travels and planning and everything makes me all dizzy just reading it, living it must be very exhausting.
i send you zen and peaceful thoughts.


Hi everyone, just wanted to let all of Ann’s friends know that she is here safely in Florida. We picked her up at the airport and dropped her off at the hotel. She wanted to post something before she left, but due to some extreme circumstances, she was unable to do so. Ann wants all of you to know that she is very grateful for all your support and love.


Have fun in the Magic Kingdom! I hope to catch back up with your poetics soon.

Missed you and all the rest while I was away. I just needed to recharge.

Have a safe journey and read you again soon!

Oh Ann, I love your new address. What took me so long my friend. I hope to be in Paris in July to GO MAD for my June birthday. Hope to meet up with Tara ASKA, PP. I might stop in Dublin to see Suzan (susan) and maybe you in London???
I am running away and may not go back home. Get my passport soon.
Oh, Vincent is looking GOOD!. Eye candy, and I’m looking. I know you are playing with Brian and Co. in sunny Florida. Oh no fair, I want to play too!

love you my friend sweet Ann. Give Brian a kiss for me.
Come visit me at my web page

toujours, Melanie-bd

Oh, love this video sooooooooo much. Where the hell have I been? Lost on the Island. Now I’m here I’ll be BACK my friend!!

love you, have a good Passover.

toujours, Melanie-bd

Glad to see the update from Brian — enjoy Florida and some much needed rest & relaxation!! xx, JP/deb

Having a blast with Ann this week. Lots of shopping and eating and driving. Only three more days until she goes home.


Oh, you must see Must Love Dogs if you haven’t already! 🙂

So you must be in Florida now? I hope you’re having a wonderful time!! 🙂 No agenda is the best agenda!!!

You have been busy!
I hope you have a great holiday.
I loved the epcot centre when I was in Florida. 8 brb

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