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Another Week in the Life of…

Posted on: 18 May 2008

Believe it or not, I actually posted something else today, but I was accused of cheating by someone who calls themselves a friend, because the post was mostly made up of youtube videos, none of which I could claim as my own. Also after reading two lines of it and yawn yawn yawning away, I was told most vociferously, well quite nicely actually, that it was boring, so I pulled the plug. The videos in question were:

1) the trailer to SATC because I am sooooooo looking forward to the movie and I loved watching the girls on the red carpet in Leicester Square for it’s premier here in London and I saw SJ-P interview brilliantly on the Jonathan Ross show

2) Some funnies of a great detective/forensic show called NCIS, that I’m thoroughly enjoying and wanted to share with you

3) Bobby Goren smiling lots and lots… it’s so heartwarming and I so love him when he’s happy and smiling and laughing and in a great mood… yeah yeah, I love him whatever

4) A Simpsons spoof of lo:ci

5) A repeat of the I’m F***ing Ben Affleck that many couldn’t view in my last post

Actually, I have to agree with my friend, the post wasn’t up to much and as much as it hurts and I hate to admit it, you were right and I know you always think you are πŸ˜‰


Still, on to the usual goings on in my life as briefly as possible. I am thrilled to report that my bro is making a wonderful recovery. It is still early days and it is a slow process, but his progress is great. I shall go see him again manana.


My children are driving me loopy (what else is news)? Last weekend was wonderful. I stayed with Jamie and Lucy and had Shabbat dinner with them and the family and then Saturday lunch we walked to Rachel’s via the bridal gown shop for her first fitting. It was a lovely day, but there wasn’t much to see as it was just the calico of the bodice. Today she had a fitting with the skirt attached, but I won’t go again until it’s made from the actual fabric… white silk taffeta.

I haven’t done a thing about choosing ‘the dress‘ pour moi… still haven’t done anything about losing weight either!!!! All my good intentions and resolve are so easily broken. I am weak… bad bad me!

Then… I met again with the engaged ones to choose invitations on Monday, or was it Tuesday? They still haven’t decided; they have to by tomorrow as the invitation guy kindly left all his books with them and they must be returned by Monday. I must have had at least ten calls on the subject today and assorted pictures texted to my phone. I’ve already told them they can have what they want; I cannot believe how indecisive they are over an invitation that gets thrown in the wpb after the event, but I do know that once they decide it will be something elegant and tasteful, which is why I don’t mind what they choose.

Tomorrow we are going to sort out the big bridesmaid’s dresses… without the big bridesmaids. There are two of them, all three have been friends since… birth, oh and there’s four little ones whose dresses haven’t been sorted yet either and we can’t leave out Boaz. The three big girls have been out once and moreorless decided on the design, but Rachel wants my input on colour. The girls cannot join us and they do have pretty good excuses. One delivered a nine pound one ounce (ouch) bouncing baby boy yesterday by emergency C-section and the other, who also works with Rachel at Goldmanns, is on her way to Singapore for weeks and weeks and weeks on business. Just hope they’ll both be around nearer the date and their dresses will fit!

The next thing is that Jamie and Lucy are moving again, soon, although contracts are not yet exchanged… so in between the invitation calls, were the calls about appliances, i.e. Bosch over Neff, or Electrolux over whatever, and should they have a washer/dryer or two machines and separate fridge and freezer or combined or… blah blah blah. The date they should be moving is the date I get back from Israel. Oh, did I mention I’m going away again?

Still I did have a lovely evening courtesy of my solicitors. They’ve done this before, but this time I was a little cheeky and asked for three invites and took Rachel and Lucy along. It was a pampering event at Aveda in Covent Garden… luvverly. The only thing I didn’t manage to do was have the professional hair consultation, but since I love my hairdresser I wasn’t too miffed at that. There were scrumptious nibbles and bubbly booze and we had a mini manicure which I was pleased about. I’d only had one on Monday, but didn’t like the colour, so that was great… then a hand massage… then a back, neck and shoulder rub and finally a mini makeup session… then I went home all dolled up to take it all off.


People seem to be abandoning me… well my gardener and my cleaning lady. In desperation and probably out of embarrassment that her neighbour’s garden looked so neglected, my dear neighbour, she being the mother of the ‘balls in my garden’ little boy, found someone for me. He came… he shook his head over and over and jojo, he charged me Β£35 to start and it will be Β£35 every visit irrespective of how long he works. He was with me only an hour and a half on Friday and he doesn’t remove the rubbish… hmmmm. In the meantime I have a new lady starting on Monday who, apparently, doesn’t speak English… should be fun! To be fair my previous lady was lovely and I knew she was far too smart to be ‘doing’ for me and I’m really happy she’s found something better for herself.


There’s a site called Three Word Wednesday which suggests three word prompts for writers. I have three words I would like to suggest.

Vincent – Stroke – Pussy

Isn’t he gorgeous? Don’t you just want to stroke this little itty bitty kitty pussy cat… let me introduce you to Vincent. No, he’s not mine, but I wish he was. His mummy and daddy are Diane and Brian and his name really is Vincent and they are clearly besotted with him, even though the daddy protests he’s not. I’m sure this adorable Vincent has many characteristics in common with his namesake… like playful and pretty and purrrrrrrfect and I can’t wait to get my hands on him and lovingly stroke him, oh and the cat!


I know it’s been some time but something, or rather someone, in fact more than one someone (thank you my someone and Bon Jovi); it was a combination of all three, prompted me to pen a poem…

Live for the Moment

a quiet night at home
not a sad one
just got off the phone
laughing with him
happy to be staying in
to my favourite band
slowing drifting
to their sound
ears pricking at
‘hello again it’s you and me’
‘killing time’
‘like it used to be’
but time with him
is rare and spare
and few and far between
we fully live each precious minute
not killing it
stealing a piece of time
whenever we can find
nowhere else to be
but making our own memory


27 Responses to "Another Week in the Life of…"

Yes I know that Vincent has me wrapped around his tail. πŸ™‚ I’ll have more pictures this Tuesday.

Lovely poem Ann, it does capture life and how precious it is no matter who it is you care about. Why worry about the future or fret about the past. It’s here and now that counts and will never come again.

I hope Rachael and Daniel step up and get everything together soon and that they don’t expect you to do all the work.

Love you

Good news about you brother! I enjoy good news.

Sounds as if the wedding planning is going well.

Vincent is an amazingly cute kitty.

I appreciate the lines:

β€œstealing a piece of time
whenever we can find
nowhere else to be
but making our own memory”

Great news about your brother πŸ™‚

I saw the SJP interview with Jonathan Ross too – I was pleasantly surprised.

Vincent is adorable. πŸ™‚

I’m sorry, I collapsed into a puddle over the mental image presenting itself from the words Vincent-Stroke-Pussy…………and I always thought I was quite a shy person *blushes*

yes, your 3 words were quite, shall we say, uh, i don’t even know what to say to that!!

thought of you this evening, i happened by a tv and saw bon jovi and richi being interveiwed on 20/20 or some such newsy interveiwish type show. he still looks soo good!

and btw-i read your other post and liked the videos!

Love the words (and the pictures they put in my head). Love the cat, so cute wish i could get another but hubby is so allergic. Glad to hear your brother is doing better.

lovely poem; and why is it that the older we get, the easier it becomes to actually relish alone time?
glad the news is good about your brother and your children driving you crazy; that’s what they’re supposed to do!!! have fun stroking vincent!

oooops, that was me…sorry

What a cute little kitty cat. Is it through your influence that he was named Vincent?

I seem to recall someone not far away agonising over losing weight for a wedding outfit just a year ago. They didn’t, and they still looked gorgeous.

Hi Val. No Ann had nothing to do with the kitty being named Vincent. The litter of three feral kittens were all named after painters.

Vincent’s favorite new game is bite the toes while mommy and daddy are in bed.

I don’t consider sharing a YouTube video as cheating, but then that’s me. I would have enjoyed the one of VDO, I’m sure. Sounds like the wedding plans are coming together and you’re about to go globetrotting again. So much energy…I am envious.

From the pics I’ve seen, you look just fine and don’t need to drop any weight.

You guys sure are busy though! But it’ll all come together and be just as beautiful as last year’s wedding.

Brian… you’re wrapped round his little paw more like. I’m glad you like the poem; do you like all my poetry? πŸ˜†

Nick… regarding the wedding; I’m sure you’re familiar saying ‘it’ll be alright on the night’ gee I hope so

Akelamalu… I so can’t wait for the SATC movie

Diane… now why am I not surprised πŸ˜‰

Kris… I just saw on MTV Bon Jovi performing his Lost Highway tracks in Chicago… great show

Mary… Vincent is almost tempting me to get a little bundle of fur for myself

Susan… my son just told me that sometimes his father embarrasses him for whatever reason I won’t go into here. But I did tell him that the whole and sole purpose of parents is to embarrass their offspring

Val… Brian’s explained how kitty got his name. As for the weight dilemma, the sad thing is that I’m the same weight but it seems to have shifted

BobbyG… well it was five videos! Doh! Trust me you’d also find the energy if you wanted to see the most precious things in your life

JoJo… actually despite all the work, I’m sure this wedding will be just as wonderful; the venue is so pretty

Yes Ma’am its me. Goood seeing you again

I don’t mind videos. I liked your poem. Those kids still manage to keep you busy. Have fun in Israel!

Vincent now cuddles up with me as soon as I go to bed.

Jealous? πŸ˜›

chezmcrae… lovely to hear from you

claire… thank you for liking the poem… I will have fun with my babies

brian… I couldn’t possibly comment πŸ˜‰

Honey, I love the poem. Good to see you so inspired πŸ™‚

I am so relieved and happy that your brother is doing well. Iwas worried for you.

As for Vincent the Pussy….well, I will refrain from my usual vulgarity and just say “What a cute kitty cat” Ha-ha!!

Love ya!

Good news about your brother – continued good health. You amaze me with all of your planning and taking things in stride. Your poem is beautiful and that is one cute kitty.


hey ann,

i just wanted to check back after a while. sorry i haven’t commented on your previous entries. *puts on winning smile*

however, i’m still reading your blog. πŸ™‚ and erm – you have a gardener AND a cleaning lady? really?
when i grow up i want to have something like that, too. at least the cleaning lady. πŸ˜‰

Hi Ann, how’s it going?
Glad to hear your brother is fine.
Vincent kitty looks so much like my Olee when he was little, he’s so cute and sweet.

Good to see your poetry again Ann!! Peace and love to you, xx, JP/deb

Well, as if your 3 little words didn’t have enough of an effect Brian has to add toe nibbling and cuddles to the mix.

I think I am going to faint…


Vincent would lurv to come to your house and cuddle, and snuggle and pet and nibble on your toes.

Hi darling, not about on mine, have e-mailed you!!! just read about your brother, so good that he is on the up. take carexxxxx

I completely understand not being around for a while. Life has a tendency to take over…(((Ann))) I just read over several of your posts to catch up. Love ya, sweetie! Just wanted you to know I’m still around even though I don’t get around nearly as much as I used to. Take care, sweetie πŸ™‚

WEll, my dear Ann, I trolled through your archives on a quest to read writing I had missed and the words VINCENT STROKE PUSSY Lured me right in…even though the photo made it obvious… hehe

I love that you are liberal and open!
I also have to check out that you tube link.
(as to the “Friend” who complained about your post, sheesh- I’ve also been screwed over or misunderstood by blog friends and emailed rubbish. Such as life, they say.) I say, I LOVE your blog and you’re special to me. I’ve made friends through this computer and never imagined that would happend. It’s so cool you met Brian and Diane. I’ve only come very close to meeting bloggers but I have spoken with some special ones on the mobile phone.


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