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So, what’s news?

Posted on: 18 June 2008

I guess I have been keeping a fairly low profile lately and, gosh, it’s been a whole month since I last posted, so what’s been going on since then that’s kept me away from blogdom. I have lurked and commented here and there a little… I mean what a weekend to discover Five Minutes Mr Welles was on YouTube; the only piece of Vincent D’Onofrio that we thought was beyond our reach and never in our wildest dreams that we, his loyal fans, would ever get to watch. Of course a DVD wouldn’t actually go amiss. Still this caused quite a stir in the lives of the V-Vixons. I won’t copy it again here or even review it, yet! It’s linked for anyone who hasn’t seen it elsewhere. Whoever posted it has done it in the name of the man himself. Thank you whoever you are, especially if it’s you Vincent sweetheart, but if it’s not you dear Vincent, then shame on the person who is using your name… you’re naughty but nice!

Oh and wasn’t PURGATORY absolutely wonderful. Poor Bobby Bobby. I know it’s all been said elsewhere, but I still had to get my tuppence worth in.


At the playground

Boaz at the Zoo

My trip to Israel was fantastic; I had a wonderful time with the children, they were an absolute joy. I also managed to catch up with a number of people, friends and business, but mostly chilling out with the babies. The day following Shavuot Jon and Bridgitte had to go to work and Moriah’s nursery was open, but Boaz had the day off, so it was quality time with gwandma. We were going to the zoo, just the two of us… he was so excited; children just know when they’re gonna be well and truly spoilt and get lots and lotsa treats. His only disappointment was the bus… it didn’t show up, which meant we had to hitch a ride. It kinda reminded me nostalgically of my single days tramping through the country and since everyone does it, it didn’t bother me now either. As much as Boaz had, to quote him, “the best day ever,” he was also woefully saying to his daddy, “the bus didn’t come, aba, the bus didn’t come.”

I am trying to teach my darling grandson English. It’s not because he only speaks Ivrit; he’s bilingual, BUT he speaks with a New York accent. Bob the Builder is Baab and water is waaarter and bath is baaaarth. He giggles when he mimics me… even my son has lost his English accent. He told me that someone he knew some years back from London asked if he was at the swimming pool a couple of weeks earlier. She said it looked like you with these two gorgeous blonde children, then you opened your mouth and I thought it was an American.

Poor Moriah got poorly whilst I was there and within a day or two I was coughing away and I’d lost my voice; luckily I didn’t feel poorly until, yeah, I got home. I waited a couple of hours at the quack for an emergency appointment and, without hesitation, he prescribed me horse pill sized antibiotics. I only have two days of them left and my throat is sorer than ever, I’m coughing much the same and my voice is still barely audible… although some say I sound sexy… huh!!!! Actually I’m supposed to be calling some new guy, but I don’t want to give him the wrong impression, although, hmmmm…. maybe I should. I was toying with calling him tonight, but I’ve been out all day and now it’s too late to call… shucks! Still, as they say, tomorrow is another day!

So where have I been all day? Yes, Jamie and Lucy moved flats (apartments) today, so Lucy’s mum and aunt and I were busy unpacking boxes and, as exhausting and backbreaking as it all was, we really got on with it and helped them break the back of it all. They’ve moved from a small two-bedder in Borehamwood, to a really spacious three-bedder in a beautiful tree-lined street in Barnet, for any of you Londoners who know the area. They say location location location is everything, well this really is a lovely lovely spot.

Me being poorly put me on a massive guilt trip because the day I came home mother was going into hospital for tests and the next day I was gonna collect her and bring her to recover chez moi. Of course that was not gonna happen… not a good idea at all. And I had to put the rest of the family off from coming for Friday night dinner… guilt trip numero deux, but I shall make it up to them this week.

Following me freaking out about my brother and his heart surgery, before I went away I saw a cardiologist and had an assortment of tests, the most conclusive one being a 64 multislice scan. Between us Ray and I have inherited assorted things from our folks and I know that many years ago, in my prime, I had my womanhood removed just as my ma had… well of course my bro wasn’t gonna cop that one. However when she underwent open-heart surgery about 11 years ago I dreaded the worst and have popped preventative medication to avoid the ‘like mother like daughter‘ scenario again. Yesterday I got the results. You know i have to thank my GP, because without being overdramatic, his foresight has saved me surgery. There is evidence of coronary heart disease which we had suspected, genes and all that, but with aggressive doses of some relatively new medication, my lovely heart guy believes it can be successfully treated that way. Phew!!!!! I can’t tell you how relieved I am and I’m pleased to report that Ray is recovering brilliantly.

In the meantime I have signed up for a new Jewish learning course… something I used to do fairly regularly until I got kinda lazy lumpy and lethargic. The first lecture was Monday and it felt good to be stimulating my mind again. Having said that I’ve been quite the bookworm too. Has anyone read Ian McEwan’s Atonement? This was chosen by my bookclub a few months ago. I had tried to read it a couple of years earlier and it became a chore to read; I was simply not enjoying it. It was the story I didn’t like, not Ian McEwan’s excellent writing skill. I confessed as such at the meeting, but all my friends raved about the book and they must’ve discussed it for a good couple of hours. I was stunned, so, I thought I’d give it another try and see what I’d missed. I read it… every single word. I still didn’t like it! DOH!

I managed to dodge the Jane Eyre meeting… thank goodness! I used to love the classics, but I really have to be in the right frame of mind to pick one up these days. However I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed Deborah Moggach’s These Foolish Things and 50/50 enjoyed/got irritated by Danny Scheinmann’s Random Acts of Heroic Love. I’m not sure if I ever mentioned Salmon Fishing in the Yemen by Paul Torday… loved it, loved it, loved it! The next book on the list is Phillipa Gregory’s The Other Boleyn Girl… I felt sure I had it sitting on my bookcase, but it seems to be other Boleyn books. For quick bursts I’ve been dipping into Jeffrey Deaver’s second book of short stories… perfect for flying!

I’m sure I had some other nonsense to tell you, but if I don’t write it down, I don’t remember. Probably about the wedding… OY YA YOY!!!!! They say, “it’ll be alright on the night” – it had better be, this wedding is costing more even as I skip over the keys. The shekel is amazingly strong at the moment… last year we got over 8 to the pound and this year only 6, which means the wedding, by default, is automatically 25% more expensive, and the budget was higher this time round anyway… DOUBLE OY YA YOY!!!! It has been suggested by some that I tell the ex (he is the bride’s father after all) but I know him too well… he will stick to his budget and say tough… TREBLE OY YA YOY!!!!! There may be some news on the dress front by the time I next get round to posting, but, don’t hold your breath. I just can’t seem to get my head round it even though I spent most of the morning emailing the wedding planner backwards and forwards. The wedding is only 12 weeks away… we travel in 11 weeks… HELP!



torn this way, torn that
so many needs to please
but at what cost

whose needs
precede the one before
when one has to be last

the goalposts move
fine line to cross
the price is high

between right and wrong
and risk of loss
guilt is hard to bear

you can’t be there
you cannot share
every part of you

not with everyone you love
no matter how much you do
it’s never enough

there must an art
to all this stuff
before it tears your heart apart

and there’s nothing left
for anyone
not even you


41 Responses to "So, what’s news?"

Ann, at last…news on what you’ve been up to. Thanks for the post and the lovely, lovely pictures of your grandchildren. They are adorable. So sorry to hear you’re a bit under the weather, but hope you’re feeling better soon. Am also glad to hear your brother is recovering and your own prognosis with potential heart issues sounds promising. Loved the poem. Don’t stay away so long next time.

Nice to ‘see’ you again Ann!! Mostly good news all around. What will you do with yourself when you don’t have a wedding to plan? Your children and grandkids are so lucky to have you! Hope you will be over your cold soon.


There is no such thing as guilt, you know my feelings on that. I am very pleased to hear of the good news on the heart and hope the husky voice clears up soon. Hard to believe that the wedding is only three months away. Yikes!

By all means call the new guy and dazzle him with your wit, your style, your vivid imagination and your posh bearing. Can’t wait to hear all the gory details.

I’m off the next three days, Diane has her followup eye exam Friday afternoon and loads to do around the house. Time for a good cleaning and chucking of excess stuff.

Doing all right myself, more stable at least.

Love you

Lovely babies Ann!I know they are not babies,but anything younger than 8 or so is a baby to me.

Thanks for the link!I had forgotten about that!I need to finish watching it.

I travel vicariously through you,so when is the next trip?;)

Cheers,love and light.


ohmygosh those grandbabies are huge! look at her little curles! that’s too funny that boaz has a ny accent w/ his english:)

hope you’re feeling better soon and THANK YOU for posting Mr. Welles!!

What a busy post, but then you’ve been a busy lady!

The children are just adorable!

Sorry to hear you’ve not been well hope you’re on the mend.

Welcome back. xx

the kids are so adorable. thanks for sharing…

Oh, beautiful pics, Ann ๐Ÿ™‚
And your words are just as wonderful as always.

“The dress front”? You are having a backless dress?

Sorry you’ve been poorly. You souldn’t have guilt trips about protecting your loved ones from your germs, they should be grateful. I’m glad the heart problems under control. You have such a big heart.

Perhaps your due some ‘Ann-Time’ all to yourself ;0)

Hey sweets!

Awww the kids are beautiful!!! (Boaz is still my honey!)
And so good to hear from you again. I have missed you.

I’m so happy to hear about your brother’s good recovery, hon :-))

I hope you are feeling GREAT by the time you read this!!!
I had similar problems, so I had to postpone my vocals recording…UGH!

Have a WONDERFUL DAY, sweets!

Now I am hooked on “Five Minutes Mr Welles” and waiting for it to download to my computer. THank you.


Thank you as always for your caring soul and generous heart. I love you.



Hope you are better.

That poem says so much that many women must feel at times.

Hi Ann! I cannot believe how big the kids are getting! They are gorgeous. Glad to hear Ray is on the mend and that you are doing good as well. What is “Ivrit” though?

Wonderful photos … your grandkids are SO lovely! The poem sums up the being-pulled-in-so-many-directions syndrome. Peace to you Ann – keep breathing! JP/deb

Just poppng in with a quick “hello”!
Hope all is going well with you at this time.
Your grandchildren are truly beautiful!!!!

I’m heading up to Nova Scotia this week for 2 weeks.
I did a little update and poem…..finally!!!
Hope to be back to posting on a regular basis in Sept.

Take care!
Love, peace and joy to you….always!

P.S wonderful poem!

Just checking in after a long bit away. It’s so good to see you still writing and in such good voice. Looks like busy is your byword these days!


Hi lady, sorry to hear you’ve not been well, hope your feeling better. I have e-mailed you but not sure if I’ve your correct address. I’ve opened my blog again, mum is getting sorted now and I have more time at home. Saying that I’m having my op in September, they might allow laptops!!!!
Your grandchildren have grown so much, you must really notice it when you visit (their still gorgeous).

hi baby you ok, have you found that outfit yet?

We need new news!
We need new news!
We need new news!
We need new news!
We need new news!
We need new news!
We need new news!
We need new news!
We need new news!


This just in. A blogger was arrested for spamming Ann’s comment box. Her only comment on the grave offense.

‘Good riddance’

gee, Brian I forgot I had a blog ๐Ÿ˜†

Forgot my bail money too I’ll bet.

spamming Ann’s comment box is indeed a grave offence; you may just have to stew a while longer ๐Ÿ˜‰


I’m on a hunger strike. No more wolfing down prison food for me.

you can’t… there’s not much of you as it is.

okay, okay, I’ll get you out and feed you up

Thank you. I’ll think up something nice as a reward for you.

oooooooh I can’t wait

Alex, the cat who owns me, has his own blog and he tells me that in the nice weather weโ€™ve been having here he would rather be outside catting around than inside blogging. (He is outside at the moment napping on my neighborโ€™s porch).

Dear Ann,

I’ve also been out of blogland but am not open enough to share why. I admire those, like you, who are. Although I don’t wish tsoris on you (obviously!), your prose on any topic is a treat to read because you write as I’d imagine a conversation, except here you finish your sentences.

Thank you for sharing your full life with us and thank goodness you had the foresight to see your dr, instead of avoiding such. Moreso, I’m relieved you’re healthy (and your bro) despite those genes.

Hebrew w/ a NY accent! LOL! ๐Ÿ™‚
Members of one of my book groups also raved about Atonement. I could not get into it. You’re tenacious to have tried again. I usually read books cover to cover for book group so I can participate in discussion, even saying why it didn’t do it for me.

I did read the Other Boelyn Girl, a few yrs ago, before the movie (and not seen the movie- rarely see a movie when I have read or want to read the book). I’m not into historical fiction, but I stuck with it, did enjoy it, learned a lot from the book as well as from the other gals’ comments at our monthly meeting later. I think it would be one you’d like.

As for guilt, it comes in those genes. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Gem says my guild gland has enlarged w/ the years… Those courses you signed up for sound stimulating. Wish I could help you with a magic trip chai “spell” instead of triple “oy!” for the dress, but alas, I can only help with accessories. ๐Ÿ™‚

Your grandkids grown more adorable each time I see new photos. MMMMM!

Sheesh, where is my brain?
I forgot to connect my thought of enjoying your conversational, informative prose with savoring your poem. In such few words, you trapped guilt onto paper! Well-done.


Love ya sassy sistah.



Whew! What a busy life you lead.

Best news of all was about the heart stuff. Take care of that heart, the physical and the emotional one.

Don’t worry about a thing, Ann. It’s bee 3 months since I posted–egads! Anyway, I love the poem, but Brian is right. We all feel guilt, but at some point we need a reprieve from it. Let it go, and just do your best. Take care of yourself.

Hope to talk to you soon, and I’ll be back by to read more of your musings.

Two months has got to be some kind of record. Well, at least we’ll have all those wedding photos to look forward to.


Ann, where art thou????????????????????

Oh, my. How can it be that Boaz and Moriah have grown so? Wasn’t it just yesterday you were posting ‘baby’ pictures?
I am so unaware of the forward flow of time these days. Oh my. So really, really nice to catch up with your blog. (((Ann))) Love ya so much, sweetie!

I visit your blog now and then but seldom comment. Good poem. From someone who has never learned how to escape needless guilt, if you find the secret, let me in on it. And for goodness sake, take care of yourself.

I re-read your blog a few moments ago and, once again, wish you the best. I could not help but compare my visit to my doctor this past Thursday with what I imagine you go through when keeping an appointment with your doctor. My one and only “heart scare” came as a result of taking Aleve for pain I suffered after taking a bad spill at a Walmart’s a year or two ago. When I ceased taking the Aleve, the pain disappeared. I walked out of the doctor’s office Thursday with nothing more than having my one and only prescription, Norvasc, renewed. I am one lucky woman. A bad heart has to be a troublesome and constant reminder of just how fragile and mortal we human beings are. I truly wish you a long, happy and healthy life.

New post please. ๐Ÿ˜€

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