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A Question of Love

Posted on: 7 November 2008

I’ve only just noticed that I moved to wordpress exactly a year ago; not that the last year was my first in blogdom having previously spent two happy and fun-filled years with blogger. Sometimes my path takes me back to my old roots and I do feel a wave of nostalgia and fond memories and wonder whether I made the right move or not. The move was, in essence, to make a fresh start with all my ramblings, my poetry and my Vincent thoughts living under one roof and I had lots of bright new ideas as well. I fancied turning this into a kinda newspaper column posing questions, moral dilemmas and current issues hoping people would proffer their opinions and I would learn more and open my mind. However, events overtook me and I found that rather than spending more quality time in the blogosphere, I was removed from it. The plan is still there, so when time and opportunity allow, I shall give it another go.


Those words “… love youoften have a tendency to just slip off the tongue, but do they have any real meaning? What lies behind those words? Is there a motive to saying them? Those words are said by my family and friends yet, and maybe I am being unfair, I cannot always accept them graciously believing there is a catch; those words are not said for no good reason. My response is often, “... yeah, what are you after?” The irony is that I purposely made a conscious decision to say those words, and mean it, every single day to all my family; I want them to know they are loved. It’s important for body and soul and self-esteem to know you’re loved and wanted and needed and all those things. So why don’t I believe it when the shoe is on the other foot? I don’t think I’m a cynic, but the heart is fragile.

I caught a programme on the box last night which reduced me to tears; yeah, I know it doesn’t take much. A psychic was giving a reading to a family where the father had passed; he had left the family when the children were very young and to all intents and purposes the parents did not get on, so he wasn’t there for any of them. From the “other side” he told his daughter that he’d always loved her mother and the reader came back and said that he was, in truth, her soulmate. How sad is that? What a waste! There is a yiddush saying that things are bashert. I believe it is pre-ordained, so how come so many get it wrong, or do they? For those who haven’t commited, maybe you should be guided by your heart and not your head and take the risk. And for those whose leap of faith came falling down in this age of escalating divorce, does it take a lifetime, or the end of one, to realise all those years of heartache and pain and loneliness were in vain, when in fact he/she was “the one” and you really were meant for each other?


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I believe that love is a constant and that you can love many in different ways.

For instance, I love you.

… so what are you after?

Hiya Ann!!! I was beginning to think that you’d abandoned us for greener pastures! lol

Glad you are back.

Love you. πŸ˜›

(I think we’re online at the same time?? I just saw a comment from an “Ann” on my blog :). Oh, yes, wondering about “the one”… I love my Gem, but my romantic side remembers at least one other who could have been “the one”, had I not…well that is for a book!

I, too, say those words to my husband and daughter every time and mean them. In fact, once she went off to college, I needed to remind her how important it was for her dad and me to hear them from her on the phone…At first she professed being in a rush…but magic, upon magic, I noticed voicemails where she began saying it spontaneously. (She thought she wasn’t; it’s good that it really was natural for her to say. )

Love between friends is as important as family- there are different levels and kinds, but just as important and moreso as our families diminish in the journey of life

w/love to you, dear Ann,

jojo… thanks for the lovely comment; just wonder if I can keep up the momentum

gel… I think you and I sing from the same hymn book. I loved your post; what aren’t you good at πŸ™‚

I knew MWM was ‘the one’ the minute I saw him. It took him a while to come to the same conclusion! πŸ˜‰

‘I love you’ is a very important phrase in our home and one we use a lot. πŸ™‚

Ann, on a completely different subject, did you hear the Radio 4 play this afternoon (Saturday)? They had a passover meal prepared for the first time by the daughter-in-law, who read that you make the bitter herbs by mixing horseradish with a little beetroot. It nearly takes the roof off father-in-law’s mouth, ‘cos she took the “little” too literally!

Love, now that’s something worth lingering over.

Maybe it’s less important to say it than to feel it?

akelamalu… sometimes they need a little push in the right direction πŸ˜‰

val… lol… it’s meant to take the roof off your mouth

bawdywench… it certainly is sistah πŸ˜‰

diane… you can’t truly say it unless you feel it, but it needs to be said because something like that cannot be taken for granted

u spoil me w/ compliments (more more lol- i have no family but gem and sapphire). am going to read some older posts here since i’ve been away till recenlty. I am posting more often, though! Have the urge again.

Oh hon…you know my take on this.

I have become a complete and utter Love- Atheist, so needless to say, I do not believe that there is someone for everyone, rather that we are only supposed to cross paths with good and bad lovers alike, to learn about ourselves.
It is not meant to remain in that state forever, IMO.

Just like other life-lessons, we are only introduced to certain people to learn, not to get attached.

I am so happy you are back!!!
I have missed you very much.
Good to see all the good cheer here…the bride is stunning!
Tell them congrats from me, okay?

Much LOVE to you!

I do believe as you said, to some it slips of the tongue so easily. I must have some sort of sado-masochism in built in me, for I can still love folks who have deliberately hurt me, and believe they do love me (in their way). Each person can say the words, the meaning is/must be different to us all. Good post lady, your back and making us think!!!!!

I’d have to make a few hundred thousand comments to do that one word justice. Why the hell is life always so complicated!!!

If the point you are getting at is this–the age of divorce makes it too easy for us to ruin a life of romance with the one we were meant for because we no longer feel we have to try–then I agree completely.

I remember reading in a history book about a tomb of a wife of a Roman noble. On the tomb entrance the noble had inscribed this: To my loving and beloved wife, who, throughout 47 years of marriage I never had one argument with.

That would be unheard of today.

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