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The Cigar Box

Posted on: 25 August 2009

cigar box

I stumbled on a box hidden away
Long forgotten memories
Everyone should have one of these 
Good old days, another age
Young footloose and fancy free
With no responsibility

The world was mine, to conquer, climb
Joys and passion of youth now faded
Snapshots of friends – not all lovers

Was he my first kiss, or this other?
Memories I thought I could never forget
Washed away – faint with age

Like discoloured letters, corners curled
A ribbon lovingly tied
For some unknown reason laid aside                                  

Declared their love or said no more
Those watermarked with tears
Wondering if they’re still here

Tucked beneath the lid a lock of hair 
I twirl his curl as I did before
Picture that face like yesterday

Caught in the folds of an envelope
A ring, cheap, tarnished, worn with pride
I’d almost forgotten him

Nostalgia lies wrapped in tissue on the bottom
Words and verse – letters of illicit love
Now – he was the one

I close my eyes remembering
Forgiven – not forgotten
Some things are best left, hidden

© 2007 ann raven


another one revisited and revised – the cigar box of the title too!


11 Responses to "The Cigar Box"

I like your cigar box filled with memories both old and new.

Hi Ann
Your poem takes me back to some forgotten memories of my own, maybe ones I would just as soon stay forgotten.
But I really did enjoy your poem … good writing, as always!


I love your poem Ann and the memories of my own it invokes. 🙂

brian – just the old ones are in THAT cigar box

margie – and some are so worth remembering

akelamalu – I guess us ladies of a certain age…

Oh yes Ann, many so worth remembering!
Many, many!


You’re on a roll, Ann!

Ah.. your poem rekindles nostalgic memories.. I think they hit us strongest when we chance by such “old” boxes that contain such treasures from our childhood.. each significant in its own unique way, that somehow connect us back to our past, transporting us backward through the years that passed…

margie – amen

val – I’m trying… very trying!

dark lord – now is about the right time for you to start your own box of memories

I used to keep such things… but I find myself getting rid of them after a while… remnants of a past that no longer exists, pieces of a me long left behind. Perhaps I’m not sentimental enough. Perhaps I just haven’t met anyone worth saving memories of yet…

Thank you for linking to my blog… though it’s asleep on “his” feet, rather than “her.” 😉

Keep working on those poems! They may take years to perfect, but they’re worth the effort.

Ah, so I’m not the only one with ‘things in a box’ eh?! Possibly the strangest thing in mine ia a tiny piece of a flower petal, which has somehow made it through a vast amount of time, a remnant of something I left somewhere on a special someone’s grave. Wonderful words Ann, I see a book of poetry in your future!! Thanks again for the book recommendations. One has arrived, I’m still waiting for Novalynn’s, which is the one I want to read first for some reason ;0)

Asleep on Your Feet – oops – sorry – I’ve corrected my bloomer 😳 that may also explain why you’re not so sentimental 😆

Diane – you will love love love One Who Walked Alone and then you’ll have have have to watch the movie again

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