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Nothing Lasts For Ever

Posted on: 12 October 2009

at the park with their greatgrandma
at the park with their greatgrandma


on the london underground
on the london underground




It has been an amazing few weeks – for the last four weekends house-guests and dinner-guests have graced my home and table; I loved every minute but the last ten days was the greatest pleasure of them all.    I was on cloud nine, but now I am brought back to earth – they have gone home  boo hoo 😦    and I miss them already.  

Admitting I’m exhausted is an understatement, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.   While the children were here my ma celebrated her birthday; lots of fuss sharing it with her greatgrandchildren turned it into a very special day and one to remember.

Sadly, at the same time we were commemorating the anniversary of my father’s passing four years ago yesterday.   I was at jojo’s blog recently and read how she wanted to contact a facebook friend and was shocked to learn she had died.   Just as shocked to see in the news yesterday the death of Stephen Gately… a waste of a wonderful talent.   Death, the one thing we have in common – it will happen to us all one day.   I think about it a lot, but not in a morbid way.   I believe our physical lives here is a testing ground for our eternal spiritual life; we learn here, we learn there and so life goes on.    What lives for ever is the impact we make on other people; hoping to leave a good name and good memories, a lasting legacy and that when we go our lives will be something to celebrate.

Having said that, we also suffered another loss.   Some of you may recall my stories of  ‘the Ferrari driving lech’ – he died – what a shock that was.    He lived his life to the full and I imagine he has found a great golf course up there with an excellent nineteenth watering hole.   Of course his passing meant I conveyed my condolences to his cousin, my ex, as they were very close like brothers and good friends.   You’d think after all this time  hearing his voice wouldn’t affect me; it did.   I am still confused, still don’t understand how we are where we are, especially when he still calls me ‘doll’.   This one’s for him!

Divine Retribution

We’re apart – for now
You’re doing your ‘thing’
But, when day is done
We’ll likely be together
In the world to come
You’ll think you’ve gone to hell
In heaven, I shall be
That, my love, is destiny


The v-vixens have also been suffering a shock and loss and reactions around blogdom can be likened to a bereavement.    I’m surprised Kleenex sales haven’t boomed.

Detective Robert Goren is leaving lo:ci!  Detective Robert Goren a fictional character, the creation of the brilliantly talented Vincent D’Onofrio and the most fantastic fantasy fodder ever.  Vincent you naughty boy, you knew what buttons to push and that women would be swooning over gorgeous multi-talented sex on legs Goren.    However, thank goodness Vincent D’Onofrio is real and lives on.  Our detective is leaving the show and mercifully not in a bag or wooden box, which means the door is still open, but I won’t hold my breath!   

I asked elsewhere, did he jump or was he pushed?   I don’t think it would have taken much of a shove for Vincent to exit stage left and I am excitedly looking forward to his new projects, maybe much bigger parts for us to savour on the big screen (take that comment how you wish).     Sure Bobby Bobby will be sorely missed; I’ve been watching the show again from the very beginning on Quest, not that I needed that to see the enormous changes in him, the storylines, the intros, etc. and not all necessarily to the improvement of the show.  I don’t belittle Vincent’s acting talent; he had to do his best with lousy writing and no amount of decent direction could rescue that – I’m sorry, but to discover he was the illegitimate son of a convicted serial killer and his ‘on the verge of dementia’ aged puny mentor bumped off his nemesis and we didn’t actually get to see the happy event, were two threads too far off the radar.    I always believe it’s better to leave on a high, so hopefully the powers that be will pull out all the stops so that the two hour special series opener will be Vincent, Katherine and Eric’s high notes.   Imho, ITWSH was brilliant – it can be done again!  



 … guess this is how the vixens feel!


15 Responses to "Nothing Lasts For Ever"

interesting !

Love the photos Ann!I’m so glad you had a nice block of time to see your family-it’s never a big enough block is it?

Though I am not a vixen on the scale of you,Jojo or Axe (at this point),I am shocked and upset since finding out Goren and Eames are leaving the show.I won’t watch the last show (or two?) they will be on-I can’t bear it.Losing Rosenbaum on Smallville broke my heart-so I won’t allow THAT to happen again by watching Goren say goodbye-even if he DOES come back for a show once in a while.

Perhaps moving forward is best for D’Onofrio,as it will show itself to be for Rosenbaum-but that doesn’t fill the emptiness in the hearts of those fans who watched just for them.But that’s what box sets and fanfiction are for.

Cheers Ann

bryde… and hopefully they’ll wisely bring out all the seasons on dvd real real soon

Oh the photos are wonderful!

thank you so much – i’ve got a lot more of them too 🙂

Oh, to be slammed against a wall by that man…

You’ve posted pictures of your mother before, Ann, but in this one I can really see the resemblance.

oh val, you know that man could do anything to us – and yes, everyone says my ma and I look alike – she’s not bad for 86 is she?

I cannot believe how big the kids are getting! Seems like just yesterday Moriah was born. Wow! Glad that you had a month’s worth of good food and company though, it sounded great!

it was great jojo; my heart just swells when i look at their pics and talk to them on skype and the webcam

You may be exhausted but it looks like you had FUN, so it was all worth it in the end.

As for our lovely Mr D’Onofrio, I’m sure he’s not sad at ALL to be moving on – the writing in Season 8 fell FAR below previous standards – and it’s not his ‘fault’ we don’t want to let him go, but I’m finding it incredibly difficult to come to terms with; which probably sounds ridiculous. Vincent/Bobby has been the catalyst for so many wonderful things in my life. I try to remind myself we’ve been incredibly ‘spoiled’ for the last 8 years. As Kate once said to him ‘You’d NEVER have signed on for this long…!!’ Still, nothing lasts forever…except maybe love 😉

diane, i do agree with you except sadly real love doesn’t always last for ever – at least not when you think it will – passion, on the other hand, never dies

I just noticed that Boaz is wearing a NY Yankees cap!!! >:O

well his mommy is a new yorker

Oh, you have such a beautiful family …
love the pictures Ann.

Your poem is wonderful … love how you write 🙂

I wish you joy and blessings … always!


margie, thank you so much – sorry i’ve not been around – just not been reading anyone’s poetry lately but i will be back

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