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I Love My New 42″ TV – aka – I Must Get a Life

Posted on: 23 October 2009

I am soooooooo excited and my kids were soooooooo excited for me too thinking they had some great news for me.   Huh – I’d already heard   


will be in town – he’s gonna be on the X-FACTOR  in a couple of weeks time and I must must must find out…




and- and- and- he will be doing the O2 next summer.    The last time he played there was a Friday and Saturday night in June a couple of years ago when a nice Jewish girl like me couldn’t go – I was gutted.   My kids were also excited to tell me that he’s got a new album coming out, hence the world tour – how little they know their mother – I pre-ordered it the day I got notification.   Gee… children think they know it all!!!!!  

Still Rachel and I had an ab brill awesome time when we saw him a few years back, unfortunately at Milton Keynes ‘cos Wembley wasn’t completed and he was meant to be the opening act there.   Of course I’ll be at the O2, once or twice or maybe more.  Watch this space!

Also thank you BON JOVI for the birthday greeting the other day… yeah, I still have ’em, but for some weird reason I’m always much much happier the day after.    




Talking of the X-FACTOR, anyone got any predictions yet?   How much longer will we be subjected to John and Edward?   I’ve got nothing against two young lads having fun.  I reckon they only auditioned for the X-FACTOR for a laugh not for one moment expecting to be in the finals.   There is some real talent this year and I hope a potential star is not booted off  just to keep the twins in for pure entertainment or controversy value ‘cos they sure ain’t got the X-FACTOR.  I do think for the future tho’  Ant ‘n’ Dec should watch their backs.

Now on to Strictly!  What’s with it this year?   So far I’m finding it rather lacklustre and boring.   Not ‘cos Arlene’s out and Alesha’s in, she’s lovely, they’re both lovely, but nobody’s getting me excited, not like Alexandra Burke did for the X-FACTOR or Rachel Stevens (who I still think wuz robbed) did for Strictly last year.   And Brucie, sorry luv,  I record the show and fast forward when you’re on!  

My last spot of reality tv – gosh, I’m exhausted – anyone would think I’d spent hours in the kitchen.  Well I do but not like the marathon that was Masterchef: The Professionals and tonight a worthy winner was crowned.   Boy did they work hard.   It was very very close, but I think Greg and Michel (he’s so cute and adorable) got it right.   The others were fantastic too and all equally worthy finalists with potential glittering careers ahead of them, but Steve Groves definitely has that extra something, that special je ne sais quoi – he has  vision, a sense of creativity and awesome talent.   Congratulations Steve, you deserved the title!

steve groves

Yes, I do watch programmes that don’t have Vincent D’Onofrio in them although I’d love to see him on Strictly or Dancing with the Stars.   Think about it sweetie – we know you can tango and it only takes two 😉


8 Responses to "I Love My New 42″ TV – aka – I Must Get a Life"

I saw Bon Jovi a few years back at Maine Road – fantastic! I didn’t know he was on the X-Factor – that’s a must see!

If there’s any justice in this world John & Edward will be voted off this week.

i watched it last night – if j&E aren’t in the bottom two, i may just have to switch off

Good luck, Ann. Your dedication deserves rewarding.

Isn’t it rewarding to know how to do something on your computer that kids don’t think an old fogie will know?

my kids were actually annoyed with me for not calling them as soon as i knew… hehehehe

hey, and who are you calling an old fogie 🙂

I have refused to have birthdays for several years now, preferring ‘anniversaries’ instead, but there seem to have been far too many of those too, so now it’s just another day in the life I’m ignoring…

Sadly, I’d rather saw off my own head than watch ‘reality TV’ although I DID see some of the ‘Masterchef’ thing. I thought the lady would win…but I didn’t bother to watch the final of the final because it seemed to last about a week 😉 Good luck with the Bon Jovi tickets. I heard Chris Evans saying JBJ was playing ’round the corner’, but no idea where that would be or when! I really must start paying more attention…

diane, do you get anniversary cards on your birthday? 🙂

I hope you can get the tix. Hell, go to a ticketbroker (scalper) if you have to. Splurge on yourself Ann. You deserve it!!

jojo – oh i’m sure rach’ll get the tix alright and i’m prepared to really treat us – it will be her birthday present from me – i did that a few years back, but this time i have no intention of being so far back – now all i need is to see vdo on the london stage, then i can die happy 🙂

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