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Moral Maze

Posted on: 18 November 2009

It’s odd the moral dilemma I find  myself in when driving to work.  I know it’s just a  silly little thing and hardly requires deep meaning or philosophy, but still it bothers me.   Obviously it’s the rush hour, the roads are horrendously busy, traffic jams, road works, broken lights, accidents, sirens, the usual.    I don’t mind letting people out ‘cos I would like someone to do the same for me – and I try not to block sideroads when stuck in a line that ain’t moving.  The thing is doing this the whole journey means it takes longer and then I could be late for work and I do have an obligation to my boss – he  does pay me to be there.   So, if I don’t let someone out and I’m given the evil eye I feel terrible, and even if I’m not given the eye, I feel terrible – they don’t know I’ve already been “gentleman jim” umpteen times and the clock is nearly clocking on time.     Strangely it makes no difference what time I leave the house, traffic is traffic.   I don’t have this problem going home – I let ’em all out!   Funny, the silly thoughts that go round my head!

Here’s some exciting news – the Israeli branch of my tribe have moved home.   They’ve left the big house in Neve Daniel (where the wind whipped round the hillside, it was cold cold cold, but the views were breathtakingly stunning – and I shall miss all their neighbours who over the years have hosted me many a Shabbat lunch).  They’re now in a much smaller apartment in Raanana, an area I have only  passed through once and that was for a quick falafel and hummus; hopefully I shall visit them real soon,  although not sure there’s enough room at the inn for mother.    It’s funny how things work out.  Jon was made redundant almost a year ago, his old boss got him an interview for another job that he did not get.   That company then recommended him to another company and he got that job then – they poached him back.   Well the new job’s in Herzliya which meant a commute of 2 hrs morn and night, hence the move.   Yeah, think I’ll definitely go online and check those flights for Chanukah and I need some new pics 🙂

I rarely check this bog’s blog’s stats, I don’t need to go there to know I don’t get many visitors – aaaaaah!   Well, the point is I did see my stats and the one post that consistently attracts a steady stream of interest is Privileged to Walk with Angels, the one I wrote after my trip to Israel earlier this year.   The good news is, I’ll be repeating the experience and I’m really excited – it was such an honour to meet such amazing people, heroes and heroines, the victims of terror and the people who help them – and baby No.3 is due around the same time.   Kill two birds with one stone – what a ghastly expression when you think about it – better not think about it!

I haven’t posted any poetry here in a while; I’m now putting it directly on My Poetry Page.  If anyone’s even remotely interested, there’s some new stuff and some old that I’ve played around with and tweaked here and there.    I’m in the process of putting it here too.  

Currently re-reading Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club, Michael Chabon’s Final Solution and Kathryn Stockett’s The Help.   Also treated myself to some poetry by real poets which is a joy to dip into when I can’t sleep.  Have now happily got my copy of The Narrows – just need to find time to sit and watch it in peace and quiet – not because anyone else lives here, but because of the  darn phone and don’t suggest I unplug it or switch off my mobile, they’ll then worry and it’s so not worth the aggravation – still it’s nice to know they care.

Other news – I thought I was gonna move.     I walked into my house the other day, looked around and decided it needed a makeover of some sort.  It was redecorated and recarpeted not so long ago, but the curtains and light fittings were already here when I bought the place and they’re pleasant enough but they and my furniture are all looking a tad tired.   It hit me that I’m now ready to move on and out and start over.   Coincidentally Jamie said he’d found a house near him he thought I would like, and I hadn’t even told him my idea.   I said I’d rather move to a flat (apartment) so he said he’d buy the house and I could buy his place, which I love love love, and I was so excited except the house he was gonna buy has fallen through… and there was I  wading my way through the John Lewis catalogue.   Guess it wasn’t meant to be, but watch this space. 





13 Responses to "Moral Maze"

The least said about my driving habits, the better, so kudos to you for being so polite on the road, as it’s not in my nature to be so nice. lol

I bet you will have a great time visiting the fam for Chanukah and baby #3! Do they know the sex yet? Are Boaz & Moriah excited? Is your mum going with?

slow down jojo – an’ i don’t mean the driving LOL – the kids haven’t said i can go there yet – it’s always down to them

One thing that really annoys me when I’m driving in the rush hour is when I let someone out, then they block someone at the next junction, and I end up letting that one out too. Somehow I always hope they will “pass it on”.

i like the ‘pass it on policy’ just that some pass it on more than others 🙂

I guess a five-minute commute is not worth noting. 😉

Too bad about the flat, maybe something better is in the wind. Speaking of wind… not much here, very nice weather though.

Doing better day by day.


a five minute commute – get on your bike mister 😉
weather here – not nice 😦
doing better – good 🙂
((((hugs 2 u2 ))))

I’m the same way in traffic, feeling bad when I don’t let someone cut in. I would guess we’re in the minority.

Israel–would love to make a trip there someday.

The desire to move and start over, I know it well. I’d probably relocate every year if I could.

Raining and in the 40’s F here today.

welcome kila

starting over – not always choice but fate…

however relocating in my case is not like relocating in America where people go from state to state – here I’m talking about a thirty minute drive from East London/Essex to North London – duh!

Like you I try to be a considerate driver but there is a limit to how many people one can ‘let out’ without making yourself really late. 😦

… and you know what’s funny, you please the driver you let out but you p*** off the driver behind

I hesitate to tell you that I live only one mile from my office because you will tell me to bike or walk to work, which is not possible given my aching back and cranky knees. I am one of those people who like to live close to where I work. I don’t have to get on the expressway or maneuver through rush hour traffic. I drive on side streets all the way and have only a couple of traffic lights and a few stop signs en route. That will change, however, when I finally get myself organized to find a condo or a small house. I need a one floor plan…NO STAIRS. Considering the community in which I live has the second oldest housing stock in the country…mostly large Victorian three and four-story homes…I will soon be lamenting the commute with the other expressway drivers. And my blood pressure will no doubt suffer as a result of the move. Hope you find something that you like soon.

Sorry, Ann. That previous comment was from me. Forgot to “sign in.”

BobbyG, i guessed it was you 🙂

i like the sound of the victorian homes – lots of character, but i’m actually looking for an apartment, not because of the stairs because thankfully they’re not a problem, i just fancy something different for a change – oh i’ve already got high BP

i hope the aches and pains aren’t too bad

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