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A Day Off…

Posted on: 24 November 2009

Don’t Come In


must get myself together
put on my face

brace myself against the weather
got this day free

well not so much
it’s still costing me

we’re not that busy
work’s slow

can’t spend it shopping
a day off and I’m broke


© ann raven 2009



You’d think I’d be pleased to be told to take the day off, but I feel at a bit of a loss.   It wouldn’t seem so bad if I was really given a day off, but I will have to make it up or lose the pay.   It’s circumstances and the fact that my colleague and I are too darn efficient.   I often tell her to exercise Parkinson’s Law, but she works like speedy gonzales.  Mind, I don’t really like to be in my office with nothing to do and my boss likes even less paying me to do nothing, but over the last couple of weeks I’ve found lotsa little extras to do that we don’t normally have time for and done myself out of working today.    Ironically you would think this means I may soon be unemployed (and at my age unemployable) but I actually think my job is fairly safe – for now!

So, you’d think a whole day to do as I please (well half-day now – I’ve just finished my book – more of that another time) would be a bonus.  The truth is I work and operate best under pressure.   Today I am so not in the right frame of mind to be creative, although I quickly threw out the verse above, and I don’t feel like cooking or cleaning.     However, I did surf the net for properties.  

I viewed a ground floor apartment the other day – about ten/fifteen minute walk from Jamie and Lucy.  It had a nice kitchen, two nice bathrooms, two good sized bedrooms that needed ripping out, so far so good, until the living room – it wasn’t big enough.    I told the agent out right, not wanting to waste anyone’s time.    I do fancy an apartment, at least I think I do.    A fairly modern block would be okay, but I like the idea of a Victorian or Edwardian conversion.   Those houses are full of character, the rooms are bigger and airier (is there such a word) and it will be worlds away from the square box I live in now, although this house has served me well.  

If I do find something, or if J & L find something and I end up buying their gorgeous garden flat, I won’t sell this house.    I’ll probably let it,  get an income to cover costs plus some, and if I’m not happy with moving away from here, I could still come back.  


Jedward are out – halleluyah.   At last they performed with no tricks, just them and a microphone and yes, what we all thought was confirmed, they can’t sing.   I still wish them well and think there’s a glittering future in store for them.    Shock horror Olly was down there with them, when it should have been Lloyd, who also cannot sing… maybe not as bad as the twins, but nowhere near as good as the others.   Thank goodness Danni didn’t chicken out and go for the public vote – she stuck with her guns that it is a singing competition and that is how she has judged it every week.  

So – who to win?   Joe and Stacey have the best vocals.   Olly knows how to wow the audience and Danyl… not sure what to make of him; I think he’s gorgeous, I love his performances, but what’s with the judges and the media always putting him down.   He’s luvverly.


I don’t think I’m going to Israel for Channukah… it’s a shame, I really wanted to see the children and give them presies, but I’ll best say no more – guess I’ll have to wait till February!

Rachel and I are planning a trip to the big apple next year – just the two of us – mother and daughter, so that should be fun.   She wants to book it sooner than later, which is rather odd since we never like to plan our lives so far ahead.   Can anyone recommend a good hotel?



I love NCIS – and now I love NCIS Los Angeles.   Recently Rach and I caught the first episode and she kept saying isn’t that Chris O’Donnell, you know Robin.    Chris O’Donnell, who he?   Me not looking at Mr O’Donnell – me looking at the super-uber-cool LL Cool J – Ladies Love Cool James – oh boy!    Yeah, this is how I spent some of my day off, surfing youtube.  


13 Responses to "A Day Off…"

Hi Ann! Thanks again for “The Narrows”! I can’t wait to watch it this week during our Thanksgiving break.

Sorry to hear that you won’t be heading to Israel next month. When is baby 3 due?

Not sure of any hotels in the NYC area. Just beware of bed bugs b/c it’s becoming quite a problem here in the states. lol Who knows, maybe you’ll run into Vincent! Wouldn’t that be neat?

enjoy enjoy 🙂

the baby’s due the end of January

running into vincent? wow – literally bumping into him would be awesome. my niece and her boyfriend are professional photographers in ny and have met some great stars – my niece knows how i feel about him and she’s on the look out, but so far no joy 😦

Be careful buying a flat, Ann. I’ve lived in some VERY unsoundproof ones. Listening to other people having loud sex at all times of the day or night is not my idea of fun!

val, i hear what you’re saying… the hunt goes on

We all have days like these. For NYC I highly recommend The Metro Hotel, I believe it is on W. 45th street. Great place, old art deco, however sparkling like new. Right next to Herald Square, Macys and the Empire State Building. Service was perfect and you won’t find a better deal in New York.

tobeme, welcome and thanks for visiting – i shall note your recommendation – it sounds lovely

I understand. A free day usually = an unsatisfying day.

“Victorian or Edwardian” would be fabulous! Happy searching.

The Big Apple: Haven’t been, yet, so no suggestions. I might choose “The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park”. Look forward to hearing about your trip.

hi kila – it was such a wasted day, it so frustrated me, yet wednesday, a day i knew i was home was full with appointments and errands from the minute i awoke until i got home around 10.00 that evening – amazing the difference a day makes

i think the ritz-carlton sounds a bit rich for my champagne taste, but beer pocket 🙂

Oh, I so understand the performance under pressure being best, Ann!
I am the same. I’d rather be like a pinball and not rest, than to sit watching paint dry, as I am doing now in this office. UGH!

Can’t help you with a hotel, but hey, why don’t you just call up Big V and ask if you can crash over there? Hehe….we can dream…..

That trip sure sounds like its going to be so much fun!!
PS: When are you coming to Cape Town again? 😉

axe – now there’s a thought, bunking at the d’onofrio’s 😆

i wish i could say i was coming to cape town – some of my family here may be going to visit them in Feb, but i’ll be in Israel and then i heard that my aunt and uncle may come here to see us – it’s not on my agenda for the moment, sorry! 😦

Sooner or later, you will have to face this fact in your life. There are many things to experience in life, find it during your day off. Oftentimes, we have to take on the challenge of being outside our comfort zone. 🙂

walter – welcome

at my age i think i should be allowed to embrace a day off to rest my old and weary bones – now having said that, my life is not as once it was and i think most days i do live outside my comfort zone

All things considered, you must be a total workaholic to consider a free day unsatisfying!!!! 🙂 I mean, I count my weekdays till the weekend, and a free day in between is like manna from heaven!

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