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Mazal Tov

Posted on: 26 January 2010


to Bridgitte and Jonathan Raven
a beautiful son
born in Israel
a baby brother for Boaz and Moriah

(and a third grandbaby for moi)


this little one has been playing games with his aba and ima since last wednesday, when bridgitte went in for a c-section because he was breach (not like when I had his breach father and c-section was not an option in the old days) — then she was sent home because he righted himself — then it was meant to be a c-section yesterday because he had flipped the wrong  way again — then the doctors turned him the right way so they decided to slowly induce but nothing happened all day yesterday, so they started again today and sof, sof,  he arrived safely around 5.00 p.m. israel time and mummy and baby raven are doing well

hopefully a photo will follow – it’s on jon’s blackberry, but he’s not home yet —  been told he has boaz’s shape face and moriah’s nose and favours bridgitte’s father’s side of the family  — can’t wait to meet him — oh and he weighed in at 3.5 kilo


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Congrats Grandma Annie. 🙂


(((((hugs))))) back and thanks

Congratulations! My mother used to say: every child born is a new hope for the world. Cherish your brand new hope!
so happy for you!

thank you maryse – i’m so in love and i think every child born is a miracle 🙂

Yay Ann!How exciting!!!!I’m so happy for you all.No doubt he will be as cute and sweet as his older brother and sister.Forgive my stupid qustion…what is his name?When will he be named?

bryde; he’s already a little cutie 🙂
he is given his name when he is circumcised
hopefully next wednesday

Congratulations,((( Anne)))
I am so HAPPY for you 🙂

thanks margie – and i’m so happy too 🙂

Congratulations on the arrival of another bundle of joy for you and your family! Can’t wait to see a picture.

thanks – i do have some pics and i have fallen in love all over again – i’ll post them tomorrow night or friday

Mazal Tov Ann!!! ((hugs)) Like I said in my email to you, maybe he’ll be an acrobat when he grows up! ;p

So glad that everyone is happy and healthy and you must be so excited to see them in a couple of weeks!


jojo – i so wish i was there now, but i am very very excited

Congratulations. Rather you than me!

oh val, babies are one of life’s greatest joys – my heart is filled with so much love and nothing surpasses that feeling — for me my children and grandchildren are a blessing

Congratulations!! What a relief and how exciting that he’s finally here! Hope you receive new photos every day until you get to see him!

VERY late getting here, but congratulations anyway!

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