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Free Gilad Shalit

Posted on: 22 August 2010

On the 25th June 2006, Gilad Shalit (aged just 19) was kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists in a cross border raid from the Gaza Strip. He has been held hostage by Hamas ever since with almost no contact to the outside world. He is also denied visits from the International Red Cross to ensure his good health.


Human Rights Watch in the UK said they have never heard of him.   Amnesty International is not highlighting Gilad’s birthday and the International Committee of the Red Cross is  doing nothing to publicise his case.

gilad shalit on hamas poster

He must not be forgotten – not on his birthday – not any day.


This beautiful songs starts at around 1 minute – it has English subtitles


8 Responses to "Free Gilad Shalit"

I pray for his safe return.

This is absolute BULLSHIT!!!

What can we do to help, Ann? I saw this on your Facebook profile pic, but did not know what this was about.

Should I get the word out? I really want to help. This is a gross abuse of Human Rights, dammit, for once let human rights issues SAVE someone instead of just being in place to help criminals walk!

I feel for him and his family.

Thank you. Gilad Shalit has been in my prayers since he was first abducted. If you don’t mind, I shall borrow from this post for a post of my own. OK?

It’s a tragedy and is not forgotten… I had wondered why news on this was kept so quiet.

Thank you for helping to keep this name alive and in the public eye, Ann, you serve the greater good for certain, and we all hope that you are rewarded by seeing this man freed.

It must be hell to him. And to his parents as well. I just hope that it is of some small comfort that their son is not forgotten by the world.

Thank you for telling his story. Will keep him and his family in my prayers.

You’re right, it’s not on our news at all. 😦

“One way or another, this darkness got to give…”

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