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Posted on: 20 September 2010

I appreciate many are going through hard times.  Today it is indeed a blessing to have a roof over your head, food in your stomach and clothes on your back.   For Axe blessings such as those would be nothing short of a miracle.    Instead this is what she has and has not… 

She has blisters on her feet, but no shoes.  

She and her two children have to leave their accommodation any day now but they can’t even shelter in her car as they have done before – it has been repossessed.  

They are hungry – they can’t afford to eat properly and some days hardly at all. 

Her treasured possessions are stored in someone’s garage hundreds of miles away in Capetown and they will be disposed of shortly if Axe cannot get there to collect them.  

To add insult to injury being white and poor in South Africa today makes it virtually impossible for her to get a job and it’s not for the lack of trying.   Maybe someone from Port Elizabeth is reading this and can be of even more practical help.

I know many who pass by here, and on facebook, express their love and concern, but sadly that is simply not enough to sustain her, Anushka and Ivan.   If everyone who genuinely cared could send a little, say £10, £5, $20, $10 or, if you’re feeling generous and it’s possible to give up that bottle of wine, that take out pizza, an evening at the pub or a movie and you find you can do more, thank you.   Every little really does help. 

I appreciate this is hard to do.   It is even harder for Axe to live the way she does and harder still for her to let me do this for her.     I’m not sure I could ever be as strong as she is under her circumstances.    She is a remarkable lady, extremely talented and a wonderful mother.

If you can, please contact Axe care of her aunt who has kindly agreed for her address to be on my blog .   

Natasha Verster
c/o Margaret Vermaak
97 Avondale Road
Kabega Park 6025
Port Elizabeth
South Africa

Thank you


11 Responses to "AXE"

A note to Ann’s readers: Please try to help Axe. Even a little bit will help out. We have to help each other in times of need. No matter how crappy our own lives are, someone else always has it way worse. The things Axe has been through and the stress she is under is crushing. I am embarrassed when I complain about my stressful job: At least I have a job. Or if I am frustrated with my mortgage: At least I have a roof over my head. Or if I have to pour money into car repairs: At least I have a car to repair. Remember, we are all one major crisis away from homelessness ourselves.

If you are a religious person, think of it as brownie points for heaven. If you are an atheist or agnostic, think of it as brownie points towards good karma. Thank you. 🙂

HELLO!!!!!! Anyone out there? I can’t believe everyone is blowing off this post. 😦

jojo – don’t despair please – maybe others are reading and doing without leaving a comment and that’s good too isn’t it?

Some don’t know they can leave a comment, maybe. Doesn’t matter if they do just so they help!

She’s in my prayers.

Thank you so much 🙂


I hope she finds a job soon as donations are a short term solution 😦

Trust me, Cathy, not a day goes by that I do not send out CV’s and call my agencies.
But not having a car, my age and my race counts against me in most applications.
I’m not giving up, though. I will not quit until I find work. 🙂

I’ve been away from blogging and just came back a short time ago.
Visiting you again and seeing this post.
I hope Axe is ok.

And i hope all is well with you too, Ann

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