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Tempus Fugit

Posted on: 31 July 2010


I went on an unplanned stroll down memory lane.   Yesterday I cleared out my paperwork!   Big deal, you’ll think; well it is for me.     I don’t open my post – only stuff that looks interesting – everything else waits in a quiet corner.    So now I feel virtuous ‘cos four months of filing has been done, in real files as well as the wpb.    Then I thought why not collate the notes and writings from my class – that shouldn’t take too long except I spent ages reading and admiring the rest of the group’s work – I was privileged to be with some serious talent.    I also found reams of old poetry that brought back mixed memories – they need tidying and/or destroying.   

As part of my crusade on paper, this morning I dug out from a deep old storage box, a pile of older battered crinkled notebooks.    Between pages and pages of poetry and prose scribblings was so much else:   Menus and recipes and related shopping lists.   Plans for my children’s engagements and weddings, costs, guestlists, possible venues, flowers, music, more menus, music, etc.   Recommended book lists and reviews.    Doodles.   Quotes from books and my own one-liners.  Words I didn’t know their meanings, meaning to look them up.   Numbers, lots of them – telephone numbers without names and what could the others be?  Pictures of  my babies… and Goren!   Flight details, times, airports, costs, lists of hotels, itineraries.   Home shopping lists and to-do lists and moving costs; not for this one but from spring 2004.    (Yes this one is still gonna happen – the house will go on the market this week.  Wish me luck)!   

The next part of my journey shocked me (slightly).    Those who have been around the block with me here will remember At Home With The Goren’s.   That blog is long gone and the stories I first drafted in word – all deleted.    In my hands I held chapters written, I think, in my lunchbreak, on a train or a plane or a cafe.      What was I thinking then?    Was I pleasing a particular audience?   What was it with those two?    I cringed as I read.  Puerile and pathetic; the characters, the content and the quality of writing.  I’m not sorry the blog is lost to posterity.    However, thanks to dear Val she had the bright idea to invite anyone to contribute to her new blog After Major Case and in a moment of sentimentality I resurrected them.   What was I thinking?   Again!   The couple have since matured (and the writer); they have a son Robert, Bobby is out of work  and anything can happen.



As for all the notebooks – I kept the photos,  pulled out the recipes, one-liners and a few poems – the rest, including mrsbg,  are now languishing atop my recycling box awaiting an uncertain, but i’m sure a more useful future.


So wassup?   My last post said I was going to Israel with mother and we did – it was a fabulous trip.   Jamie joined us for a long weekend; he bunked at Jon and Bridgitte’s whilst ma and I stayed in an apartment in Herzliya two minutes from the Marina.  There was a massive pool and the little ones had a lot of fun.   It worked out brilliantly and  friends were coincidentally staying in the same place and mother and I also met up with other friends who live there.   Not sure when my next trip will be, the summer months are way too hot for this English rose, but hot off the press, they’re all coming to stay at the end of September for about ten days.   Can’t wait to see my little ones again – I miss them so much – thank goodness for webcams and skype!







Rachel and I are still planning our trip to the big apple in October – flights are booked – wooo hooo.    I am so excited.   I’ve never been and it really is the only place on my wish list at the moment.   I’ll never say no to other places, but right now I am fixated on going there.   I’ve been researching accommodation – the choice is endless and I so want to get it right, but the prices are unbelievable.   Coincidentally my boss is going in a few weeks and we were checking out the same hotels – they are half the price in August compared to the dates we’re going.   I also checked to see if it was a public holiday or something, but no, and it’s not Chelsea’s wedding!   Still searching – all recommendations welcome.  

What else?   Oh yes, Bon Jovi at the O2… cool.   No, HOT!!!!   He was fantastic, but boy I could hardly move the next day.   It hurts to confess, this old hen is past being a rock chick.   More on music… got blown away seeing (sadly only on tv) the awesome and talented Carole King and James Taylor at the Troubador’s 50th anniversary, although Jamie bought me the DVD & CD.   They’ve been doing a sell-out tour in the States – it would be awesome if they brought it to London.   Some music is timeless  – Tapestry – 1971  – still listening. 

I also got blown away by a television two-part drama written by Kay Mellor, based on her mother’s revelation that she’d had an affair when Kay was a baby.   It’s called A Passionate Woman and received mixed reviews – I liked it.   It also introduced us to a beautiful and talented young actor called Theo James.    I shall be keeping an eye out for him and wish him a glittering career.

theo james as 'crazy' in a passionate woman


Trying to remember what books I’ve read since I last posted; I recall raving about Suite Francaise – since then I had the opportunity to hear her biographer, together with the Cambridge professor who translates Irene Nemirovsky’s writing, and Irene’s daughter (who is now 80).    After the talk hoards of people queued for book signing; my friends and I had a coffee while we waited and then joined the end of the line – in my limited french we exchanged a few words and as I was the last one they signed the books to me personally, which was rather nice.  

What have I been reading?   I loved the first two of the Stieg Larssson Millenium books – the third sits teasingly on my bookshelf, but it is 700 pages long and I  haven’t found time to dive in.    They are such thumping good yarns; I’ve bought them for friends who also can’t put them down.

Am in the middle of Andrea Levy’s Small Island which is brilliantly well written – more of that when I finish it.  

A quick read by the pool was Alexander McCall Smith’s latest  in his No.1 Lady Detective  Agency series of books  set in Botswana – they never disappoint, but don’t expect too much – just easy reading  filled with wisdom and insight. 

What else?   A return to Yann Martel’s Life of Pi.   I loved it first time round – loved it even more the second.   The first outing I was totally raving about his surreal adventures at sea and the fact it was so original; the second time I found myself more absorbed by Pi’s fascination and search for religion.   The ending is clever, very clever.   There are some beautiful lines and descriptions.  If you’ve not had the chance, this is one I heartily recommend.

Couldn’t put down Marcus Zusak’s Book Thief.   Set in Munich during the war the story of a German family harbouring a young Jewish man – the story is narrated by Death yet it is not in the least morbid.   It is written in an unusual format where the contents of each chapter are listed at the beginning so you know what to expect.   Another one I recommend.

The Ghost by Robert Harris – a political genre loosely (or not so) based on Blair  – it had some great reviews and I hear the film is good, but not seen it yet.  I should ‘cos I believe it stars the cute Pierce Brosnan and cuter Ewan McGregor.   The book is 400 pages long; I didn’t find much to excite me until p.300.  The timing was good – I was on a flight.   The last 100 pages were pageturners; at the very last line it dawned on me that we never knew the name of the ‘ghost’ – of course we were never meant to.   Friends who enjoyed it more than I didn’t notice my observation – they all went “Oh yes!” – still worth giving it an airing.  

I’ve tried to read other books by Marina Lewycka, but gave up not even halfway.   I completed the task with A Short Story of Tractors in Ukranian.   Not sure what to make of the book – think it may be a little like Marmite – you either love it or hate it.    It has been labelled comedy, when in fact it isn’t at all and nor was that the author’s intention.     There are a few smart one-liners and  it was poignant in parts.  It’s about two distant sisters (in more ways than one) whose recently widowed, 80+ year old father is about to marry a buxom blonde Ukrainian in her 30’s.   The father is writing a book about, yes, tractors in the Ukraine; he is an intellectual man, when he’s not being stupid.   Some skipped those sections, but I actually found them enlightening as you saw the progress (and not) of communism in Eastern Europe.  You can imagine the rest about him and his trophy – or read the book. 

Finally Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis I & II.   She is a graphic novelist living in France and her cartoon book is autobiographical.   The title is the old name for Tehran.  It was different.   I found the pages hard on my eyes.   It has been made into a film and I caught it this week on the television.   Having recently read the book, it was exactly the same but animated so I switched off.   I think I was less enthusiastic than my friends – I did not like the format (think Maus) but she is a graphic novelist so obviously this would be the way she would tell her story.     Her story encompasses her life from childhood in Tehran, to being a student in Austria, back to Tehran and more studies and marriage, then divorce all with the backdrop of the different regimes and rules and regulations and war.   It left me cold – I forced myself to read it – the story is true and heartbreaking and I wanted so much to sympathise and empathise; I’m sure I would have done if it was conventionally told .

Sorry I’ve been gone so long – I may be back (don’t hold your breath)   🙂







Since I have an obvious dislike of getting up in the dark, I have acquired a new clock radio and light – it’s  real cool!   You set the time for when you want it to wake you, a low light comes on half-an-hour earlier and by the time the radio comes on, the shock of being roused so obtrusively is counteracted by the room bathed in a soft light.   I can also put the light on when I go to bed, read for a little while and the light dims to darkness just about the time the book is falling out of my hands. 


I recorded and now watched The Event: How Racist Are You? – unfortunately my sky+ didn’t catch the end when Jane Elliot herself was interviewed.   Her motive has been to expose and rid the world of racism, but it didn’t work on this group of British lab rats, a mix of whites and ethnic minorities.   She has been doing this experiment in schools since the 1960’s, dividing a class into two groups;  blue eyes and brown eyes.    The blue-eyed group were separated for a couple of hours in a less comfortable room during which time she tries to convince the brown-eyed group that the blues are inferior and should be treated like second-class citizens.   The blues are then invited to join the browns who are encouraged to put them down.   The idea was for people who were unlikely to have ever experienced discrimination or been overlooked and ignored, or been stopped indiscriminately to see how it feels and to learn from it.

Initially some of the volunteers had sussed the exercise, refused to participate and left, escorted out the building.  Jane Elliot thought they were latent racists; the reverse was true; they didn’t want words put into their mouths, to be made to abuse a group because they were told to by someone else when they didn’t feel that way.     Once the remaining guinea pigs were settled, debate began and opinions bounced around, but some were so entrenched they totally lost the plot and lessons were not learnt that day.  Her tactic  was to bully; her intention was good; her experiment failed – at least with the Brits.     One  white man thought he was discriminated against because he was tubby, a woman because she was old, totally missing the point.   One elderly lady did admit she was uncomfortable with the different races in the country today and noticed how different it was from her childhoold, but said that her children had no problem with it.     I was disappointed the experiment did not work on this occasion but sadly I’m not surprised. 


The trick or treaters are out in force tonight – hope they are all done knocking on ol’ ma annie’s door before  X-Factor.  Yes, I know I moan about the show and if the twins are not voted off tonight I shall be sorely tempted to switch off, but not  this weekend, not when  my ab fab fav rock star Jon  Bon Jovi is on the show


They say little things please little minds… well the little things in question are olives.   I have posted pics here of the olives growing in my garden.   I should have taken pics of the grapes too, but my little vine was not evergreen and I’ve just replaced it with jasmine.


For some reason I can’t open blogger today!   No probs with wordpress or other sites or hotmail etc. just blogger!  Am I the only one?

I am soooooooo excited and my kids were soooooooo excited for me too thinking they had some great news for me.   Huh – I’d already heard   


will be in town – he’s gonna be on the X-FACTOR  in a couple of weeks time and I must must must find out…




and- and- and- he will be doing the O2 next summer.    The last time he played there was a Friday and Saturday night in June a couple of years ago when a nice Jewish girl like me couldn’t go – I was gutted.   My kids were also excited to tell me that he’s got a new album coming out, hence the world tour – how little they know their mother – I pre-ordered it the day I got notification.   Gee… children think they know it all!!!!!  

Still Rachel and I had an ab brill awesome time when we saw him a few years back, unfortunately at Milton Keynes ‘cos Wembley wasn’t completed and he was meant to be the opening act there.   Of course I’ll be at the O2, once or twice or maybe more.  Watch this space!

Also thank you BON JOVI for the birthday greeting the other day… yeah, I still have ’em, but for some weird reason I’m always much much happier the day after.    




Talking of the X-FACTOR, anyone got any predictions yet?   How much longer will we be subjected to John and Edward?   I’ve got nothing against two young lads having fun.  I reckon they only auditioned for the X-FACTOR for a laugh not for one moment expecting to be in the finals.   There is some real talent this year and I hope a potential star is not booted off  just to keep the twins in for pure entertainment or controversy value ‘cos they sure ain’t got the X-FACTOR.  I do think for the future tho’  Ant ‘n’ Dec should watch their backs.

Now on to Strictly!  What’s with it this year?   So far I’m finding it rather lacklustre and boring.   Not ‘cos Arlene’s out and Alesha’s in, she’s lovely, they’re both lovely, but nobody’s getting me excited, not like Alexandra Burke did for the X-FACTOR or Rachel Stevens (who I still think wuz robbed) did for Strictly last year.   And Brucie, sorry luv,  I record the show and fast forward when you’re on!  

My last spot of reality tv – gosh, I’m exhausted – anyone would think I’d spent hours in the kitchen.  Well I do but not like the marathon that was Masterchef: The Professionals and tonight a worthy winner was crowned.   Boy did they work hard.   It was very very close, but I think Greg and Michel (he’s so cute and adorable) got it right.   The others were fantastic too and all equally worthy finalists with potential glittering careers ahead of them, but Steve Groves definitely has that extra something, that special je ne sais quoi – he has  vision, a sense of creativity and awesome talent.   Congratulations Steve, you deserved the title!

steve groves

Yes, I do watch programmes that don’t have Vincent D’Onofrio in them although I’d love to see him on Strictly or Dancing with the Stars.   Think about it sweetie – we know you can tango and it only takes two 😉

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