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Shana Tova 5770 – Ketiva Vachatima Tova

Posted on: 17 September 2009



I am multi-tasking:

  1. running in and out of the kitchen checking the oven and the simmering and bubbling pots and pans.   I almost had one minor little incident – I turned on the oven to heat it up for a yummy chocolate cake and forgot I’d left a meringue in there to cool down last night  
  2. trying to watch Masterchef  The Professionals  and having to pause it because
  3. the telephone – I have told my loved ones that if my landline is busy not to ring the mobile since the only person on the landline can be  yours truly and finally
  4. trying to post something meaningful for the Jewish New Year

Yes it’s that time of year again which accounts for my absence not just from my home here, but from yours too.   One update since my honey cake disaster is that the next six came out perfectly and the apple cakes, the teabreads, the mandelbroit, the chocolate cake and the meringues.   I have also fed the freezer with kugels, red cabbage, sweet and sour chicken, gefillte fish, chicken soup and I discovered a lovely new soup, beetroot and carrot which is seriously yummy and sweet for the New Year.   Yes I’ve been rather busy and the cookathon isn’t over yet – you’ll never find a haimisha cook like this balabusta on Masterchef – tonight’s quarter finalists had to prepare a three course meal for the critics – I wonder what they would make of chopped liver and knaidlach and kreplach soup and salt beef and latkes and new green and lockshen pudding LOL.   Oh what a shame you can’t scratch and sniff this blog; your mouths would be watering!

I know, I know, I’m focused on the stomach, but I am Jewish.   Seriously though, I am pushing out the walls for the ‘family who stay’ and do have a lot of guests at my dining table –  for every meal.  Every festival has different foods associated with them and the New Year is no exception.   The tradition is honey, honey cakes, apple and honey and tzimmes, sweet tastes for a sweet year.   

The Jewish New Year is essentially a time for reflection;  I think more people are taking time to reflect this year than they have before.  We’re all living and breathing and talking recession and the material loss is tangible.   We can’t help it, human nature makes us think if we had this or that maybe our lives would be happier, but material possessions do not make the person or guarantee happiness.   It is not what one has, it’s what one does that counts, the love inspired in others,  good deeds and a good name, those things enrich our lives.   The spiritual part of us, that cannot be taken away.  

My wish this New Year is that the world will be a safe place, that peace will prevail, that Hashem will judge with love and mercy and answer our prayers as He sees fit and He will bless you and yours (and me and mine) with sweetness, love, and simcha. 

Happy New Year 

This is not my video;  those who know me know I am totally incapable.  I should like to thank Eva.  This is her hard work  and I hope she does not mind that I have borrowed it.   Below are the words in Hebrew and their English translation.

Al Kol Eleh 

Al ha-dvash ve’al ha-okets
Al ha-mar vehamatok
Al bitenu ha-tinoket
Shmor eli ha-tov.

Al ha-esh ha-mevo’eret
Al ha-mayim ha-zakim
Al ha-ish hashav ha-bayta
Min ha-merchakim

Al kol elehh, al kol eleh
Shmor na li eli ha-tov
Al hadvash ve’al ha’okets
Al ha-mar vehamatok

Al na ta’akor natu’a
Al tishkach et hatikva
Hashiveni venashuva
El ha’aretz ha-tova

Shmor eli al ze ha-bayit
al ha-gan al ha-choma
Miyagon mipachad peta

Shmor al ha-me’at sheyesh li
Al ha-or ve’al ha-taf
Al ha-pri shelo hivshil od

Al kol eleh ….

For All These Things 

Over the honey and the sting
Over the bitter and the sweet
Over our daughter, our baby
My God, watch over what is good

Over the flame that is burning
Over the water running pure
Over the man returning home
from far away

Over all these, Over all these
God please watch over them for me
Over the honey and the sting
Over the bitter and the sweet

Do not uproot what is planted
Do not forget the hope
Return me, and I will return
to the good land.

Watch over this house for me, my God,
the garden, and the wall
protect them from pain, from sudden fear
And from war.

Watch over for me the little I have
The light, the baby
over the fruit that has not ripened
and over what has already been reaped.



9 Responses to "Shana Tova 5770 – Ketiva Vachatima Tova"

Mazel Tov! Have a fantastic time with your family!! And I’ll be on the next flight to England to enjoy some of the amazing eats you’ve been making!!!


Happy New Year to you Ann. You’re a busy lady. 🙂

Happy New Year. Don’t eat too much 😉

Happy New year, Ann
Many blessings to you & your family.


Oh, I loved the vidoe and the song 🙂

I miss being at your family table.


May you and yours be blessed with all good things.
Happy new year Ann 🙂

Shana Tovah! Thanks a lot for the message and the music . May your days in this happy new year be filled of blessings!
Sunny hugs from Brazil

enjoyed the video-sending it to my grandchildren to look at pictures form israel

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