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Posted on: 31 December 2006

Firstly I apologise that the pics of the gullible Guy (sorry Jill no pic), gorgeous Gavin, enigmatic Elton, clerical Casey, murderous Mr Blue, the philandering Philip, delectable Doc, mean Max, even meaner Moriarty, haughty Hathaway and one of my ab fab favs, the brilliant Bob E Howard did not materialise, and others I may have not mentioned… thank you blogger… NOT!

However, these blogger did oblige…. thank you said grudgingly

For Axe… her beloved cruel Carl

I’m sure thunderthighs Thor does it for some ~ how old, or rather, young was he here?
For jojo… beautiful Billy
For Finn… acerbic Ashton
… and the wonderful Whitney
for Tess… the arresting and arrested Abbie
for all of us I think… compelling Cholo … swoon
Deb loves Valentino… mmmm me too

Bobby’s Harem… Jen, Kate et moi… ooooh

and of course the original… our uber-hero

To kickstart the New Year, I thought I would pose a question for my dear fellow Vincent Vixens, or D’Onofrio Dames and the Bobby Harem. There is no doubting that each of us in our own unique way loves, adores, worships this awesome man and the fantastic characters he has created.

Personally for me it is Bobby Bobby; Vincent has made this man his own… I don’t believe any other actor would have pulled it off so brilliantly…. erm…. probably why he got the job… doh!

His acuity, aptitude, astuteness, incisiveness, intuition, brain, I shall repeat it, yes I love his brain, does it for me. Not a single word meaningless, not a single gesture worthless… his stance, his presence, his whole being has captivated me.

I confess, I do have a little penchant for wicked fantasies with Cholo, the Professor and Mr Blue now and again, and in more gentle mode Valentino and Whitney have been known to make an appearance…sometimes with Ashton, oh my!

As for *the man* himself, Vincent, Vincent, Vincent….. uh uh….. NO! On the rare occasion he has entered my dreamworld, I have awoken shaken and upset. He does not belong there. I have set him up on a higher pedestal. I do not know him; I imagine a sweet soul, a loving nature a great sense of humour and a temper…. he is a man.

Last night whilst extolling to a friend the ecstatic and almost orgasmic pleasure I had just experienced making oral love with a piece of Tesco’s Finest Espresso Chocolate (thanks Wendy, it is the best), the friend I was talking to suddenly asked me if I could have Bobby or chocolate, which would it be. Was he joking? I answered instantly Bobby Bobby, but hastily and sadly added that Bobby is not real (which is probably why I eat so much chocolate ~my only pleasure) and that if it was Vincent, as much as a dreamer as I am, a part of me is a realist to know it could and would never be. Sure I would love to meet the man and engage in a real conversation, but no no no no….. not the other. I am not saying I would refuse, I just so know he wouldn’t be propositioning me anything. So back to the question……..

What is your fantasy, what do you dream, who do you dream, when do you dream, morning, noon or night, or all day… is it HIM or one of his characters that does it for you, turns you on, makes you squirm, makes you wriggle in your seat, finger to your mouth, blood boiling, pulse racing, juices flowing?

So please join in on this flight of fancy, fantasy and fun…. you can comment anonymously of course. Fantasies are meant to be secret. Note… I haven’t revealed my fantasies yet, just the fantasy man. Just one little itsy bitsy request… if you can refrain from using… r-u-d-e words, please. There are euphemisms for almost everything I am sure. I would love this to be fun and funny but not offensive… thank you.

For my lovely visitors who are not Vincent D’Onofrio fans, please join in too…. let us know your fantasy, your dream guy or dream gal.

However you welcome in 2007, be it with family or friends or curled up in front of the tv watching Vincent, glass of wine in hand, or in my case chocolate, I wish you all a wonderful New Year and may all your dreams come true.



Oh my. Well I would have to widen the question a bit if I could by my answer:
I would pick chocolate over Vincent the way he looks now but

I would pick Vincent prior to 2005 over chocolate

and I would pick BG over chocolate prior to season five.


There’s far too little space here for me to roll out the whole twisted fantasy/mess. So can I tell you privately someday?

As for Vincent the *man*, forget it; I have a wonderful real-life love who understands me and whose shoes are parked under my bed every night. I wouldn’t trade that, or him, for anything or anyone.

Which doesn’t mean we stop looking, of course!

Jill: the subject is fantasy and dreams, so put that chocolate wrapper down and answer the question… LOL I mean you can tell us about Mandy ;>)

Grace: can’t you give us a taster anonymously… LOL

lotsa luv ann xxxx

As you may have guessed this whole Bobby bit goes over my head. Fantasies now, well, there is this certain naughty lady who lives in London….

Perhaps some liquid chocolate, and a pastry brush and a very nimble tongue and a few implements on the side. 🙂

You did ask Ann.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend and enjoy the reading.

Oh Ann,

I am all over fantasy men, over and over again. I would love to have a man at my mercy, all tied up and nowhere to go.

Sassy DEwy



Yes I did ask and it sounds purrrrrfect… chocolate and… yummy

I am loving the reading…. I simply couldn’t resist.

Dewy sistah, you and me too, especially with Bobby’s handcuffs… mmmmmm

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Ok. Jason Gideon and I in his cabin. That is as far as I will go on a blog and only that far because I adore you. 🙂

Jill: that’s good enough for me, thank you… LOL

lotsa luv ann xxxxx


ok,Bobby,easily,because he’s been there for a long time already!

But,I’d also go for Carl,Ashton,Charley,Olee,or Mr Blue,depending on how the mood takes me.I think I have a need to take care of flawed characters 😀

As for Vincent,himself,no,he’s a real person,and I would need a lot more than physical attraction to tempt me that way.although if he feels like long discussions about kids or work,then I’m available.

Eliza xxxxxx

It’s not so much the characters he plays, as the way he looks and moves and talks playing the characters… I make up the personalities myself, to put in my books and stories. 🙂

Bobby is my number one fave, obviously, but with a bit of Valentino on the side…

As for Vincent? I wish him well, and I’m sure he’s a great guy, but I’ve had crushes on ‘the real person’ before, and it only leads to heartbreak.

Bobby, yes, doing wonderful things with his long fingers, athletic tongue and mystery package. But Vincent has all these things, too, and I’d love to experience them in the real world, no relationship necessary, just pure carnal lust and inquisitiveness. To take part he may have to be blind like the lovely Olee, though.

I WILL be curled up on the sofa, watching all 3 episodes of C.I. tonight. I’m not a drinker really but I may quite possibly raise a glass!

In answer to your question…well, it was Bobby that started it all with me ‘n’ Mr D’Onofrio, although Valentino does weird and wonderful things to my libido ;0)

It tends to be Bobby I dream about, but they’re never in the least bit sexy – other than his presence (sadly, only very occasionally!)in them. For example, last week I dreamt I’d bought him a nice blue overcoat and he really liked it…. See told you, not sexy, but I woke up smiling.

There’s NO chance Vincent would ever be even remotely attracted to me, but I’d just like to meet the man to thank him for all the joy – and new friends!- he’s brought into my life – and I do love him to bits!!

In my dreams it’s mostly Bobby, but I am two persona… there is me and a most arresting detective whose interrogation room, holding cell, handcuffs, cold steel table and pistol are put to much use. I love to be naughty and he’s a firm believer in the criminal justice system ;>)

Then there’s the detective and his fictional wife… totally different fantasies because he is just the most perfect, ideal husband. Lotsa kisses and cuddles. True I’m usually trying to think of my next story, but what could be better than waking up with Bobby beside you or in your head… sigh

If Cholo or Blue pop into my head, they are twisted dark and sinister… most disturbing and I try to rid myself of them.

Valentino and Whitney are just two of the sweetest cutest guys and when they enter my dreamworld I feel wonderful.

As I said before, Vincent is a no no, but he does make the odd appearance that bothers me.

At the end of the day, I don’t really have any control over those dreams, fantasies and thoughts that pop into my head… they just are.

lotsa luv ann xxxx

I can get chocolate anytime…but Goren and Moriarty *sigh*.He is pretty damn hot as Hathaway too,I like the Van Dyke!

I DO dream and daydream about D’Onofrio,the dreams are very…blunt,so I will keep those to myself..all I will say is I always wake up very sensitive.

Music makes me think of him..usually “Cars and Trains” by George Michael,as well as smuttier GM stuff.

Often though I have different men for different moods…Downey,David Draimen (when I want something smart but deliciously pierced) and ALWAYS Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor most of the dreams).

I have even dreamed about John DeLanice (Q from Star Trek:TNG) and Dave Batista (WWE),because he is the new Arnold for me.

I like my men big,broad,masculine me.The only thinner men I like ARE Rosenbaum and Downey.Downey is so cheeky and smrat assed,I like that.

Oh,can’t say the the D’Onofrio soft-core flick hurt my feelings either…well except for the lack of a full-frontal shot…but you can’t have it all I guess.

Have a good New Year all.

I think my fanfic tells you exactly what I think about… in explicit detail.


Wow what a topic. It’s only ever Bobby for me. The reason I so love the mrsbg stories (and tell Rachael they are so NOT rubbish!!) is because they align with my own fantasies. I mean I’m not at all like mrsbg herself, but I like the story lines and how Bobby deals with her. I never have any real life sleeping dreams about Bobby or VDO. Don’t know why. I love the fantasy about being with a big strong man who adores me and is actually interested in my life and what I have to say. Must say something about my dysfunctional life 🙂 !

It’s me Lisa here – can’t remember my Blogger password (DUH)so I am anon until I get back home…

Oh, wow, Ann… I am nursing a Merlot hangover and I don’t know if I can do that question justice right now! 😀

It was Beautiful Bobby who brought me to Vincent (and all his Vixens) so he is definitely first on my fantasy list… He saves me from some evil ne’er do well and carries me off to a secluded cabin where he can protect me and keep me safe… *sigh* That is about as far as I can go here….

As for Vincent, yea, I would love to meet him and give him a smooch and say “Bless you and Thank you” but odds are he would not proposition me with anything either… but I do have permission from my Hubby if he does!! *wink*

Happy New Year everyone… Here’s to more Vincent in 2007!!

What can I say – that really hasnt been said?

I ‘m greedy so it would have to be Bobby AND chocolate . Obviously Brian is on the same wavelength – just buy a decent quality pastry brush ( and chocolate)!

Like you , fantasing about Blue is so opposite to the type of person I actually like – I try not to go there.

Well, DNY, I must agree with you, I would Take VDO as Valetino, anyday over Chocolate. that is just MMMM…MMMM…GOOD!!!!

But now he needs a little something like a pound or two lost.
Deb 🙂

We still Love him anyway!!!!

Jesus said, “You have heard that it was said, ‘Do not commit adultery.’ But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell. And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell.”

My friends, would you sell your right eye for $1 million? How about both of your eyes for $100 million? Then why on earth would you trade your soul for a fleeting glance at a man (remember your calls for equality)? Please, turn from your sins today that God may grant you everlasting life through Jesus Christ His Son. Then read your Bible daily and obey what you read. God never fails to keep His promises.

Bobby – and only Bobby. And yes – its the man’s mind and his hands. My favorite fantasy begins with reading and discussing the editorials in the NYTimes with Bobby in bed on a Sunday morning (this is a fantasy right?- I don’t have to go work on Sunday in my fantasies!). It ends with the Times all over the floor and newspaper ink prints of those long fingers on certain parts of my anatomy.

Bobby brought him into my life and I continue to love that character. Cute, funny, devilish season 1-3 Bobby is easy enough for anyone to love. Dark, broody, worried for his mom season 6 Bobby needs understanding more than ever. Either one makes my toes curl.

thank you all for your contributions…. welcome Linda S, another member of the Bobby Harem and Joshua for your information, I am single and he is single… there is no adultery going on here.

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

mmh, delicate question, but without going into detail let me say that it’s only bobby for me, nobody else, and i come back to him every single night (pun intended…). his “behaviour” might differ a bit everytime i’ve seen something with vdo other than loci, but bobby’s always the one and only for me.
and when vincent is “intruding” my thoughts like he does sometimes i really don’t like it and it’s pretty much an instant turn-off. not because vincent’s not hot or a lovable person or anything – au contraire! – but the whole bobby-world is only so much fun, because i know that it could never be real. and vincent is obviously real and reality is a true turn-off for me at the moment. besides that i respect the man’s private life and it simply feels kinda wrong for me to include him in certain fantasies.
the only “dream” i have about vincent is to meet him one day, try not to ridicule myself and tell him how much joy he brought to my life and yours. and in another perfect universe i might produce a film with him or something, but that’s a completely different fantasy 😉

I tend to fantasize about Bobby. BUT I would love to have breakfast with Abbie! The Man knows how to scramble eggs!!

Happy New Year Ann 🙂

Just stopping by to say thanks for visiting me at my head shave blog – I don’t think ‘Ann’s a boring name at all (get called it all the time!

I’m hoping to find a wigmaker to sell the hair to to raise more funds!

Oh, and Happy New Year!

WOW! Thanks for posting my sweet Billy….he’s so sweet.

I sometimes fantasize that I’ve bumped into Bobby Goren at a bookstore, in an aisle…literally bumping into each other. I drop my books, he helps me pick them up, we laugh, our eyes lock, he asks me to have dinner with him. He brings me home, I stand on the apt. steps to bring me eye level with him and we kiss….then I whisper “would you like to come inside me?” Startled, he says, “what?” and I say, “would you like to come inside” with a twinkle in my eye. Leave the rest to your imaginations.

But I do have actual, erotic night dreams about both Vincent and Bobby.

Oh my oh my- more in common. I need to get to sleep but I spied photos of “Bobby” here earlier and now see this slew of tempting eye candy. I will return to read your post but I cannot merely scoot. I *adore* his character on L & O, CI. Love how his mind works. (I have no idea what your post says, but this is my comment so far. Will return to read later this week.)

Oy, my green eyes (gel stands for “Green-Eyed Lady”) just spotted the comment to my left about pouring chocolate over Vincent. Hahahahah and yummmmmmmmmm! *wink*

the chocolaholic artist/writer/poet who is intrigued by the fantasies mentioned……..

My silly fantasy is that I’m a Carl victim except he doesn’t lock me in a tank, he keeps me chained to his bed and eventually falls in love with me lol

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