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L’hitra’ot (see you soon)

Posted on: 6 February 2010


boaz and nadav


I’m back on my travels and thankfully there’s no snow this weekend!    Amazingly it’s been eight whole months since I was last in Israel, a long long time for me, although the children did come here in October.    Of course I’m very very very excited.   I won’t actually see my family until Thursday as I am heading straight to Jerusalem to do my thing there.  I am so looking forward to meeting again the most awesome people I had the privilege and honour to meet last year; those who we, from a distance,  support financially and spiritually who have gone through so much hardship and suffering – and of course meeting again with the wonderful people in Israel who give so much of themselves.  

Hopefully I’ll find a little time to catch up with some friends whilst I’m there, but the actual days of the trip are jam-packed and hectic.    One of the places we shall visit again is the excavated Southern Wall of the Temple.   As moving as the Kotel  (the Western Wall) can be the Southern excavations is a trip that anyone who is going to Israel should not miss.   It never ceases to fascinate me – and I have been there a few times – to see how the people lived then – the road, the shops, the mikveh – and for me the most amazing experience is to walk the exact same steps the Priests and the people had walked to enter the Temple all those thousands of years ago. 

Jerusalem - The Southern Wall Excavations


Then I’m on to Ra’anana to meet my new grandson, Nadav Philip.   The name Nadav means generous and noble and the name Philip has been passed down through Bridgitte’s father’s family for generations.   I’m hoping to meet some friends there as well and even make new friends – more of that later!

 Also in the meantime, there’s more news about the move, but that will also have to wait till I get back.

See you all in a couple of weeks.

lotsa luv   ann   x0x0x0x



12 Responses to "L’hitra’ot (see you soon)"

Nadav seems to be the perfect name and soooo gorgeous, as your other grandbabies. They are so beautiful, Ann. They almost BEAM.

The excavations are stunning. Imagine being in the presence of so much history. I have always found ancient places magical and full of vibes that make my skin crawl in awe.

Enjoy your travels and meeting your new grandson, Booba! And we want PICTURES!!!


Nadav is absolutely adorable, but then so are the other children. You must be so excited to meet him. Please take lots of photos to share when you get back. Safe journey.

I bet you can’t wait to see him.

Give him a hug from me, ‘cos he sure wouldn’t get one from me in real life! (Sorry, never actually hugged a baby EVER!)

Have a wonderful trip Ann! Can’t wait for you to get back and share your stories and photos! You didn’t mention if your mum was going with you this time. Is she?



Safe travels, Ann 🙂
Have a wonderful trip 🙂
Nadav is a gorgeous baby as are your other two grandchildren 🙂
You are so blessed 🙂


Have a safe and fulfilled trip! Gather the memories and bring back much joy.
Lots of love,

Be safe in your travels and enjoy!

Have a wonderful, safe, and blessed trip. Look forward to hearing all about it when you get back. Love, love, love the pictures of your little ones.

See, I did it again; I went ‘aaah’ over your grand children ;0)

Have a lovely trip and a safe journey, wherever your wanderings take you.

C’mon, Annie.
Waiting for new piccies!

Have a wonderful time . The children are gorgeous 🙂

Dear Ann,
Enjoy your bubulas!
Happy Early Pesach.

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