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Booba’s Pride and Joy

Posted on: 28 January 2010

pics as promised — warning — some may find these offensive 😉


... two

... three

sorry about the poor quality, these are off jon’s phone and i’m too excited to wait for the better quality stuff — i’ll bore you with those another time 🙂


13 Responses to "Booba’s Pride and Joy"

Oh my, so precious:)
Beautiful baby and beautiful siblings:)

Thank you for sharing, Anne!
I know you must be sooooo happy!

i am margie, thanks

Awwwww… 😀

aaaawwww 2 u 2 – waving – hope all’s good in your world tamara

I offer my usual comment: It’s a baby.

Well, if I said anything else, you’d know I was being a hypocrite!

LOL Val!!!!

Moriah and Boaz look quite thrilled w/ their baby bro!!

jojo – wonder how long that will last 🙂

Sooooo beautiful!
He looks so peaceful, Booba!

You must be beaming, Ann 🙂

Remember my kiss to baby!


Aw!! How cute and precious…all three. A very handsome family you have there, Ann.

Congratulations all round!

Lovely pictures Ann.

I’m back off holiday and trying to catch up. 🙂

Very sweet – and coming from one with NO maternal instinct whatsoever, that’s high praise indeed ;0)

Aww, very precious.

Brings back memories. They sure grow up quickly!

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