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Posted on: 24 April 2007

Feelings so fierce they frighten her
Sensations so sharp take her breath away
Overcome by longing to know his strength
The power of him, a mere touch of his hand
A simple stroke of his fingertips would suffice
A subtle gesture is all she craves
Any tiny morsel she may glean
Any, any, anything

Gasping, her heart cries out
If truth be known, she covets more, much more
For she fashioned him a hero in her eyes
A champion brave, intrepid, bold
Words she cannot find in her quest to express
To expose his inner beauty, his humility
Desirous to prove her devotion, her faith
To parade the measure of him for all to see

She sees what others fail to see
Through his veins flows a passion intense
Still waters running deep, wiser than Solomon
His words strike mightier than any sword
Words profound, perceptive, pure
Clinging to each and every one of them, she is sure
With her heart and soul she believes in him
Would that he would, would that he could… believe in himself

copyright 2007 ann raven


5 Responses to "Faith"

I really like this one. I’m not sure if the woman you write of is lost in a fantasy or realistic in her evaluation of her champion. First read thru I felt one way second I felt the other. I’ll have to think on it more.


Brilliant expose of the innermost thoughts of friends and maybe lovers to be.

Powerful and intuitive, my friend.

Love your prose, so wonderful. Such deep emotions expressed. Marvelous! D 🙂

Oh so powerful. What man would not want a woman to feel so about him?


vpdzoo: I would say fantasy with an element of truth … or maybe it is truth with an element of fantasy… hmmmmm!

brian: aaaaaah!

diane: this is the only place I feel free to express myself

tom: if I could but find such a man

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