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The Professor

Posted on: 12 October 2006


Inspired by Vincent D’Onofrio
Professor Moriarty in
Sherlock Holmes, Case of Evil


Across her mouth
His hand
From behind
No sound
In shock
Comes round
Silken scarves
Trussed, bound
“Who am I?”
In her ear
That voice, that voice
Shakes head
“My dear you know”
No… No… No
“Oh yes you do”
Gasps, recalls
His speech
Shivers up her spine
Hair on back of neck rise
Sensed him beckon
And aware
Eyes ravaging her
That evil stareSpins her round
Face to face
Excellent, perfect
Eyes wide open,
Virtuous, chaste
Pure, innocence
He…glinting eyes
Licking lips
Savouring, relishing
The experiment
Here in his lab
Exquisite human rat
To elicit, evoke
For pleasure and pain
To prove
That fine line again
Hidden sword
Leisurely withdrawn
From slender cane

Eyes rest on her face
Each gesture
A picture paints
Master makes
Pupil wait
Quickened heart
Rosebud lips quiver
Head held defiant
Body shiver
Beads of sweat
Docile, pliant
Moist lids blink
Perchance to think
No game
No play
He will have his way
He pulsates
She vibrates
Anticipates her fate
At the hands of this
Cruel aggressor
Brutal oppressor
Heartless possessor
Wicked transgressor

James Moriarty… the evil Professor



Copyright 2006 ann raven


12 Responses to "The Professor"

Gosh Ann! You write such good stuff. No way do I have superior talent. These poems and mini stories are fantastic.

wow Brian I am deeply flattered… but I am actually rehashing it again as you’re commenting… so if you like please come back again.

Ann, that is breathtaking! I love it!! You just get better and better and more diverse… WOW!!

You are a true gift, love… Thank you for sharing!

Lovely Ann. I am thrilled you are doing this. 🙂

Ok Ann,

You made the ending even more delicious….and that cane.

Ann…this is marvelous stuff! You are quite the writer…and I need a cold shower after the last two…the earlier ones…so much pain. Good stuff, Ann.

Whoa! That was AWESOME! You have got to do a book of your poetry and stories! I, myself would buy it in a heartbeat!

oh my goodness I am overwhelmed; thank you all so much. However, going through my files, a lot of my verse was Bobby Bobby based or twee or just plain silly, so must get my creative juices flowing once more… when mrsbg isn’t pulling me

lotsa luv ann xxxx

Where did you hide all this talent before blogging gave you the chance to share it with us?

Ann, I’ve just read and enjoyed them all. We’ll talk…xxx

Oh this is Wonderful Ann!!

Okay … feeling a sudden need to pull this one out of the cabinet!!

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