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Posted on: 16 March 2007

Sorry, it is a very brief post, but I’m chasing my tail and I’ve got mother, brother and his tribe and others for dinner here tonight and I’m operating at a snail’s pace because whatever was making Jamie, Rachel and Daniel ill, hit me yesterday.

Just a couple of pics of my ab fab fav little people in the whole wide world. I actually took loads all by myself with my brand new little shiny red digital camera, the first time anyone has let me loose with one ever. Couldn’t not post one of my ab fab fav *dream fodder* looking particularly droolable over… sorry just wiping my mouth! He’s looking fitter, so he’s obviously not been tucking into my lockshen pudding.

… if the cap fits… LOL

Hopefully I shall find time to post something a little more meaningful next week… just don’t hold your breath. I’m itching to post some REH.

Also my son and daughter-in-law have set up a new Jewish video website called so if any Jewish visitors are passing please check it out. I am trying to work out how to download videos from it onto here… something called embedding. Maybe it’s the same as You Tube, but being the technophobe and computer incompetent that I am, I don’t have a clue. If anyone could give me directions that would be ab brill.

Still the trip to Israel was lovely, there’s lots and lots going on over there and over here and for those who know what I’m on about, Pesach is only two weeks away, which means slaving slaving slaving.

I wish you and yours well; I’m trying to catch up with you all and I’m sorry if I haven’t yet but again hopefully by next week I will. It’s a bit like the ironing, as soon as you’ve finished you have to start again.

Wishing my Irish friends a Happy St Paddy’s Day, wishing everyone else a wonderful weekend and wishing my fellow faith Shabbat Shalom


21 Responses to "JUST A QUICKIE"

Hi Ann! Boaz is quite the little man, isn’t he? They are both getting so big!

Have a wonderful weekend and feel better too.

My dad used to buy matzoh during Passover and put one in my bag lunch w/ butter when I was in elementary school. How I looked forward to that treat each spring!

The babies are cute as ever!get some rest,have a lovely weekend Ann.

I just can’t get over how ADORABLE your grandbabies are!!!! As for VDO – that goes without saying. And I LOVED the “if you love something, let it go free” addition! Shabat Shalom!

Glad to see you back! The babies are so cuddly cute! St Pat’s Day is a special one for me…my oldest ‘boy’s’ birthday! Have a great weekend, & stay away from that ironing board!

Ann! good to “see” you! oh your babies are so precious!! have a beautiful weekend and don’t work too hard;)

LOL at that cartoon! So true! Beautiful babies!
Hope you don’t get too sick. Try to take it easy.

Hope you are feeling better, Ann!
Love the pictures of your Sweetie’s…too adorable!
I checked out the Jewish video website….it’s great…
Take good care of yourself….don’t work too hard…

I have been kept so busy with my newest family member, not as much time to write…but, isn’t Jake adorable!

I love the quote, made me chuckle. I also love the idea of the yideo site! How creative and ingenius. Hope everything goes well with that.

Welcome home Ann, we missed your ramblings here ;0)

Good to see you posting again. ANy chance of MrsBG making a new appearance any time soon?

Love the cartoon, I’m off to see if I can freemy husband – now where did I leave that dynamite.
NB recently posted pic of my youngest daughter.

jojo: thank you… I eat matzah all year; I prefer it to bread

bryde: thanks and you

kate: hope you and yours are good too

monkeedo: hope he has a great birthday

fezzi: thank you too

claire: thanks; this lurgy is taking its time to disappear

margie: Jake is a real cutie

ashley: thanks for the good wishes; my hope is it’s successful for them too

diane: oh dear I do tend to ramble

val: poor mrsbg is a little sick at the moment… when it passes she’ll be back

cathy: read that post… wow. Maria will have a long line of beaus for her I’m sure; she is beautiful

Thanks. for the compliment and the feedback on my new venture. It will probably be a day or 2 before I add to it, I’m tooo busy

so sweetie Ann dija drink to ur heart’s content? 🙂



Hope you had a good weekend.

cathy: when I next post I shall promote it… some meaningful dialogue would be interesting

keshi: hi how are you?


the weekend improved by Saturday evening… thank you.

How about you my dear? Are you at work?

lotsa luv & L & S ;>) ann xxxx

Just dropped by, what a fantastic blog. Hope you don’t mind me passing by again, sometime…

The stubble suits him. Maybe Goren should be my hair role model.

Hi Ann,its me dana,I hope your feeling much better now.I got back to you on my lil blog.I have another poem for you to read.Its an older one of mine,writen in 2000.I also read all of your poetry.

take care write back asayc

Hi Ann,
Just dropped in to hug you.
In case, I don’t make it by here sooner, since my days and nights are running together, a very early Happy Pesach. I’ll be thinking of you at each seder.

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