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Posted on: 17 March 2007

Hungry for the missing link
Greedy for the words he no more speaks
Starved of affection her soul longingly seeks
Ravenous for the lessons he used to teach
Famished for the feel of his hand on her cheek
Voracious for valour, knowing she’s weak
Thirsty to quench flames’ desirous peaks
Gluttonous for his love now deceased
Insatiable cravings for these undeserved treats
Hollow, empty, worthless her life incomplete

copyright 2007 ann raven


8 Responses to "Gone"

Boy, go away for a few days and I come back to find this treasure trove of verse! Powerful stuff, Ann. Powerful stuff.


I really like how you used such descriptive words. 🙂

What an intense, visceral poem … I wish she didn’t think her life worthless in the end though (maybe because I’ve felt that before and realise now that we can give away our power and worth at the times when we truly need it the most). Much peace, JP


You never intrude. You can talk anytime.

Strong, flowing verse.
Intense and visceral. (I thought of that word before seeing Jane’s comment, so I’m echoing her.)
Reread this a few times from being glued to it.
Those strong adjectives all connected in meaning, leading each of your lines is superbly effective:
hungry,greedy,starved,ravenous,famished, voracious, thirsty, gluttonous, insatiable, hollow.

thank you for your kind words; I am humbled, knowing how exceptional you all are in your own creativity

Ann this is brilliantbut how sad that in truth many women feel worthless unless validated by a man’s attentions.

Hi Ann,Dido,I feel your pain thoroughly.You are right on Cathy.


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