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Posted on: 14 May 2007

You’d think she’d recognise the signs
It’s not like it’s the first time
Or the second
Or the third
She’s travelled this road before
You’d think by now it wouldn’t hurt
But, no, each time it hurts that bit more
Displaced in their eyes
Replaced in their heart
Traded for another model
With a cause so more appealing
With a life that has more meaning
With a countenance more revealing
With a voice more endearing
With needs so more… needy
With so much more than she

copyright 2007 ann raven


12 Responses to "Replaced"

You mean I can actually come here everyday and read these beautifully moving words…For free?

Ann Raven….Wonderful!

g-man… sadly not always everyday. I am on a roll at the moment, but there are many times when I am totally blocked

thank you


Is that enough hugs?





((((((hugs & xxxxxx’s))))))

lovely lots and lots

You express with beauty in words what I feel so often. Are we related? So much feeling ann, it’s beautiful:)

Howdy Ann!!!

Again, you nailed it.


This poem touched me in a hurtful place, a place I remember too well, and that you capture exquisitely. What a fine poetess you are!

A wonderful poem dear friend. Keep them comming, I could read them every day.
I loved the info on your daughter. I have 3 sons and know what the word mess
Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments on my poem.


Spot on with this one Ann.

Not from experience, I hope, dear lady? Wonderful sadness.

Was it Shelley that said “Men don’t choose evil because it is evil. Men choose evil because the mistake it for happiness”
It fits here. As long as I didn’t butcher her words too much.

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