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You Know What You Need

Posted on: 25 November 2006

I know
I hold my breath
I wait
I anticipate
The burn
That initial burn
The bite
I know it well
Why do I do it
Let it happen
Flushing skin
I think I want it
I need it
I welcome it
I convince myself
It does me good
It will help
Purge me
Lighten up
Settle down
Take control
The second one
Oh the sting
An afterglow
Less harsh
Much warmer
More mellow
By the third
Sweet tingle
Thoughts empty
I want more
Yes more
Another one
You’re right
I lean forward
For more
It is what I needGlass in hand
The same again
… please

Copyright 2006 ann raven


11 Responses to "You Know What You Need"

erm… for your information, in case the thought should cross your mind, I am NOT a lush… I am not referring to three glasses, but merely three tiny little sips.

It only takes one little drinkipoo to work it’s magic…. LOL

lotsa luv ann xxxx

p.s. the first sip always burns my throat and alcohol makes me flush and blush… LOL

p.p.s. why am I justifying myself… doh!!!!!!

Drinking??? Rightttttttt… I believe you. 😉

yes Brian, sweetheart, a drink…

what on earth were you thinking ;>)

actually Brian… please don’t answer that here, please, pretty please.

A wonderful rendition of taking the first sip. Great description!

Thank you for Spiriting over to my blog a nice surprise. Sometimes I go to peoples blogs and sometimes one cant always express what one wants to say … feeling.
Have a wonderful day. :o)
see you soon

I didn’t even think drink. but the poem made my lips tingle. Very nicely done.


You write so well ann!
Very well done!


Ann, Brian suggested I visit…wondrful poem, I loved it…but I must say you are so very naughty..GOOD keep it up!!your my kinds girl..:) luv ya ..m

Ann…yes my kinda girl!!Sassy and fun..this life is way too short to be anything else..:)uummm, you know that I am a multiply right.? I do know it can be so confusing at may help if you go to my bolg and read a page I posted..’I am we are survivors’
it may give a little more insight..I aplolgize if I am being too forward..I just want you to understand may also ask me anything with offending..I have lived as a multiple as long as I have a other words..way to…besides we may have helped Brian…. however they are all helping us right back..watching Dewy be so brave has helped Lana to want to speak to a few of my blogger friends that she relates to..she and Dewy are gal pals mostly email and phone call…she is now starting to comment…so scary for her..but she loves your conversations esp about of her fav things ..well next to sexy men that, she is not radey nor at this point does she want her own blog..maybe someday..maybe, but she would like to be able to comment to you if you do not mind..just let me know and she will be by to visit you sometime..ok?..sorry if I am confusing you even more, don’t mean too, it is so normal for us all to be who we are..if you would like to ever email me please do so it is the one on my blogger account page..just click my name..tke care ann..m

oops typo..I meant to may ask me anything with fear of my being offended..had a whole life time to realize that it is silly to be offened by question that are just meant to learn and help understanding grow..see ya

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