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Posted on: 8 January 2007

Believe it or not I love birds… I find them enchanting and entertaining and in my old home I had bird tables both in the front and the back of the house. In a former life, we built a massive aviary and bred budgerigars. It was bizarre how it happened. No.1 son wanted a budgie so he watched as an egg was hatching and after the right time we brought *Magic* home. Not long after we found a lost bird in our garden and managed to capture her and put her alongside him in the cage. Apparently just as well it was that way, because you can put a hen in with a cock, but not a cock in a hen’s territory. Eggs were dropping so we added a nesting box and lo and behold two babies.

Of course it would have been cruel to keep them caged, hence the aviary. Over the years we had up to 50 birds and they were great fun and it attracted many more birds to our garden. An enormous sparrowhawk used to terrorise the budgies and a very red and vicious macaw appeared for about a week and destroyed the bird table, eating its way from the roof downwards. I sought advice and was told in no incertain terms not to go near the creature. Also many lost budgies found their way, attracted by the birds call. My ab fab fav was a a very mild, gentle grey hen I rescued and she was a fantastic breeder.

One of my greatest delights was getting the opportunity to visit a place called Boulders Rock near Capetown in South Africa. It houses a colony of African penguins and I don’t know how many times I revisited the place, I was drawn their like a magnet. They are so comical and you can’t help but come away feeling so good… the best therapy ever.

I do regret never buying a pair of lovebirds. I talked about it, but was concerned to put them in with the budgies… birds can be spiteful… and I wanted them to have space and not be caged indoors. They are so beautiful.

Something I have not done in many years is birdwatching in Israel. The country, located at the junction of three continents, is crossed by migrating birds on a scale unparalleled anywhere. Studies over the past decade show that about 500 million birds cross Israel’s narrow airspace twice every year in the course of their migrations. Consequently, Israel has become an attraction for bird enthusiasts worldwide. Research on migrating birds in Israel, based on satellite and radar monitoring, makes it possible today to track the birds from Israel to their winter nesting grounds in Africa, and back northward, via Israel, to their summer nesting grounds in Europe.


My boss asked a question the other day that has preyed on my mind. I came up with what would be a typical Ann answer, but was shocked when independently both he and his secretary said the same thing and believed that it would be the response of most people. At this point I won’t give their answer, but I will ask the question and I would love to hear what you think and I will be interested to see if their theory is correct. I don’t want to prove them wrong, but it made me think.

If you could have just one question answered, that would be impossible to know, what would it be?


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Thanks for checking in, I answered your comment.

As for your question, I think most people would want to know when they will die.

I love birds also, as a matter of fact, I am writing a bird haiku for later.

Love you

I’ll enjoy that… a bird haiku

I answered yours too…


I answered comments and talked about last night.

Thanks for loving me.

I love watching the birds in our backyard and seeing the different colorful ones. Neat post.

Now as to your question – Brian’s onto something. Of course, I can’t help but to wonder about my children’s futures (bli ayan hara). Not sure where your answer lies, but I’ll be interested to see. XOX

You were right, I love the bird post.

I don’t think there is an unanswerable question I’d like to know the answer to. “Will I ever meet VDO?” Well, I know the answer to that one. “Is there a god?” I don’t really care, the world is in too much of a mess whether there is one or not.

I know – “Will Ann ever finish MrsBG?” Come back Ann’s muse and put us out of our misery.

Hmmm…..that’s a good question. The first thing that came to my mind was, “why do bad things happen to good people?”

I love birds, too! They are SO graceful! It’s eciting to know that you had an aviary and raised babies! Wonderful!

Now, the question. I would want to know when it is I would die. How much time do I have left? But there are thousands of others.

Like, is there a heaven? Is it a place or an emotion, a state of consciousness? Like floating in warmth and love? Will I get the chance to see my family members again? Which religion is the RIGHT one – if there is such a thing.

I have a bazillion religious questions to ask. It is a very confusing topic to me. So many opinions. So many views.

Thanks for the brain jump start today!

See you, my friend! D 🙂

Hey girl! Thought I’d pop in for a quick pick me up! I too love birds- and most every other animal! I had a dear friend- she loved cardinals. Sometimes when I’m worried, or what not, I’ll see a cardinal and think of her- I swear, it’s like she’s there! I adore puffins, and think it’s so cool that bald eagles mate for life…as to your question…very interesting- I’d have to ask something about God…but I’m not exactly sure what. Other than that, I’d ask about soul mates…:)xo-Alex

I like birds.I just feel bad caging them,so I haven’t owned any in over 10 years.

There aren’t any questions I want answers to that are not answered.Some answers are based on belief and somehow that is enough.

I am looking into starting a second blog….sort of a fan fiction story blog-thing.However,right now Blogger is down…so it says.

I already have posts ready for it that I have hand written.It is more for me to explore this ongoing fantasy in my head and see it in some sort of real form.I am VERY excited about it and now Blogger has to have problems!


I love you, and I am here for you whenever and however you need.

well blogger…. sorry old blogger… is back. HUH!!!!

g: I had to move house and the only birds I see here are crows and magpies…

val: I shall try and give her the kiss of life… come on Vincent where are you, I need you.

jojo: a good answer too

diane: you’re like me always asking questions. I have no answers, but am curious as to everyone’s response.

alex: hi nice to see you back

bryde: that sounds like a good idea… I keep mrsbg, my vdo blog and my poetry separate from my prattle here

brian: you’re a good friend and I appreciate everything you say and do


Beautiful tribute my friend. Give my deepest respect and love to your family in this time of sorrow.

friend’s grief cuts sharply
each sunrise on life’s journey
darkness covers soul

Love you Ann

Oh dear – I have two phobias in life – heights and BIRDS! Don’t know why, but birds upset me – they have ever since I was a child. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that paleotonlogists now believe that birds are the only living descendants of the dinosaurs – but I didn’t find that out until my boys were dinosaur crazy, so who knows why.
I have always said that when I come to judgement, I want ten minutes of God’s time to have puberty and menopause explained to me. It is my experience that the female reproductive system needs modification, if not to be recalled! And if God would like to explain men to me, that would be good too!


My sistah, I am so sorry for your loss and hope you find some comfort in the coming days. I am thinking of you.

Grieving Rose


Ann,I am only aware that something sorrowful is happening in your life right now.That is enough for me…you have my condolences and my thoughts will be with you.

Sorry Ann,that is my account for the new blog…my apologies.

Ann – My thoughts and prayers are with you in this time of sorrow. Take care and know that lots and lots of people love you and are here for you.


(((Ann)))) –
Much love and support come your way from my heart.

As always, D 🙂

Ann, I’m sorry to hear of your loss. What a sad way to begin the new year.

I’m still working on an answer….

The S.O loves birds! I mean feathered kind. His family bred birds and his grandfather showed them.

We have a set of binoculars permanently by the sitting room windows so he can watch them on the birdtable.

Wherever we travel he ” twitches” Especially the Cornwall Coast and any wetlands he can find!

How about ” Why are we here?

I keep bird feeders outside my kitchen window. I feed house finches, beautiful goldfinches, various types of sparrows, mourning doves, a rufous-sided towhee, bluejays, titmice Of course there is sugar water for the hummers and an occasional squirrel raid as well. I love to watch the birds especially in the spring when they are very colorful and busy finding mates.
How did the universe really begin?

So sorry for your loss, friend. Be well and know that you will be missed in blogland.

The only qestion I can honestly think of right now is “How can I help Ann?”

Bless you, friend and I am thinking of you…

Ann, I’m so sorry for your loss. May the love of all your family & friends comfort you in this time of sorrow.
On a happier note, Rev Dr Kate: I love your post regarding puberty, menopause & men!
I can’t think of a question I’d like answered, but I think it would not be when I’ll die.

dear ann, i’m sorry to hear that you and your family lost someone. i hope you’re doing fine and that everything’s going to be okay. take your time, i’ll be thinking of you.

your question: my question would be more of the visual kind. someone should show me how big the universe really is. to fully understand the size and not just say: oh, it’s endless… (which is not true, btw) is pretty much the only thing that interests me and can not be answered. other than that i don’t want anyone to answer my questions, i rather find out myself. and some things are just more fun when you don’t know the answer.

birds: my last name is vogel (which is bird in english), so i like birds for a reason and feel kinda “connected” with my brothers and sisters… 😉 but have them as a pet: no way. first, i don’t like them to be caged and second: i had to be a “bird-sitter” a while ago and i didn’t like that at all. you can’t do anything with the birds, play with them or whatever (like with a dog) and they were so loud all the time and messed up my room completely. i was so glad when their owner came and picked them up again…

Hi Ann
I am thinking of you during your
time of sorrow!
May your dear family comfort you during this time!
Hope you will be back soon!


Nice pages here. Great information. Will visit again and recommend.

Your anecdote about the budgies reminded me of my dad’s birds. When we were growing up, he was a keen breeder, and had about 200 budgies. At one point, I slept in a downstairs room, with the aviary going round the window, so when I woke in the morning (as you can’t fail to do with one hundred odd budgies squawking!!) I’d look out the window and see flashes of colour everywhere!

Unfortunately, my dad read an article about how a guy had his aviary open every day, and the birds came back to it every night. Guess what he did???!!! 😀 Yep! Let the whole darn lot go! People were calling him up for months afterwards to say they’d spotted one in their garden!

Your question? There’s no way I’d want to know when I was going to die – what an awful knowledge!!! I think I’d just have to ask….

… where’s a bus when you need one?

(or one of the other really important questions of life, like

…where does all my money go? I know there was some in the account only a couple of days ago!)

Hey, Ann. It’s me…late…as usual. My question: Is death really just the beginning?
Morbid…I know.

Disclaimer: I wrote my question BEFORE I read the responses to your post 🙂

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