at home with ann


Posted on: 19 February 2007

rest sad weary head

wish dear friends good health love peace

breather not goodbye


32 Responses to "MAMA NEEDS A LITTLE REST"


That is so cute~

Come back soon!
Will miss you, Ann!

Ann (((hugs)))!

Thanks for being my “jewish Momma” during my illness! I needed it!

I’m here, back in action this week. Lean on me if ya need it .I’m here for ya! D 🙂

Have a peaceful break Ann.Come back refreshed and ready to go….

What a cute widdle bunny!!!!!!

Have a good rest, you deserve it! Settle back with those new Bob Howard books and a cuppa tea.

Love, JoJo


Rest as much as you need. I’ll be here.

Love you

hope to hear from ya soon! you will be missed:)

aw! hope you get the break you deserve:)

what a darling pic!

hope your day is sunny!


Is it that time already? We haven’t had a chat in ages. Have a great time and catch up when you get home.

awww what a cute picture!

Hi Ann,

Hope your rest is a peaceful one. We look forward to your return! That’s one helluva’ cute photo though!

All the best!!!

Could a bunny get any cuter? Ann, have a nice rest. I happened to read in TV guide that VDO actually requested that the writers delve into Bobby’s personal life and that he’s ready to explore that route. hhhmmmm??
Whaaat??? Maybe some good inspiration will come to you after all. Ya never know. Anyway, luv ya, hope to blog at you real soon.

((Ann)) Love ya lots and lots…

awwww… so cute! 🙂
hope you’re okay, ann and wish you a peaceful break. i’ll miss ya like crazy!

That bunny nearly made me scream with little girl joy!! HOW CUTE CAN YOU GET!!

Now, get some rest, take some “you” time and know that we love you! HUGS!!

Take care Ann…

Miss you, dearest Ann and hope all is well… You are my favorite cuddly bunny. *hug*

My meds have been changed and hopefully I can be in touch soon! Miss you and love you – thank you for being such a dear friend to me & let me know if you need anything

How sweet *hugs* I hope you get rested up well, take care of yourself :0)


Working a half a day at work today. Just trying out to see how I feel.

Love you

I hope you are alright I love your insight. Take care of yourself.


Miss you but most of all I want to say;
Take good care of your self and love you

Have a good long break, sweets. Heaven knows you of all people deserve it!

Thank you for keeping me alive…on all levels. Hope you are well, hon.


Get some rest boobala, you certainly deserve it. Take good care and adorable picture.

Shabbat Shalom. XOX

Awwwww. Are you so sweepy?

Miss you Ann!


Adorable photo.
Rest peacefully and rejuvenate.
Will miss you,

Hmm. I thought I posted a comment on this one already. I guess not.

Anyway, Happy Inappropriate Card Day!

Your site looks amazing – sorry I have been so slack. Hope you are ok and that no-one is ill!! Cute pic.

Take all the rest you need, sweetie, and come back refreshed when you’ve recuperated!


Look forward to your return..

What gorgeous bunny!
enjoy your rest Ann
hugs for you.

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