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Thank You

Posted on: 17 August 2007

Thank you my love
Thank you for being you
Thank you… you

You… who aroused me from a cruel slumber… you
You… who stirred my senses… you
You… who revived my passion… you
You do not know me… you
You never will

Before, I was withered, shrivelled like a flower
Its leaves, its petals, its roots crumpled underfoot
Crumbled, crushed, worn, ground down
Bereft of loving sustenance to flourish, to bloom
My spirit laid sunken, weighed heavy
Dormant in the deepest pit of my stomach
My soul reduced to ash, from dust to dust
All hope, all dreams of resurrection gone
My body an empty casing, hollow
Numb, anaesthetised, deprived of warmth
Loneliness and worthlessness chilled my bare bones
Merely existing, surviving, not living
Silent, blind, deaf, deadened
Blood frozen in my veins
Sun’s rays, clouds’ tears recoiled from my shell
Bounced off impenetrable; gone was I
A ghost, a shadow of my former self

Thank you my love
Thank you for being you
Thank you… you

You… whose beauty opened my unseeing eyes
Too long blinkered by blinding pain… you
You… whose aura, charm, charisma thawed my blood
To flow once more through my wasted veins
To flush once more my ashen cheeks
The cinders of my life embryonic in my ribs reborn… you
You… whose smouldering fire sought the darkness… you
You… whose fiery fingers touched my still heart
My soul rose up in a spiral of joy
Rebirth, renewal, recharged… alive… you
You brought me back from the edge of the abyss… you
You do not know me… you
You never will

copyright 2007 ann raven


2 Responses to "Thank You"

Thank you Ann for being a friend and sharing your heart and passion. Thank you for sharing your soul. Thank you for trusting in me/us.

Love you.


thank you for putting up with me

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