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Two weeks of blogging in one post!

Posted on: 30 November 2007

Thought I’d kick off with some maths 
if 1 litre = £1.039
and 4.56 litres = 1 gallon
then 1 gallon = £4.74 (almost $9.50)  
how much does it cost to fill my tank?






H A P P Y    H O L I D A Y …

Chanukah the Festival of Lights, the Festival of Dedication commences next week.  We light the first candle on Tuesday evening, which is why I am going to Israel on Sunday; I simply have to be there to watch the delight and excitement on the faces of my little angels.   I’m not sure who’s more excited, me or them, but those who know me well know it doesn’t take too much to get me excited 😉  

If you’re interested in knowing more about the festival click here or on the red ‘Chanukah’ above.    I found this great website… very easy to follow.

I contacted wordpress recently because I can’t upload videos from my son’s website  directly to this blog.  Apparently it’s not possible for now, so they said.     Bridgitte sent me some pics and a video of the babies yesterday so for those who don’t have an aversion to other people’s grandchildren,  if you’d like to see Boaz and Moriah in action click here.   They are so cute…

I’ve just wrapped all their Chanukah presents (bar the Sesame Street dvd’s that haven’t arrived yet from Amazon… hmmmm) and packed them into a separate holdall which weighs an absolute ton.  I haven’t even started on my stuff yet and I do not travel light; if anyone from El Al is reading this blog… it is Chanukah, please, pretty please.

Still I may not be able to embed from Jon’s website, but I can from youtube… here’s some Adam Sandler with his classic Chanukah song.





and here are my precious babies





… and for the V-Vixens …

particularly since most of you are not into little people, but into one rather big man ::sigh:: here’s another one purloined from youtube… a very very moving Bobby Bobby and, be warned,  some very very gruesome scenes from Season 6 incredibly and brilliantly well matched to the lyrics and music of James Blunt for your viewing and listening pleasure… it totally blew me away!




I know, I know it doesn’t follow the general rules of a 55 Fiction or is it Flash Fiction 55 but as you may have gathered I don’t follow rules (yes Rose, I am undisciplined) and for those who do care about such things (erm, Queenie, Cathy, Pauline, Galen, Akelamalu) there just happens to be 55 words in this poem… does that count?  excuse the pun 🙄

Up Up and Away 

silver streaks
speckles sky
monotony broken
romantic hypotheses
pumping mind
where to
dreamily stare
secret meeting
holiday treat
quick getaway
forever goodbye

gaze longingly

another day
another airport
your purpose
… whatever
romanticism crushed
overweight baggage
check in
passport control
shoes off
push and shove
fantasy over
travelling sucks



See ya all in a couple of weeks; computer access will be very limited the first week and non-existent the second.   I am taking a massive pile of books so, when I’m not hands on with the children and/or entertaining mother, I plan to catch up on a stack of reading and even hope to find some inspiration somewhere, somehow, for some words to flow.

With all my best wishes to you and yours for a great weekend (or two) Shabbat Shalom, Happy Chanukah, Chag Sameach, Happy Doughnuts and Latkes…  it is a Jewish festival, of course there’s food 😆


29 Responses to "Two weeks of blogging in one post!"

“how much does it cost to fill my tank?”

Too damn much!

I got yer VD pics posted so hurry up and get over there!

“shoes off
push and shove
fantasy over”

I love these lines. They speak to me of my life. And I hope your vacation does you well.

And yes, I might be in love. Might very much so. Maybe yes. OK, I am. Shhhhh! She’s a sweet soul who also blogs. She has a long blogger name and visits my site.


And she mighgt, maybe kinda love me in return, maybe kinda she sure a heck does!


Should I turn this into a poem?

“shoes off
push and shove
fantasy over”

I love these lines. They speak to me of my life. And I hope your vacation does you well.

And yes, I might be in love. Might very much so. Maybe yes. OK, I am. Shhhhh! She’s a sweet soul who also blogs. She has a long blogger name and visits my site.


And she might maybe kinda sorta love me in return, maybe kinda she sure a heck does!


Should I turn this into a poem?

Mark: I thought the price of gas might push some buttons 🙂

Eric: I knew it!!! I think you already have turned it into some amazing poetry… now I need to visit you and do some detective work 😉

Hey have a great time and enjoy yourself!!


So much to say and so little time. I added some more stuff to the book yesterday, very cool info.

Let’s see…

1. Miss you
2. Love you
3. Want to hug you
4. When can I see you?



Ouch! Gas is getting high. I filled up this morning and it was $3.38 a gallon for premium. I drive 45 miles round trip every day for work, so the higher prices have put a bite in the budget.

Shabbat Shalom my love and be safe on your journey.

Dang Brian, where do you live? It’s $3.19 in my town Washington State and we are the third highest in the country.

Ann, have a safe & fantastic trip and a Happy Chanukah!

Love the cartoon, the photos and the poem. I wish I was going to Israel – it’s on my list of places to visit.

You have a great time with your family.

Happy Chanukah.

Wow. This is a extremely diverse and stuffed post. Thanks.

Blessings and be safe!

enjoy your trip, so glad you get to go and be with your family..

it took me over 100$ to go to Ohio and back last week. it was 3.05 for the cheap stuff. FUnny tho, as soon as I crossed the state lines it was cheaper, Michigan has one of the worst economies in the country…

anyhoo, your babies are soooo cute, i luv the little scarf on her head, I always tried to get Sis to wear things like that but she would have nothing of it…

Oh, Happy Chanukah, Ann. Glad that you’re going to spend it with your family.
May you have a joyous time.
(and do not get fined by el al with overweight baggage!)


Happy Chanukah Ann.I wish I was going with you.Gas here is a bit over $3.00 here,nothing compared to other countries.

This month is so busy for everyone so PLEASE be safe and have a good holiday season.

thank you for the visit by my place today. yes, i belive the acts of kindness came very naturally to mr. reuben. i never saw him without a smile and a kind word for people.

safe travels to you and may you and your family enjoy a blessed and happy chanukah.

Have a safe and wonderful trip lovin’ up those beautiful grandbabies!

Have a great time, love the poem and the grandchildren are looking cuter than ever.

What a great post, a little bit of everything there. Bravo on the poem, I don’t care how many words you use i enjoy reading every single one. Have a great time away with your wonderful grandchildren, will be hear waiting to hear all about it on your return

Awesome vid and love the poem. I used to really enjoy travelling (note the use of the past tense!).

Safe journey Ann, take care.

Have a great trip, Ann. I love the poem, and Bobby with long curls is delish. Thanks for putting a smile on my face and a tear in my eye.

Ann, I’m sure you’ve left by now, but hopefully somewhere along the line you’ll get to read this. Hope you have a wonderfully joyous trip to see your family and — especially –those two precious little ones. They are sooooooo cute. This is one “Vixen” who does enjoy other people’s wee ones. I’ll check out the video momentarily. Have a safe journey and hope you will share your experiences with us all when you return. Wishing you a blessed holiday season.

Happy Chanukah, Ann. Blessings and happy travels. xx, JP/deb

awwwww, the video of the two dancing is sooo cute. 😀 the person whose heart doesn’t melt at that sight is most likely not human! 😉

and have fun with the kids and family!

(btw: a gallon costs around $3,50 or a little less just around the corner… and people still complain here that it’s so expensive!)

Happy holidays Ann.

I miss you!


hi ann,
returned as promised to read this bountiful post more thoroughly. Since I was so rushed last time, I missed that 55 poem. I like it for many reasons- perhaps punny ones. 🙂

I’m sure you’re having a fab time. Missyaverrrrrrtmuch!
I thought of you last night when we lit the candles. Thanks again, oh caring person who fit me into her life when Gem was in the hospital so many weeks, far away from home.

Happy Channukkah to you and yours
Shabbat will be extra special during your time away, I imagine!

oooxxxoooxxx zzzzzzzzzz (oops on the zzz’s. I’m not that sleepy!)

I hope you had fun! Those bambini are delicious! Love the kissing shot!


Missing you. 😀

Hope you are having a great time and have a safe trip back.

Love you.



Right on with Rose. Hope you are safe and that your visit rejuvenates your soul.

Awwwwww! What cute pics. And that last one just melts the heart. 🙂

I love that Adam Sandler song. ^_^

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